July 16, 2018

True Haunting & Exorcism of a Bed and Breakfast

True Haunting & Exorcism of a Bed and Breakfast
Genre: Supernatural

Book Overview

In this installment of “Seekers of the Supernatural”, host Tony Spera with Ed and Lorraine Warren, invite special guest, Addie. Addie joins Tony and the Warrens to discuss a haunting that occurred in her home, a beautiful bed and breakfast which she and her husband attempted to renovate back to its original, 1809 condition. Listen and see the images of this amazing story, from how Addie and her family were first exposed to the demons that terrorized them to the two exorcisms performed by traditional Roman Catholic Bishop Robert McKenna, which finally brought them relief.

The story begins when Addie and her family first bought the home for a significant discount. In this old home along a very old New England route, many mysterious events happened. The family would hear footsteps in the attic, would come downstairs in the morning or return home to find all the doors and windows open. Ed Warren notes that any renovations to a home can be enough to trigger supernatural phenomena, which may have been partly to blame for the family’s troubles in this home; however the haunting had been reported for thirty years previous to this case.

The events started in the attic, which had been locked for years. The phenomena then began occurring in other parts of the home, and even impacting Addie and her family directly. The footsteps heard in the attic began to enter the bedroom at night. The husband was even possessed for a brief moment, with what could only have been his soul visible next to his body, while a green mass engulfed his body – the same green mass that would create a very hot spot in the corner of their freezing cold ell. Hear how Addie’s husband reports having heard her voice telling him to command it in the name of God to leave his body, something she never said and which Ed attributes to guardian angels.

Hear and see the images that tell much more of this amazingly scary story; of the exorcism and the Catholic priest who, before Addie’s eyes, physically grew inches in stature during the exorcism, the confidence he exuded, and the success of his first, and then second, exorcism of the home and the relief it brought to her and her family. Hear the story that led this woman who can not physically make tears to break down in joyful tears and even convert to Catholicism. All this and more is covered on this episode of “Seekers of the Supernatural”.

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