July 21, 2018


Ed and Lorraine Warren have investigated over five thousand cases a few of which have been poltergeist. With this type of case, the activity can be very dangerous. Objects may fly through the air, furniture waltzes around the room, crockery is smashed, bangs and crashes keep everyone awake, stones fly through windows, deafening hammering noises, spontaneous fires, and yes even a water poltergeist. The disturbances begin quietly, and intensify with time. Poltergeists do things that could kill a person or cause severe harm or damage to people, pets or belongings. I have had the opportunity to work on seven Poltergeists cases for the Warrens, and they do get very intense. A lot of time is put into these investigations. Witnessing a poltergeist case is one of the most incredible and fascinating experiences a person can encounter.

It was Feb 1998 when the case came in to Ed and Lorraine, the family lives in New Hampshire. The weather forecast predicted a bad snowstorm for that day but Ed and Lorraine knew they had to get to the family because they needed help. Thank God the storm held off, and Ed and Lorraine made it to the case.

First I would like to give you some family history. The family consisted of a married couple, John and Mary, both in their mid forties. They have a son, Chris, age 12, and this case centers around him. Prior to living in New Hampshire, the family lived with Chris’s grandmother. What cased the family to live with the grandmother was the fact that John, as a carpenter, had a serious fall. Following the fall, he had an operation and remained in the hospital for a long period of time. This was the start of the family’s financial problems, which seemed to get worse as time passed. The grandmother had a large house and life was pleasant for the family during their seven year stay. Chris went to a catholic school, he wore a uniform to school and enjoyed the structured environment. Chris’s grandmother played the organ, she was very talented. Chris found that listening to her play often eased his senses and relaxed him. However, the big house, the structured life, and the happiness were soon to come to and end.

The grandmother eventually sold her house and this forced the father to seek employment elsewhere. His new job took him to New Hampshire. Regrettably, the new employment did not pay a great deal and the family felt increasing financial pressures. However, there were other problems. The new home was a small townhouse. Initially, nothing bothered Chris in the new location, however, as time went by, stress for the young boy seemed to become greater and greater. Stress seemed to come from many sources. The mother and father were arguing all the time. There were bill collectors calling and the parents were always making excuses to them. The house seemed like an apartment to Chris. He so missed his grandmother’s large house. Further, the new school was a public school and adjustment to the new setting was difficult for the young boy. Chris’ happiness began to fade and in time, sadness entered. When Chris was living with his grandmother and attending a catholic school, he experienced a strong religious setting. However, in the new location, the church was a great distance from where the family lived. The family was falling away from religion.

poltergeist hole in chris bedroom PoltergeistWhen the Warrens arrived on the scene, they interviewed all the family members. First they interviewed Chris, then they met with the parents. Talking with Chris, Lorraine listened to the boy’s frustrations. Moving from a large house and happy setting into a small house, and in time, an unhappy setting. Chris confided in Lorraine that none of his friends wanted to come to his house because the house scared them. Lorraine asked Chris if he was mad about something. Chris reflected for a moment and replied that he was not mad, but sad. He missed his old home and school. However, as the happenings continued at the house, Chris felt his sadness was turning to anger. The Warrens then met with the parents. Lorraine asked John if he had any idea what was causing the phenomena. John said, “some kind of energy which has intelligence.” He felt it was an outside entity. John said that he blamed his son for a fire that had taken place in Chris’ room. The fire did not cause any major damage to the house. A plastic wastebasket, that was place very close to a baseboard heater, had melted and the curtain in Chris room was burned

A recommendation was made by the Warrens to separate the young boy from the house. Chris always wanted to visit his relatives in California. He had uncles, aunts, and cousins there. However, the family’s finances would not provide for such an extensive trip. Further, John and Mary really did not want Chris to leave home. As an alternative, Mary arranged to go with Chris to North Carolina. It is interesting to note that while they were gone, no paranormal activity occurred in the house. After two weeks, Mary and Chris returned to the house.

