July 20, 2018

Psychic Photographs

Psychic Photographs
Genre: Supernatural
Publisher: Omni Media Publishing LLC
Publication Year: June 28,2013
ISBN: 9781935856139
Psychic pictures are some of the most interesting phenomena because the camera acts as an impartial witness. That is, it takes a picture of what it sees. Therefore, it is possible to take pictures of ghosts. In this case, Ed Warren differentiates between electromagnetic energy, which is character-less, and an apparition, which would have characteristics of an individual. Ghosts can project their image onto film simply by thinking of what it looks like. Ed was able to capture images of the ghost at Union Graveyard this way and, the Warrens continue, the great thing about this is that anyone can take a picture of a ghost this way – you do not have to have any special talents. A person might not be able to see anything with his or her physical eye, but if he or she takes a picture, the camera would catch the ghost.
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Book Overview

Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren discuss what is referred to as “psychic photos.” These are actual photographs or film taken of the supernatural. Many of the Warren’s cases have been heavily documented as they are both very serious about finding genuine evidence to back-up any claims of a haunting. The Warrens have taken both video and photos of many of their more interesting cases and share them with Tony as they discuss the significance of this type of evidence.

The Warren’s believe it is extremely important to be skeptical about each case until they gather actual proof. This is what they love so much about cameras: they are an impartial witness to what is going on around each of these haunted locations. They have no agenda, no reason to lie, and they fill even the most devout cynic with doubt about the existence of the supernatural. Ed managed to take video of a famous ghost, the White Lady, near his home in Connecticut. He waited outside the cemetery she is known to haunt for six nights until she finally appeared. Though he could see the ghost in this particular situation, the camera often picks up images that are not visible to the human eye as the ghost itself imprints the image onto the film.

The Warrens go on to discuss many of their more documented and interesting cases emphasizing that the spirits are attracted to those who are more sensitive to the paranormal: “like attracts like.” They also give advice to anyone who would like to try their hand at taking psychic photos: make sure not to trespass (nothing illegal), go on a clear night (no rain or fog), and be patient. No special cameras or equipment is necessary, just an open mind and a good flash.

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