July 16, 2018

Amityville Horror Part 1

Amityville Horror Part 1
Genre: Supernatural
Publisher: Omni Media Publishing LLC
Publication Year: June 29, 2013
ISBN: 9781935856061
Amityville Horror Part 1 Ed and Lorraine Warren, two of the world’s most noted ghost hunters, host a two-part show of their investigation of the Amityville Horror house before it was known of by anyone outside the Amityville area. Ed and Lorraine relate the real events and debunk the myths behind this story that would later be told in books and film. The Warren’s were invited by the Lutz family, who had mysteriously fled this home after living there only twenty-eight days, leaving every single possession behind and vowing never to return. Ed and Lorraine share the horrific details of how, after years of doing such work they had never been so terrified by a case; “…one of the most horrific,” Ed recalls. Ed and Lorraine further relate how the demons they encountered on their first visit followed them home. The Warren’s include in this show images captured and their personal interviews with the Lutz family and others involved with this most horrific case.
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Book Overview

Many people are familiar with the Amityville Horror because of popular books and clichéd movies. Ed and Lorraine Warren have first-hand experience with the Amityville house and the demonic spirits within. In this conversation, Ed and Lorraine analyses the first segment of this two-part presentation showing that the Amityville horror goes beyond what movies and books portrayed.

Ed and Lorraine were first approached about this home before it was any part of the horror fan culture. It was Marvin Scott, an anchorman for the Channel 5 News, who first brought this strange and haunted home to their attention. He had heard of the Warren’s dealings with the supernatural and wanted to film their experience and record their take on this strange phenomenon which caused a family to leave the home so suddenly they left all of their worldly possessions behind and vowed never to return. Ed and Lorraine were more than willing to learn about the home’s history, interview key witnesses, and investigate the home themselves but they had little idea how much the home would affect them not only clairvoyantly but physically as well.

Ed and Lorraine begin by telling a little of the homes history; how a member of the DeFeo family murdered the six other members of his family in the 1970’s and is still in prison for his crime today. But that act, while horrific, is not the simple and solitary reason why this location is so renown. The home had been built on an ancient Indian site where a Native American tribe kept “the sick, the mad and the dying.” This spot was filled with demonic spirits that were attracted to these lost and pathetic souls so many years ago and is now haunted by the ghosts of the family members that lost their lives to a man that could not fight the evil that was encouraging him to commit these heinous acts.

Within the house, Ed and Lorraine Warren felt a physical weight and repressive heaviness that forced them to rely on prayers and religious talismans for safety and strength. Though this is only the beginning of the Warren’s strange and exciting experiences within the Amityville house, it is enough to frighten even the bravest of hearts. Part two of the Amityville horror delves even further into the demonic occurrences within this eerily troubled home.

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