July 20, 2018

Deliver Us From Evil – Kindle

dufe kindle2 Deliver Us From Evil   Kindle

Deliver Us From Evil: True Cases of Haunted Houses and Demonic Attacks:  Taken from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren Demonologist and Medium

Authored by J F Sawyer

It was some time ago that audiences were first treated to the spectacular claims of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed and Lorraine paint a somber, supernatural landscape for the reader who is able to stomach a voyage into a world of supernatural evil. Ed Warren (September 7, 1926 – August 23, 2006) was a noted demonologist, exorcist, author, lecturer and artist. Lorraine Warren is a clairvoyant medium. Together they are perhaps the earliest of the original ghost hunters, fifty-five years experience.

Ed Warren’s interest in the ghosts was jump started early. This was not too surprising because Ed was brought up in a haunted house. Lorraine also had her share of supernatural events as a child. Ed and Lorraine used their income as artists to fund their trips to haunted houses. During their visits, they kept careful records and when possible, recording of events and the way they helped those who had been unfortunate to meet up with ghosts, curses, black magic and unpleasant activities.

Deliver Us From Evil: Taken from the files of Ed and Lorraine Warren Deliver Us From Evil   Kindle

Conversations with the Warren’s Audio Version

conversations ed lorraine2 300x149 Conversations with the Warrens Audio Version

Seekers of the Supernatural was a weekly cable show by Ed and Lorraine with host Tony Spera (their son-in-law) that aired only in the Connecticut area.  This DVD features twenty seven interviews and an actual investigation of a haunted bed and breakfast.
Seekers of the Supernatural with hosts Ed and Lorraine Warren aired exclusively in the Connecticut area between 1998 and 1999. Ed Warren (Sept 7, 1926 – Aug 23, 2006) was a noted demonologist, exorcist, author, lecturer and artist. Lorraine Warren is a clairvoyant, artist, author, lecturer and animal lover. Together they were perhaps the earliest of the original ghost hunters, investigating well over 10,000 hauntings.

The Warren’s are not shy about ghost, demons, vampires, UFOs, poltergeist, monsters, curses, black magic and other unpleasant activities. A few of their most famous cases are the Amityville Horror, Haunted Funeral Home aka The Haunting in Connecticut, Werewolf: Bill Ramsey, The Haunted: The True Story of One Family’s Nightmare (Smurl’s), Brookfield Demon Murder (Devil in Connecticut) and the Haunted Funeral (The Haunting in Connecticut).  In their home, they have an Occult Museum.

Interviews featured are:

Water Poltergeist
Meet The Warren’s
Spirits of the Woods
Haunted Funeral Home
Bill Ramsey the Werewolf
Cross Keys Hotel and Pub
Physic Photos and Miracles
Amityville Horror Part 1 and 2
What To Do If You See A Ghost
True Haunting of Diane Mercer
Pet’s Who Survive Physical Death
True Haunting of a Bed & Breakfast

Borley Rectory
Mysterious Places
The Occult Museum
Jack and Janet Smurl
Love Beyond the Grave
Brookfield Demon Murder
John White Discuss UFOs
Rod Vescey The White Lady
After Effects of Seeing a Ghost
True Haunting of Gail Martin
True Haunting of Joe & Jennifer
True Hauntings Two Active Cases
Bed & Breakfast Investigation

Special Note: “Although presented in DVD format, the audiobook can only be played on late model CD players.  It can be played on all DVD players, MP3 and other audio devices.  The audiobook is in MP3 format so you can easily transfer to any audio device such as the iphone or ipod or play on your computer.


Psychic Photographs

wed1 Psychic Photographs wed Psychic Photographs
tollandsm Psychic Photographs tolland1sm Psychic Photographs

soldiera Psychic Photographs

Civil War soldier

salemcemeterysm Psychic Photographs

Red orbs/mist in Salem, MA cemetery during the daytime!

rodsm Psychic Photographs

Light rod with ectoplasmic mist

housesm Psychic Photographs

Haunted House with occupants showing themselves

gravesm Psychic Photographs

Two Ghost Globules escorting investigators

grav1 Psychic Photographs

Photo by Dean and Hank

grav Psychic Photographs

Photo by Dean and Hank

ghostlady Psychic Photographs

Female ghost next to the two people

ghost1 Psychic Photographs

Psychic mist in woods

flyingorbs Psychic Photographs
DaveFsm Psychic Photographs DaveF1sm Psychic Photographs

Animal Spirits – Agatha the Cat

animal spirit agatha cat Animal Spirits   Agatha the Cat

Note: This letter was received by Mrs. Pelkey following the loss of her beloved cat Agatha.

