July 20, 2018

Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides

By Tony Spera

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding angels and spirit guides. Every human being has a guardian angel or “Spirit Guide” if you will.  All one needs to do to be in touch with ones guardian angel is to ask for their assistance in time of need.   There is a difference however between an “angel” and a “spirit guide”. An angel is not human, but a creation of God.   They have never walked the earth in human form.   A spirit guide could be an angel or it could be a human who has passed on but is now watching over you to “guide” you along.  They could perhaps be a relative of yours, a friend, or just someone who by the laws of attraction has become attracted to you.  Everyone has had a feeling or “intuition” with regard to a dangerous situation, perhaps rounding a curve and sensing there might be a stalled vehicle up ahead or some other impending danger.  Some might call it intuition or a sixth sense, but more likely it was your guardian angel or spirit guide warning you.  In times of great difficulty or distress, call on your guardian angel or spirit guide for assistance.   They will be there for you.   You need not know who your guardian angel is by name.   You need only say, “I’m calling on my guardian angel for help in my time of need.   They will be there for you, try it, it works!

School for Psychic Research

I am wondering if you could give me a list of accredited universities and colleges that offer
parapsychology, or related courses?  I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me.

With regard to the many questions which we receive concerning the study of parapsychology and on becoming a professional demonologist.   With respect to academic programs in Parapsychology, this area is actually a sub-field of Psychology, and to study it thoroughly, an understanding of its location in the bigger picture of Psychology is necessary.  So, we believe that your college choice decision must be driven by your preferences for institutional size, geographical location, price, faculty research interests, and institutional prestige.  Since Parapsychology is often viewed with much skepticism in academic circles, the more legitimate the institution and academic program, the better off you will be.

Please also remember that the Warrens are among very few professional Demonologists, and in fact practice their profession free of charge to the public–it is through their books and speaking engagements that they earn their living, not by charging for investigations.  On a personal note, I find that as a volunteer with the New England Society for Psychic Research organization, part of the beauty of staying a volunteer (rather than trying to earn a living as a paranormal investigator) I am better able to select and control my areas of work and interest within the field.  If I depended upon my work with the Warrens to provide a living for myself, then I would be much less free to pursue areas of special interest to me.   You may want to keep this in mind as you think about becoming a paranormal investigator as a career choice.

Best Regards

The Amityville Horror

amityville1 The Amityville HorrorEd and Lorraine Warren’s most famous case by far is their investigation of the home which was the subject of The Amityville Horror.  The Warrens were 2 of 9 people who investigated the home.  Even now, 24 years later, the Amityville investigation is their most requested lecture topic.  We’ve included some photos here on the website, but to see the most shocking, revealing, and interesting photographs, you’ll need to attend one of the Warrens’ many lectures.

Over the years, rumors have abounded which claim to prove the Amityville case a fraud.  How these rumors started and how they became so ubiquitous is unclear.  What is clear is that the Warrens saw the house for themselves, and experienced some of the phenomena which occurred.  They have photographs and reports which show remarkable proof of the existence of very remarkable phenomena in that house.

It’s believed that the hoax rumor began with a man who called himself Dr. Steven Kaplan, although he held no doctorate degree from any university.  This fact was exposed on several occasions, yet that never stopped Mr. Kaplan from making these claims.  He was the self-proclaimed president of the Parapsychology Society of Long Island and some other related societies, presumably founded by himself.  As far as the Warrens can tell, he hated them because Mr. Lutz, the owner of the Amityville Horror home called Mr. Kaplan prior to calling the Warrens, and asked him to investigate the situation.  Mr. Kaplan came to the home to “investigate” with 6 witches and the Channel 7 news team, and Mr. Lutz threw Mr. Kaplan off the property – and then called the Warrens.  This started a 20 year vendetta of Mr. Kaplan against the Warrens.

The basic claims of Mr. Kaplan insisting Amityville to be a hoax were discussed with Ed Warren and Mr. Kaplan on a Long Island radio show.  Kaplan insisted that Amityville was a hoax because Jay Anson’s book, The Amityville Horror, has some inconsistencies in it, and it was not 100% accurate.  The Warrens felt that Mr. Anson’s book was not 100% accurate as well, but only because Mr. Anson was unfamiliar with the terms of art of the field of demonology, not because of any purposeful error on his or Mr. Lutz’s part.  Apparently Mr. Kaplan simply could not let go of the idea that he had ruined his chance to become involved in what may be the world’s most famous paranormal investigation, and therefore started the rumor that it was all a hoax.