December 10,1997, the problems worsened. Chris was sleeping and his parents were in their bedroom preparing for sleep. They then heard a large bang. John felt it was from their neighbor’s house. And the neighbor heard it and came over to see what was going on. John and his neighbor investigated further and found a large hole in the wall of one of the second floor rooms. John did not know what to say. He blamed Chris for the poundings. A second unexplained fire, however, was a major occurred. John referred to it as 20 times worse than the first one. The curtains, woodwork and walls around the window, the carpeting, and many of Chris’ things all burnt. During the second fire, Chris had an asthma attack and he was sent to the hospital via an ambulance.

poltergeist aftermath of the second poltergeist fire PoltergeistMary reflected on the overall happening and comments that it was the night before the fire that she had a big fight with her sister. She wondered if this had any influence on the situation. John than mentioned that there was nothing structurally wrong with the house. He, being a carpenter, knew what to look for and everything was sound. Outside experts from the police, fire department, the Gas Company, an electrical firm, and other experts investigated the house but offered no solution to the problem.

Chris’ father described the phenomena, “When you lean against the wall, it pushes you away. You can hear the energy build up current in the wall. Then there is a big bang.” As happenings increased in the second story of the home, additional pressures were placed on Chris. He could not get the work in the neighborhood that he once enjoyed. The other boys were being given the jobs. Chris was finding that he was being rejected in the neighborhood as well as in school. For a boy 12 years old and entering puberty, this only increased the frustration that surrounded him. Chris was an unhappy boy.

The Warrens describe what they found when they entered the house. “The walls were burned and littered with holes sizing from 2 inches in diameter to 4 feet. Every level of the house was at an all time high. The energy was in the house very intense. But, there was something more in the house…. the demonic was there”.

Testing the Phenomena. You can hear the energy force building up in the walls. You can feel the wall vibrating. When Chris is on one side of the wall and not being watched, and someone else is on the other side, the wall expands. It comes right out and hits you. Then there is a banging sound. Lorraine Warren did this test with Chris and several times the phenomena repeated itself.

one of many holes by poltergeist in second floor walls med PoltergeistTHE CHURCH IS CONTACTED A priest from the local Catholic Church was asked to help the family. The priest blessed the house and said a mass in the house. This seemed to have some effect on the situations as for about two weeks everything was quiet in the house. However, then problems started again. A couple months after the Warrens visit to John and Mary’s home, they contacted the Warrens again. They asked the Warrens to return and instruct the priest in what he should say and do in this type of case. The priest readily admitted he was not knowledgeable in this area of poltergeist activity. At this time the Warrens arranged for two more investigators, Mike Roberge and an associate, to travel to New Hampshire and stay the weekend. They encountered the same type of activity during their stay, in full view of both investigators, video cameras capturing the entire event of tape. Shortly after the visit from Mike and John, the family again began to attend church services on a regular basis, in hopes of regaining the sanity and peace of a normal family atmosphere. Lorraine Warren felt that the case would have a positive end.

Ed and Lorraine commented,” A poltergeist case is not easy to work with as you have to work with the emotional minds of all the individuals to help the situation.” The family is attempting to modify their way of life. They are eager to bring happiness to the home again.

Mysteries of Religious Phenomena

Reports of weeping and bleeding religious items have always fascinated and puzzled people throughout the ages. There are hundreds of these on record around the world anywhere there is a devout catholic community the phenomenon seems likely to happen at any time, though italy, and the United States are the places where a high proportion of the cases have occurred. Statues or paintings of the virgin Mary and Christ are the usual focus for this phenomenon, but any saint could be the focus and even non-saints .the catholic church is very loth, to endorse this type of phenomena and the miracles and cures which often follow and like cardinl sin attmpts to dissuade believers from taking an interest in such events. So these happenings are outside the control of the official church and the believers who flock to the places and are not doing so with church approval. They may seem indeed to be disregarding church instructions even transferring their allegiance from the official church to the religious figures they see. The most important thing the church has to do is to see if whether or not any external objective intelligence has a hand in this kind of experience or whether the encounters or whatever is solely personal or self-induced. It takes a long time for this to be forthcomeing by the catholic church.