This is in response to an older article in the journal concerning animals having spirits.

During the week of June 8th, Tony Spera (Ed and Lorraine’s son-in-law) went on a desperate search to find a copy of “The Rainbow Bridge” for me. He explained that he and his wife Judy had a copy of it posted on their refrigerator, and that it was a favorite of Lorraine’s. He was confident that I would enjoy reading it.

Well, his search paid off and he gave me a copy of the endearing poem on Thursday, June 11th. What Tony was really doing ( though he didn’t know it at the time ) was preparing us for the loss of our beloved cat of 20 years, Agatha. Sunday morning, we woke up to find that she had quietly passed away in her sleep.

We were both devastated, and our dog, Samantha, was lost without her little companion. That same evening, after we had taken her to the vet to be cremated, both my husband, Peter, and I heard her meowing from our upstairs bedroom. All was quiet for the week, except for Samantha moping around the house.

When her remains came home, the dog seemed a bit easier, knowing her little friend was home once again. Early one morning, I “felt” Agatha pull herself up onto our feather bed. I could hear the soft “crunch” of the feathers as she made her way to me. It was her ritual to rub her little nose on my hand to try to wake me up. That moment, I felt her nose and felt her rub her face on my hand. I lay there very quietly to see what would happen next. She then made her way up to the top of the bed, and lay down on the extra pillows. That morning when we woke up, I told Peter what had happened. He said he felt as if she were still with us, and even heard her meowing in the early morning hours. I had heard it as well, but had not mentioned it to Peter. We both knew she was there.

We still hear her every now and then. One day, I went to dust the shelf off where her ashes are kept, and I told her that “Mommy” was going to move her to clean. As I reached for her ashes, I felt a cold breeze run up my right arm. Despite the heat of the day, the air around her was cold. This gave me comfort knowing she heard me and was there.

I have a collection of decorative Nutcrackers near the love seat in the living room. Agatha used to go past them (usually knocking them over in the process) to go behind the love seat to take a nap. One day, I heard something fall in the living room and went out to investigate what had happened. Sure enough, they were knocked down. There was absolutely no way the dog could have been near them as there isn’t enough room for a 70 pound dog to squeeze her way into where they are.

Most people would find these events disturbing, but we are both comforted knowing that we had given Agatha a wonderful life with us during her 20 year stay on earth, and realize that she just isn’t ready to leave us yet.

So thank you, Tony, Judy, Ed and Lorraine for “The Rainbow Bridge” and this tribute to Agatha.





Wendy and Peter Pelkey, and Samantha too!


Hi, I’d like to tell you a story about twins.  They say that there is a connection between twins and that they share a lot of different things neither one of them is aware of it.  This story is about Ed Warren and his twin sister Babe.  They grew up in a haunted house in Bridgeport, Conn.  At the age of five, they had their first ghostly experience.  They could hear someone walking up the front staircase into the kitchen and turn on the light but no one would be there.  This would scare them so much that they would hide in their bedroom closet.  This would eventually lead Ed Warren into a career pursuing ghosts and haunted dwellings.  His sister would not have anything to do with it.  If you asked her about the ghostly experience she would tell you to ask her brother Ed because she was afraid of the supernatural.

Getting back to the connection between twins, Ed Warren is not a psychic person so for him to experience things with his deceased twin sister is something of a personal nature.  While Babe was in her home nearing the end she experienced seeing apparitions of deceased family members.  She would see her mother and several other relatives.  I would ask her Mom, who is here in the room with you now?  She would tell me who was with her, then I would tease her and say, “Ask them how it is over there”.  She would tell me that they would not say anything to her, they would just smile at her.  Then I would say to her, How will I know what it’s like over there, when you cross over, you will have to come back and tell me.  My mother would get a serious look on her face, and wouldn’t respond.

One day when I was teasing her about this, she looked at me, and said, I’ll tell you what, I’ll come back and tell my brother that everything is okay over there.  I laughed and said Okay mom, you do that.  Several months later she passed away.  After her passing, I was visiting with Ed and he came over and said to me, I had a dream about my sister.  I don’t know if this is for you or your father but she said everything is okay over there.  At that time I remembered the remark she had made.  At that point, every emotion inside of me went cold.  I turned around and left the room.  My emotions haven’t been that wild since the day she died.

