July 20, 2018

Ed and Lorraine Warren Discuss UFO’s with John White

Ed and Lorraine Warren Discuss UFO’s with John White
Genre: Supernatural

Book Overview

In this unique installment of “Seekers of the Supernatural”, Tony Spera, with Ed and Lorraine Warren, interview Mr. John White, president of Omega Communications and investigator of UFO phenomena. John explains how his interest in UFOs, which started with the Roswell incident, led to this uniquely fascinating career path. Hear first-hand from this expert on the topic of his theories regarding UFO phenomena as well as how it may relate to the supernatural, according to Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Are all UFOs and alien abductions truly alien or are they diabolical manifestations? Are aliens the messengers from God spoken of in the Bible? This and other questions are discussed in this episode. John White explores the darker side of what is commonly reported by abductees as well as the logic behind the assumption of the presence of extra-terrestrial life. His chief concern is that of the human rights violated by and during most abductions, such as unwanted sexual activity, implanted pregnancies and removal of fetuses, medical probing and testing of a torturous nature, and many others. Such stories force John to suggest if these beings are of a metaphysical nature, they are likely fallen angels or demonic entities.

Merging UFO theory with the supernatural, Ed relates the similarities between the two along with the differences. With such examples of people warding off the efforts of aliens by invoking the name of Jesus Christ, Ed and Lorraine bring their expertise to the topic in a way only they could. Join them, hear the stories first-hand, and gain a greater understanding about such phenomena on this special episode of “Seekers of the Supernatural”, with famed experts of the supernatural, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and their special guest, Mr. John White.

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