blood oozing from christ eyes Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaWeeping images can result in outbreaks of religious fervour as occurred in syracuse in sicily in 1953. In August of that year Antonietta Januso was pregnant and bedridden after suffering seizures blindness and fanting spells. On aug.29 she had a series of fits and following that noticed that a plaster statue of the Madonna was weeping. News of the miracle spread rapidly and crowds gathered samples of the tears were analysed and found to be indistinguishable from human tears. The church officially recognized the miracle and a shrine was erected where the statue is still venerated by pilgrims. Disbeliever has of course found ways of denying the strangeness of the phenomenon. It has been suggested that plaster statues are coated with plastic and if this is punctured at the eyes the water naturally held in the plaster will seep out producing tears. An enterprising scientist in america shawn carlson has devised six ways to make an image weep. In one experiment he used salt crystals to make a copy of the Mona Lisa cry. There is no mention of his having made any images cry tears indistinguishable in composition from human tears. The syracuse Madonna wept real tears. And in other cases where analysis of the liquid has been performed they were pronounced to be real human tears. As if weeping real tears were not strange enough, in one instance the tears vanished when they reached the bottom of the frame in which the weeping portrait of the virgin was mounted. A priest confirmed that this was happening in island park New York, in March 1960. Of course hoaxes do occur. In Lomello near Pavia, Italy in Aug. 1980 a plaster Virgin was seen to be weeping coloured tears, and it was rumoured that the owner had been seen squirting pink water on to the statue from his son’s water pistol. Bleeding images are perhaps harder to fake particularly when the blood is analysed and found to be human. Take the case in January 1971 in Maropati (Italy), a lawyer woke and found that a painting of the Madonna hanging over his bed was dripping blood. First he found blood spots on their pillowcases, but neither he nor his wife had cut themselves.

bleeding jesus and hosts appear Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaThe blood spots appeared a few more times, he realized they was dripping from under the glass of the painting? The liquid was coming from the Madonna’s eyes like tears, and from her heart, hands, and feet. It was also dripping from the hands and feet of the two saints kneeling beside her. Some of the liquid began to form crosses on the white wall below the painting. The bleeding occurred daily for a while, later it became more intermittent. Police searched for signs of hoaxing, but found none, they took the painting and placed it in a locked box at police headquarters. The next morning they found blood on the painting again, analysis proved it to be human blood.

In 1975, in Pennsylvania, samples of blood taken from a Christ statue were analysed and found to be human blood but in an advanced state of decomposition. the red cell count being very low. Miracle cures have followed some bleedings, as in Baguio City (Phillipines) where in 1983 the exposed heart on the breast of a 10-foot statue of the Virgin was bleeding, the blood soaking a white sheet placed below the statue. The sculptor of the statue, one of the many cured, recovered from cancer. But there are also fakes, as in Ste-Marthe-sur-le-lac in Quebec, in December 1985 and January 1986, when a statue of the Virgin began to weep and sweat blood. A TV crew scraped some of the blood from the face and had it analysed and found it to be composed of pork drippings, beef fat and vegetable oil. Later someone admitted that he regularly applied the mixture to the statue.

Sometimes the substance which is secreted is neither tears nor blood, but oil of some kind. A statue of St Charbal (Lebanese saint canonized in 1977) oozed oil in Concord, Sydney, New South Wales (Australia), beginning on March 15, 1985 and continued for a week. A plastic statue of the Virgin Mary in Ramallh (Jordan) oozed olive oil in October 1987, whenever ten-year-old Samaher Hnout touched it. Many times she climbed on a table at her home to reach the statue which stood on a wall unit, touched the statue, then rubbed her oily fingers on the hands of the pilgrims who gathered to see the miracle. The liquid found from a statue of the Virgin Mary at Rmaich (Lebanon) in November and December 1983 was said to be a mixture of blood and olive oil. In Montreal, (Canada)an icon of the “Mother of God” which came from Mount Athos in Greece began to stream with fragrant myrrh in November 1982.

warren miracle holy water chaged to oil then blood Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaAn e-mail came from a Julie, about close friends of hers, who over the past 15 months have been having spiritual phenomenon occur at their home. The manifestations began during lent with a holy picture and a crucifix bleeding. A short time later the man in the home received the stigmata wounds of Christ. Over a period of time the faithful began visiting their home and leaving religious icons and pictures, which began bleeding and weeping a scented oil. These manifestations were occurring in the living room. The man also claims to receive apparitions from our lady. Over the past few months hosts the eucharist, have been appearing out of nowhere. These hosts are different shapes and sizes and in some cases you can tell that some are approximately 50 years old. Some of these hosts weep oil and some bleed. The holy water that is put out in this home turns to a scented oil also. Last evening I (Julie) witnessed holy water turn to oil and to blood. I am a Catholic and I believe in spiritual manifestations but I have never witnessed anything like this before. I have witnessed this man receive the stigmata and I have also seen him bleed from his eyes and at present time he has what appears to be large blisters on both sides of his wrists that are oozing oil.

virgin mary weeping oil Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaIt isn’t often that we get the opportunity to investigate something that could possibly be of a good and positive nature, the majority of the cases are on a negative level. So when the case came in to Ed and Lorraine Warren, they were preparing for their England trip. The Warren’s assigned the case to John Zaffis and Mike Roberge. Ed said to us, this is a golden opportunity for you two men, so set up the investigation.