A short time after that I was with Ed and he was telling me of the dream he had of his sister in a beautiful forest.  In the forest he saw a lot of big trees and a waterfall with her by it, and he said, John there were all kinds of beautiful flowers and all kinds of colors, pastels.  I asked Ed, What color stood out to you Ed?  Why do you want to know that John? asked Ed.  Just curious I said.  I think it was blue, some red and pinks.  Stunned, I said, Ed, blue was Babe’s favorite color.  Ed asked me, Why such an intense look on your face?  I know I never told you or anyone else, of a little remark your sister said to me, in regards to coming back, to let us know everything was okay. Ed and I looked at each other and said, I guess now we know she is okay where she is. And I said I’m glad she is in such a beautiful place.

I thought this story would be a nice tribute to the twins, and to know that it is true, you can communicate in different ways, from beyond the grave.  September marks the birth of Ed and Babe, and unfortunately, the passing of Babe.  Ed passed away Thursday, August 24 2006.

The Human Aura – Psychic Ability

By Lorraine Warren

The human aura is the supernatural glow, which emanates from every living thing.  Humans have an aura.  So do animals.  Your pet dog or cat emanates an aura.  Although most people can’t see the aura, it exists nonetheless.  Have you ever seen a religious photograph, which showed a glow surrounding the figure? This is what the human aura looks like, only there are a variety of colors (blues, reds, greens, yellows, etc.) generated from the aura, unlike the golden only aura usually shown around Jesus Christ for instance.

As a psychic, clairvoyant, and light trance medium I have been endowed with special gifts, among them the ability to “see” a person’s aura.  Each aura is unique to that particular person, much like a fingerprint.  The aura also changes quite frequently, depending on the person.  For instance, if a person is excited or depressed, or sick or angry, etc., the aura changes.  The colors may change either slightly or greatly, and the intensity may increase or decrease.  What I mean by intensity is the way the colors spike out from the body, sort of like fireworks.  Some may spike out just a little, while others may shoot out very high.  To the trained psychic’s eye this can be used to interpret certain emotional factors about the person.  For instance I know (generally speaking) that a high intensity red hue may indicate a person is highly excited or even angry, whereas an even (non spiking) blue hue may indicate serenity and calmness.

As a psychic I am able to factor in what I see from one’s aura as kind of an aid to the psychic impressions I receive from an individual.  (Example: My first psychic impression of an individual may be that they are highly excitable or angry in nature; the condition of their aura would be an added confirmation).  People often ask me to explain my psychic ability.  They will ask things like, ” How do you discern things about people?” or ” Can I do it?” or ” Am I psychic?” or ” How do you know if a house is haunted?”  Perhaps my favorite question is: ” Do you REALLY believe there is such a thing as ghosts?” That one really insults me let me tell you.

I wouldn’t have been in this type of work for over fifty years if I hadn’t believed in ghosts! But to respond to the original questions, I really DON’T KNOW HOW I discern certain things.  It’s a part of myself that I can’t explain.  It’s almost as if that part of me (the psychic part) is an entirely different person.  ” Can I do it?” Well I don’t know if everyone can do it but I do know that we all possess a certain innate amount of psychic ability.  It’s like that saying, ” Use it or lose it “.  If you don’t have reason to use that psychic ability or are just not in tune with it, it probably won’t develop very much.  Remember I’ve been in literally thousands of haunted homes and locations.

What psychic ability I had just seemed to develop naturally, almost through osmosis I guess you could say.  By being around it so much.  I guess it’s the same as someone who goes to a foreign country for a long period of time.  They pick up the language just by being around it so much.  It just seems to come naturally.  How does a person know if he or she has a greater than normal psychic ability? I guess the best analogy I can use is this; when you are in love with someone, you know it, no one has to tell you, right? Well it’s the same with psychic ability.  If you have it, you just know it.  No one has to tell you.

I hope this little article on human ” Auras” and ” psychic” ability was enlightening for you.  (No pun intended).  From time to time I will be offering more insights into this and other areas of the supernatural and preternatural world.  Until then, happy ghost hunting!

St. Michael the Archangel

St Michael St. Michael the ArchangelThe familiar picture of St. Michael the Archangel, with sword in hand, vanquishing Satan is inspired by the book of Revelation.  A great war shakes the heavens. “Michael and his angels fought the dragon.  The dragon and his angels fought back, but they were defeated.” (Rev 12, 7-8) Michael, the Archangel, is God’s commander in battle, the powerful messenger of His truth, who fights against evil and its deceptions.  He is a symbol of God’s victory over the forces of darkness; a pledge that God and the forces of good will prevail no matter how hard the struggle.  And so, over the centuries, St. Michael has been chosen by soldiers and armies, by cities and places as their strong patron.  He is invoked by those who must fight hard against powerful forces of evil, even at the cost of life.