Mr. Kaplan wrote a book concerning the Amityville story, called The Amityville Conspiracy, and one week before the book was published he died from a heart attack.  The book contains far more contradictions and mis-stated facts than The Amityville Horror by Jay Anson.  Kaplan was never even inside of the Amityville house (except to attend a party–not as part of an investigation), despite his claims to the contrary.

Kaplan nevertheless swore that he had photographs and investigative materials.  Ed Warren offered him $5000 to show him the hoax evidence, yet Kaplan declined.  When Ed Warren asked how Kaplan had conducted his investigation, Kaplan couldn’t even specify what equipment he’d used.  Somehow, he managed to lie his way out of every possible detail.

Ultimately, a Babylon, NY radio station made Mr. Kaplan apologize to the Warrens because they’d uncovered that Kaplan had fabricated the hoax rumor.  Kaplan said on the radio program, “I will never go against the Warrens again.” Given his health, he was never able to try, although his apology was short- lived.

The Warrens found that Mr. Lutz’s descriptions of the paranormal activity in the home were very accurate for a case of demonic possession, although the Lutz’s had never studied demonology – they would not have know how to fabricate the story that they told.

But why is the hoax story so popular?  Part of the reason was that the chief of police’s son was a newspaper reporter, and the police hoped to get vandals out of the area – since the story had broken, the traffic in the area had been nonstop. An erroneous story was printed in Newsday about how the Amityville case was a hoax, and that helped to perpetuate the hoax myth.

But who would have profited from fabricating such a story?  The Lutzes received little or no money from the books and movies.  Jay Anson, the author of The Amityville Horror surely profited from his book, but it seems that no one else did.  Another rumor persists that the Lutz’s lawyer, Attorney Webber, fabricated the story with them over several bottles of wine.  Truth be told, the Lutzes didn’t drink and had only a bottle of blessed wine in the house given to them by Father Pecoraro.  Rumor has it that Webber wanted to write his own book, but Jay Anson simply beat him to it.

Jay Anson, author of The Amityville Horror had a heart attack while he was writing the last chapter of the book.  He recovered from this heart attack but had a second, fatal heart attack while writing his second book “666” on the anti-Christ.  These are only two of the many “coincidences” that plague the Amityville story.

What follows is a short version of the Warrens’ own story about their Amityville investigation.  This was compiled from their oral history taken during a NESPR meeting in October, 1997.  We’ve included it here to help dispel the rumors that Amityville was a hoax. The New England Society for Psychic Research strongly believes that only through dissemination of accurate information concerning paranormal activity can the public be informed that such activity really exists – and that evil is among us.  It is not until the public understands that this is so that we can begin to combat such forces in our midst.  As long as fraud stories persist, and as long as people who experience real such trauma are ridiculed, Satan and evil forces can continue to do their work here on earth.  It is only through information and understanding that good can prevail.

History of the property: The property was used as a sort of insane asylum for Native Americans who were sick and dying. There had been an enclosure on the property, where the patients were housed.  Inhuman spirits revel in such suffering and are able to infest the graves of those who were buried in unconsecrated ground.

Background: The problems at the Amityville house seemed to stem from the Ronald DeFeo murders on November 13, 1974.  Mr. DeFeo hated his father and had plotted to kill him–he’d even worked out a scheme by which he could do so.  Mr. DeFeo was on drugs, and his father knew about it.  Later he said that there was a shadow ghost alongside of him during the killings which compelled him to shoot his two brothers and his sister at 3:15 am on November 13, 1974.  Although the houses in this quiet Amityville neighborhood were only 40 feet apart, no neighbors awoke during the shootings.  All of the victims were found on their stomachs.  The Warrens believe that the victims were in a state of phantomania, which in effect paralyzed them, making them unable to cry out for help.

How the Warrens became involved: Ed and Lorraine Warren met with a priest, Father Pecararo, and the Lutzes when they were first called in to investigate.  The Lutzes were living at Mrs. Lutz’s mother’s house in Deer Park, NY because they were too afraid to go back to the house to live.  They were all but afraid to even speak of the phenomena, so deep was their fear.  They’d even left all of their furniture and possessions behind, not daring to return to move out–it simply wasn’t worth the risk.

The first time the Warrens went to the house it was with an anchorman from the Channel 5 news, a professor from Duke University, and the president of the American Society for Psychic Research.  That first day was horrifying.  Lorraine received nonstop clairvisual and clairaudial messages about the phenomena which had occurred.

