July 16, 2018

True Haunting of Jack and Janet Smurl

True Haunting of Jack and Janet Smurl
Genre: Supernatural
Publisher: Omni Media Publishing LLC
Publication Year: June 28,2013
ISBN: 9781935856122
The worst event was the succubus attack on Jack Smurl. This was a physical and sexual attack on Jack that was designed to insult the birth cycle of Jesus. During this happening, a beautiful woman descended the stairs and came closer to Smurl. When it had fully approached, the woman changed into a skeletal slime-covered hag and attacked him. When called in to help, Ed Warren performed a kind of religious provocation, hoping to make the demon(s) expose itself. Using holy water and religious music, Ed Warren commanded the demon to manifest. During this time, the TV (which was not plugged in) turned on, objects moved around the room, and doors open and shut.
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Book Overview

To most people, being considered the “chosen ones” would be a positive thing, full of special and possibly religious connotations. However, in the case of the Smurl family, being the “chosen ones” meant that they would be tested far beyond anything they ever imagined. During this conversation with Ed and Lorraine Warren, along with moderator, Tony Spera, they discuss their experiences with Jack and Janet Smurl and their family who were considered to be very strong Christians and followed the Lord devoutly. They did not enter a haunted home but were haunted personally. This haunting followed them wherever they went. Ed and Lorraine not only interviewed them but also entered their house and called upon the evil spirits there to find out just what they were dealing with.

When Ed, a religious demonologist, and Lorraine, a talented clairvoyant, used relics, hymns, and holy water to antagonize these supernatural beings they were not disappointed by the results. Objects began to shake, doors started slamming, and open and than closed, shadows moved across mirrors. Ed himself was physically thrown across the room by the neck. The spirits were not peaceful; they wanted to prove themselves more powerful then God and his “chosen ones.” The family was strong throughout the ordeal though the father was sexually attacked many times by a female ghost and even the children were affected, levitating throughout the house in their sleep. No matter where they went, the strange occurrences persisted and the spirits were not wavered by the family’s fervent attempts to rid themselves of these incensed ghosts.

It wasn’t until the family sought the help of Cardinal Ratzinger, who helped them contact the Vatican church in Rome. An exorcist came to the family and performed the Ritual of Romano (aka Roman Ritual) upon their home. This ritual is usually only used for personal possession but as this was a rare case the priest thought it necessary to use extreme measures. The home and the family are now cleared of any evil demons, spirits, or supernatural events. Their unyielding belief in the Lord and his protection ultimately proved to the spirits and the world that God is always the victor.

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