Those engaged in law enforcement, those who must combat crime and strongly entrenched networks of evil, call upon St. Michael.  St. Michael is also called upon at the time of death, when one must struggle against fear and darkness.  Like the angel who came to strengthen Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, St. Michael is a patron to call when death draws near.

Christians have always recognized that life is a battle against evil in many forms.  Powerful forces we can hardly describe go about the world intent on destroying all that is good.  They can appear overwhelming and cause great fear.

Yet, a force more powerful than all the combined forces of evil protects us.  By God’s grace, the power of Jesus Christ is ours.  And his angels are the army that wins the battle.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; protect us against the deceit and wickedness of the devil.  May God rebuke him we humbly pray.  And you, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God banish into hell Satan and all of the evil spirits who roam through the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Life After Death

By Ed Warren

A lot of people have asked Lorraine and I about life after death of the physical body. They ask us if we believe there to be life after death. Does the spirit live on? The short answer to this question is POSITIVELY YES! In fact, no one who is alive today will ever die. No one who has ever lived has ever died! Yes, of course the physical body will become old (or diseased), withered and die. But the essence of YOU, the SOUL or the SPIRIT or the CONSCIOUSNESS – call it what you will, will NEVER DIE!

Perhaps this analogy will help. You are driving in a car; the car is old and not running very well. Finally the car (the body) stops running (it dies). You however, do not die with the car, instead you (the soul, or spirit) get OUT of the car and continue on your journey. This is a simplified idea of what happens to you when you die. One thing Lorraine and I have learned through our many years of psychic research and investigation is that we do in fact survive death of the physical body. To me, it’s a sad state of affairs to think that there are people who actually believe there to be only six feet of earth waiting for them when they pass on. This was not ever God’s intention. He has a master plan for each and every one of us. We may not know exactly what it is, but I assure you it is not like the end of a movie scene where everything fades to black. We’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary. We’ve dealt with literally hundreds and hundreds of spirits.

We KNOW ghosts exist. What is a ghost but the spirit of a once living human being; or of course a ghost COULD be something that has never walked the earth in human form. (But we’ll save that for another article). One should never fear death. (Of the physical body). For it is just a process of life. It is a necessary step towards our ultimate journey to another plane of existence. You WILL see your loved ones who have passed on. You will be re-united with friends and YES even with pets that have passed on before you. (Any animal that had been loved by a human WILL survive the grave.) After all, what would heaven be like without our pets? In fact I can tell you exactly what is going to happen to you at the moment of death. I hope you are in your 90’s or even older. You will be lying there, family members all around you. They will be crying. (Because you left them out of the will) -only joking there folks… Seriously, you take that last breath, and then suddenly you will see a glowing bright light (God’s light)- now this is the important part. GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! And then you will be on the most incredible, most beautiful journey you have ever experienced.

Words cannot describe the beauty and the joy you will feel! You are on your way! Now some of you might be saying to yourselves, ” Hey, wait a minute. If it’s so great then how come there are earthbound spirits? Why do they wander the earth if heaven is so beautiful and great? I will tell you why. They didn’t know to GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! Perhaps they were confused. Perhaps they were scared, yes, scared that they were being tricked. They could have done some pretty horrible things in life, and knowing this, thought the light was a ploy- a ploy by the devil to get them into hell! But I am here to tell you that the light is no ploy, no attempt at trickery or deceit. The light IS GOD’S LIGHT. Go to it. Let it comfort and guide you. There are also earthbound spirits who believe they have some unfinished business to attend to here on the earth plane. Perhaps they were murdered, and the murder had gone unsolved. They wanted to see justice done. Or perhaps they were so attached to their earthly possessions that they didn’t want to leave them. I remember a case in Waterbury, Connecticut. The spirit of an old Italian gentlemen kept haunting the house. Above his mantle he had inscribed ” Mine always mine “…. And he wasn’t kidding! He didn’t want to leave his earthly possessions behind. There are many reasons why spirits remain earthbound. But now that you know about the light, there is no reason for YOU to remain earthbound. In fact when you pass on, I know exactly what you are going to say. You are going to say, ” Darned if that Ed Warren wasn’t right!”