Anxious to see for himself whether or not the phenomena was real, Ed, who normally experiences little clairvoyant feelings at all, went into the cellar.  The cellar is typically where evil spirits spend their days, and Ed therefore felt that would be the best place for him to start.  Despite his usual immunity from witnessing phenomena, Ed saw shadows along with thousands of pinpoints of light. These shadows attempted to push him to the ground.  Ed used religious resistance and commanded the evil spirits to leave.  He immediately got the sensation of something attempting to lift him off of the ground, and he knew then that this was truly a house of evil.  Although he knew that this was serious case, he had no idea how severe it really was.  He has never been so seriously affected in any case before, or after, the Amityville Horror case.

amityville5 The Amityville HorrorLorraine’s Experiences: Lorraine was frightened even before she’d entered the house.  She’d contacted some priest friends in advance and asked them to accompany her in spirit into the house.  She took relics with her of Padre Pio which she’d received in a letter from a total stranger earlier in the week.

As she went to the stairs to go to the 2nd floor landing, she felt as if there was a huge force of rushing water against her, and the atmosphere around here was solidifying.  On the second floor, Lorraine went into the sewing room.  Marvin Scott, the Channel 5 anchorman, told Lorraine, “I hope that this is as close to hell as I ever get,” as they went into Missy’s room.  Lorraine immediately clairvoyantly knew that Missy’s room had the same furniture as it had when the DeFeo girls were murdered.  Mr. Lutz had let his children sleep in the DeFeo children’s death beds.

In the master bedroom, one wall was all mirrors.  Lorraine sat on the bed where the DeFeo parents had been shot.  Only the mattress on the bed had been changed.  The feeling in the rooms was that of absolute horror, and going from room to room did not dissipate the feeling at all.  One just seemed more horrible than the next.

amityville3 The Amityville HorrorOn the third floor, Lorraine clairvoyantly encountered Ronald DeFeo.  This encounter was so awful, and he was so sinister, that she felt there was absolutely nothing she could do to help–or eject–his spirit from the house.

Once she was downstairs again, she was asked to do something she had never wanted to do after entering the house–she was asked to communicate with the spirits in the house and ask what had really happened.  All of the investigators were in the room.  The investigator from Duke University actually passed out cold from fear!  Two of the other investigators complained of heart palpitations and had to rest on the floor.  The house seemed to have the most dire effect on men.  Mary Pascarella, the Director of a prominent psychic research group in New Haven, actually became so ill that she had to be taken outside and from that moment forward she never entered the house again.

Ed and Lorraine Warren left a 1:00am.  Both were so affected that they vowed they’d never go back into that house again.  But they did… .and the Amityville Horror story was born.

This article contains some of the only photos ever taken inside this house. There are more in the photo gallery.

Amityville Photo Gallery

The house on ocean avenue amityville ny The Amityville Horror

The House on Ocean Avenue Amityville, NY

amityville lorraine warren dr brian riley marvin scott The Amityville Horror

Lorraine Warren, Dr. Brian Riley and Marvin Scott. Lorraine has communication with the entities, observed by Dr. Riley, a British parapsychologist and Mr. Scott, a NYC TV newsman.

amityville horror lion statue The Amityville Horror

This lion “came to life” and walked around during the phenomena

amityville horror home Lutz Defeo furniture The Amityville Horror

Mr. Lutz’s and Mr. Defeo’s study -much of the furniture belonged to Mr. DeFeo

amityville lorraine warren is so badly affected she nearly collapses The Amityville Horror

Lorraine Warren is so badly affected she nearly collapses – holding a relic in her hand.

amityville horror house swimming pool sick and dying indians were housed The Amityville Horror

This area (now a swimming pool) was where sick and dying Indians were housed.


By Tony Spera

Sometimes we have to sit back and take a moment to reflect on our lives, our dreams, our reasons for being.  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves at various times throughout our lives.  We’ve all had our own private dreams – fantasies perhaps . . . maybe you’ve dreamt of being a famous singer or actor.  Or maybe you wished you could run faster than any other human being on earth, or could set a world record in some type of sport.  Dreams are what keep us hopeful.  They refresh us . . . they are good for our souls.

Sometimes when I’m sitting at the computer, staring at the monitor, I go into a kind of trance state.  Some would say I’m daydreaming, others would say I’m lost in thought.  Which brings me to this question.  What is thought anyway?  Can you see it or touch it?  No.   Can you recall the thought exactly as you had moments ago?  Doubtful.   But thought IS real, wouldn’t you agree?  Thought HAS SUBSTANCE !  You are what you think you are.