True Haunting: Spirit Re-Infestation

It has returned

This is a case that Ed and Lorraine Warren had investigated over twelve years ago.   We will refer to this as the White Rose case set in the hills of northern Connecticut. The original case consists of a wife, husband and four sons who had moved into this home on October 31st things began to happen from there.   They would hear footsteps up and down the hallway; they would experience the sound of a moaning person.   They would smell horrible odors through out the home.   They could hear the sounds of a baby crying and see a dark form going up the staircase.   This lead them to contacting Ed and Lorraine Warren who began a full-scale investigation into White Rose.   This led to two investigators staying in the home and witnessing the occurrences, one of the researchers by the name of Chris, who is the Warrens grandson, was working with them at the time.

After weeks of gathering information, it was submitted to the Roman Catholic church.   After reviewing the information, a Roman Catholic priest performed a blessing of the home.   Within a short time, the activity started up again and two priests came back to do a mass in the home.   Within a few days, the activity started up again and increased.   At this time four priests had to come and perform a high mass.   All activity stopped.   Shortly after this all supernatural activity was over.   The family had moved out of the home and all four boys had moved on with their lives, settling down, buying homes, raising families and moving on with their careers. Until the fall of 1998 all was quiet.   The family was free of all supernatural happenings and had grown to 27 members.   Then the mother’s brother passed away and she started to experience things in her home.   Shortly after that, one of the sons started to experience things in his home; rappings, lights going on and off, and strange sounds coming out of the TV.   They contributed the occurences to the passing of the uncle, and at this point the mother and son decided to contact Ed and Lorraine Warren once again for their help.   Little did the Warrens know that this would consist of four homes that were being affected, one home in particular, the youngest sons.

Lorraine had discerned something bad was in this home, in the master bedroom.   The family had been to a point where they would get together and say the rosary in all four homes but began noticing that things would intensify afterwards in one home.   Ed and Lorraine sent in investigators Mike Roberge and an associatefor several days.   Witnessing bangs in the walls, having the bed vibrating and seeing black forms in the home. What you are about to read are the notes taken by the wife, in the sons home as things happened.

January 27, 1999 7:00 AM – Went to exit bathroom door but door was locked, unlocked door, could not pull door open.   It felt like someone was holding it from the other side.   After a few attempts to pull open, it released.   A few minutes later I walked into my bedroom and caught a glimpse of a straight charcoal colored shadow standing on the side of my bed.   It looked like the side of a person.

3:00 PM – I was sitting in the living room at the computer and felt a cold gust of wind. It made my hair blow around. No doors were open. January 28, 1999 11:45 AM – Husband saw shadow on hallway wall move back and forth.   The wall had the reflection of light on it from the bathroom window. No one was in the bathroom at the time. 4:50 PM – Someone called out mother two times. I asked what but no one called me. 7:30 PM – Family was eating dinner.   Mother saw a gliding movement near kitchen door that looked like a mist.

7:40 PM – Mother and I heard one bang on the back door.

7:43 PM – Two bangs on the back door.   Turned on spotlights and looked out but no one was there. Dog was lying on kitchen floor, did not bark.

8:30 PM – Husband heard psst in his left ear, thought his mother did it to wake him up, but she didn’t. 9:32 PM – Mother saw light mist shadow gliding over daughter on love seat while she was sleeping. 10:00 PM – Husband saw gliding shadow on living room ceiling. January 29, 1999 8:10 AM – Bathroom door locked again.   Son unlocked the door but couldn’t get out. He thought his sister was holding the door.   The daughter started screaming from the shower, then the door opened. 8:40 AM – Daughter asked “who walked down the hallway”.   She said she heard creaking walking sounds.

8:45 AM – Daughter heard the walking sounds again but she said both times were the same but this time it was on her ceiling.

12:40 PM – Daughter heard four slow banging sounds on kitchen ceiling. January 30,1999 5:55 AM – Wife and husband heard screaming from the basement. 6:00 AM – Mother saw a light silver streak in front of kitchen window.

9:50 to 10:55 AM – I was trying to talk on line with someone but we both kept getting kicked off. It happened seven times.

1:43 PM – I heard footsteps on kitchen ceiling.

2:20 PM – I heard electric wire sounding noise like a crackle two times.

2:25 to 2:45 PM – I heard continuous banging coming from the hallway.   When I went down it the sound was like back in the living room.   I went back there, then it sounded like it was coming from the girls room.   The sound took me back and forth from room to room for 20 minutes. 4:30 PM – Banging on living room wall near front door.

5:50 PM – I saw small white image walk behind me while standing at kitchen window.   I saw the reflection in the window. January 31, 1999 10:15 AM – Daughter heard someone walking down the hallway and shut the bathroom door. She opened the door to get a brush and no one was in there.

1:30 PM – I heard crackling and footsteps in corner on living room ceiling.

4:30 PM – Daughter and I heard noise on kitchen ceiling that sounded like a tin garbage can being rolled back and forth.

7:15 PM – Son saw two eyes in kitchen window.   The same time he saw them, the dog charged and jumped up on the window sill, barking and growling.

11:00 PM – A mist looking shadow glided across the television in the living room it was wide, round, and fast.

11:10 PM – Banging on living room wall. February 1, 1999 8:55 PM – Same egg smell in corner of living room. February 2, 1999 Slept over my husband’s brother’s home.   Felt a lot of pressure on my chest and neck and head, mostly in the kitchen hallway and bedroom.

10:15 PM – Books moving slightly on bookcase two times while Mike, husband and wife are sitting in the living room.  Husband jumped.

February 3, 1999 7:00 AM – I woke up with a bruise on the right side of my forehead. It looked like rug burn.

10:00 AM – I opened the door to my bedroom and it looked like the whole room was filled with smoke, called husband down to see it.

6:49 PM – My husband’s brother, saw a ball glide not roll across kitchen floor about 6 feet.   When it stopped it shook and rang. February 4, 1999 8:00 AM – A package of cough drops slid across the coffee table in front of my husband and I.

8:50 AM – After talking with investigators and Lorraine on the phone, the front door handle turned and the door swung open. All notes are true and documented, witnessed by Ed and Lorraine Warren, Mike Roberge, and another Warren investigator.

During the February timeframe, all four homes were scheduled to have a Roman Catholic mass said within each but unfortunately this did not work. Within days, all of the families are experiencing things in their homes, Mike and myself spent several nights in one of the homes.   We heard drums, rappings in the walls and several times the books vibrated on the shelves and literally scared the family when sitting in the room.   When laying on the bed you can feel something sit on the bed and then another presence walk across it.   All family members were getting ill and not all of the illnesses could be diagnosed.

All types of strange occurrences were taking place, and when things like this occur it is very difficult for the family members to be able to understand and deal with these things.   This is where it is important for the researchers to be able to stay and help the families out.   Within several days an exorcism was performed in all of the homes, but this was not successful either.   Within a week a third exorcism was performed and all of the happenings stopped the homes are quiet to this day.   Hopefully it will remain that way for all the people involved in this case.

How do I take psychic photos?

By Ed Warren

Note:  This article was removed because it’s really out-dated due to advance digital cameras.  By popular demand we are putting it back.

1. Ideally, use an auto focus or fixed-focus camera with an automatic flash, the more powerful the flash the better. You may use a manual focus camera, but your photos may be out of focus because (obviously) you may not be able to focus it in the dark.

2. Use ordinary color print film. Some photographers prefer black and white, which may provide better contrast, especially if the photos are to be reproduced. Most auto focus and fixed-focus cameras use 35mm film. 400 ASA works just fine. You may also use ASA 200 film, but any slower speed film may make your photos too dark. You may also want to experiment by taking photos without a flash, using high speed film, such as ASA 1000 in low light (not black) conditions.

3. Load your camera after you get to the site. Lorraine Warren believes that this gives recognition to the spirits and gives them maximum opportunity to imprint on the film.

4. Make a record of the type of camera, film type and speed, site, date, time, and weather conditions. This serves several purposes: assuming you are successful in taking psychic photos, you want to be able to rule out clouds, the moon, and so forth as the origin of your “psychic” photos; in addition, once you’ve taken a few rolls of film, every cemetery begins to look the same! Avoid rainy or snowy conditions, as these could complicate your interpretation of the images.

5. Shoot the entire roll of film at the site if possible. Aim the camera so that you include something as a point of reference, such as a tombstone, person, fence, or object.

6. Use a photo-finisher who will print all photos. Your local photo shop, where the employees are actually reviewing the photos as they are printed, may be the best bet. Many members of the New England Society for Psychic Research, Inc. have found that developing a rapport with the local photo finisher can help. Unfortunately, some of the mail-away finishers will “select” the photos to print if they think you’ve taken poor photos that do not have enough light. Because they are usually cheaper, however, you may want to include a letter asking them to print all photos. Be sure and order a proof sheet of all photos when you send to a mail-away photo finisher, as finding psychic phenomena on negatives is difficult.