Have you ever seen an Olympic weightlifter concentrating just before he lifts the bar ?  Do you know what he is doing?  He is VISUALIZING himself actually grabbing the weight, pulling it to his chest, and then exploding it into the air over his head! He actually lifts the weight in his mind.  At the same time he is telling himself, ” I can lift this weight! This weight is nothing for me! ” So thought can be a powerful force…an effective tool ( or weapon ) in one’s life.  If you constantly think of yourself as a winner, chances are you will win.  If you constantly think of yourself as a loser, chances are equally good that you will lose.  ( Sort of like the battle of good vs. evil, huh? )  Negative thoughts manifest negative events, no doubt about it. Positive thoughts manifest positive events.  That’s why in our work, i.e. fighting evil forces, we always approach a case with positive thoughts.

We never approach a situation with the attitude that we cannot conquer whatever it is we are dealing with.  We are the good guys, and we know it. Our thoughts are always of God, and Godliness.  We know God can and does protect us in our battle against evil.  So Where DID we come from?  Why are we HERE?  Only God knows our true reason for being.  But I bet you I can come awfully close to what it is.  We are here to learn the lessons of life.  CHARITY, WISDOM , BENEVOLENCE, TOLERANCE, HUMILITY.  And perhaps the greatest reason of all . . . we are here to learn to LOVE ! . . . It’s harder than you think.  To LOVE everyone . . . your neighbor…a stranger…an enemy…..without condition. We’ve sure got a lot of learning to do! We should all learn to smile more . . . to enjoy the beauty of life that surrounds us.  An old Indian proverb says ” The smile you give out, returns to you ” We should all practice that.


Pet and Animal Spirits: Rainbow Bridge

By Lorraine Warren

The story of Rainbow Bridge is one of my favorite pieces. I truly believe that we will all one day be reunited with our beloved pets throughout eternity.  Lorraine Warren’s “Rainbow Bridge” Author Unknown

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together.  There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.  All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor.  Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.  The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.  They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.   His bright eyes are intent.  His eager body begins to quiver.  Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.  You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.  The happy kisses rain upon your face. Your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.  Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Note: This letter was received by Mrs. Pelkey following the loss of her beloved cat Agatha.  This is in response to an older article in the journal concerning animals having spirits.

During the week of June 8th, Tony Spera (Ed and Lorraine’s son-in-law) went on a desperate search to find a copy of “The Rainbow Bridge” for me.  Tony explained that he and his wife Judy had a copy of it posted on their refrigerator, and that it was a favorite of Lorraine’s. He was confident that I would enjoy reading it.  Well, his search paid off and he gave me a copy of the endearing poem on Thursday, June 11th.  What Tony was really doing (though he didn’t know it at the time) was preparing us for the loss of our beloved cat of 20 years, Agatha. Sunday morning, we woke up to find that she had quietly passed away in her sleep.  We were both devastated, and our dog, Samantha, was lost without her little companion.

That same evening, after we had taken her to the vet to be cremated, both my husband, Peter, and I heard her meowing from our upstairs bedroom.  All was quiet for the week, except for Samantha moping around the house.  When her remains came home, the dog seemed a bit easier, knowing her little friend was home once again.  Early one morning, I “felt” Agatha pull herself up onto our feather bed.  I could hear the soft “crunch” of the feathers as she made her way to me.  It was her ritual to rub her little nose on my hand to try to wake me up.  That moment, I felt her nose and felt her rub her face on my hand.  I lay there very quietly to see what would happen next.  She then made her way up to the top of the bed, and lay down on the extra pillows.  That morning when we woke up, I told Peter what had happened.  He said he felt as if she were still with us, and even heard her meowing in the early morning hours.  I had heard it as well, but had not mentioned it to Peter.  We both knew she was there.

We still hear her every now and then.  One day, I went to dust the shelf off where her ashes are kept, and I told her that “Mommy” was going to move her to clean.  As I reached for her ashes, I felt a cold breeze run up my right arm. Despite the heat of the day, the air around her was cold.  This gave me comfort knowing she heard me and was there. I have a collection of decorative Nutcrackers near the love seat in the living room.  Agatha used to go past them (usually knocking them over in the process) to go behind the love seat to take a nap.  One day, I heard something fall in the living room and went out to investigate what had happened. Sure enough, they were knocked down.  There was absolutely no way the dog could have been near them as there isn’t enough room for a 70 pound dog to squeeze her way into where they are.  Most people would find these events disturbing, but we are both comforted knowing that we had given Agatha a wonderful life with us during her 20 year stay on earth, and realize that she just isn’t ready to leave us yet.  So thank you, Tony, Judy, Ed and Lorraine for “The Rainbow Bridge” and this tribute to Agatha.

Sincerely, Wendy and Peter Pelkey, and Samantha too!