We did, two days after that we were in the home setting up the equipment and taking photographs of the statues. It was very interesting to see the oil and blood on many things, we did witness oil oozing off of some of the objects, but it was already on the statues when we arrived. We had stayed at the home for 24 hours but unfortunately we did not witness any new blood or oil on the objects. Shortly after the Warrens returned home, they made arrangement to visit this home to see if they could witness something, but unfortunately they did not either. So, it is hard to say if this is something miraculous or is something else at work here, for now we are not sure but the investigation will continue.

Guide to Dudleytown Ghost Town

Ed and Lorraine Warren have taken students to Dudleytown Ghost Town in Cornwall Bridge Connecticut many many times over the years.  The trips have always been for training purposes only.  Below are directions provided by Ed and Lorraine. Before you go, or attempt to go to Dudleytown you should be warn that may be arrested for trespassing and/or parking. The fines expensive and may cost you more than its worth. Get a map of Connecticut and find the village of Cornwall Bridge. It’s in the NW corner of the state, just west of Mohawk Mt. From Cornwall Bridge, go south on rt. 7 for 1-2 miles to the jct. of Route 45. Route 45 comes as a fork in the road with 45 going off to the left. After getting on 45, drive slow because the next turn is only about 1/2 mile further. It is a left hand turn and last I heard was a road called Bald Mountain Road. This road is narrow and a steady climb for about a mile till it dead ends at the top. Park at the top (but not in anyone’s yard) and walk in on the trail that begins at the end of the road. The initial part of this trail is usually very muddy. After a short walk, you will notice some stone walls on the right that I think are part of the old village. On your left and not as obvious are the remains of the old village. Very little structure (if any) remains of the buildings. All that does remain are holes representing the foundations of these buildings. These foundations, although within 20 feet of the trail are not all that obvious if you’re not really looking for them. Remember my previous message about being careful.

warrens dudleytown ghost village map1 Guide to Dudleytown Ghost Town

Warren’s guide to Dudleytown ghost village map 1.

warrens dudleytown ghost village map2 Guide to Dudleytown Ghost Town

Warren’s guide to Dudleytown ghost village map 2.

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Ed Warren Interview Part 1

Interview with the Demonologist:  Ed Warren
PART 1 By Tony Spera

Q: Ed, you’ve been in the business of ghost hunting for a very long time. Can you tell me how you first became interested in ghosts?

A: Well Tony, I used to live in a haunted house, as you are well aware, as a young boy growing up in Bridgeport, CT., from age 5 until I was about 12 or 13 years old. There would be all kinds of strange noises in the house, pounding sounds, rapping’s, footsteps. I’d see a face of an old lady staring out at me from my bedroom closet.

Q: Did anyone else experience these things?

A: My sister and I mostly. My sister Babe, (real name Babette) and I used to experience some really strange phenomena. I remember one evening, my Grandmother was very ill, she was dying in fact. My mother had gone to the hospital to be with her. My father was working the night shift. He was a Connecticut State Police Officer at the time. My older brother Frank was off somewhere, he was always off somewhere. Remember it wasn’t like today where kids aren’t left alone until they are teens.

When I was 5 or 6 years old my father once said to me, “You’re a man, take care of yourself!” Imagine that, at 6 years old he was letting me go out and roam the streets on my own. Now I lived in a pretty tough neighborhood in Bridgeport. I remember seeing these guys all dressed up in suits and wearing Fedoras. They’d step out of these big black cars, shoes all shined up ya know. They were mobsters, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Anyway back to what happened to us one night. We were all alone in the house. (Ed & his sister). Suddenly we began to hear footsteps downstairs, then, the sound of a cane hitting the stairs. Now our Grandfather used to make those exact sounds when he was alive. My sister and I were huddled together in one bed, holding each other tight. Then the footsteps and the sound of the cane entered our bedroom and began circling the bed! My sister was screaming her lungs out! I was helping her! I remember I had this thought, if I yelled that my mother was coming, then I would scare away anything that might be there.

So I was yelling and crying out that my mother would get whoever it was. Suddenly the door opened up and it was my mother! She came in and sat down with us and comforted us, telling us everything would be all right. That we were having a bad dream. But it wasn’t a dream. Because my mother had not even come home that night! She had stayed at the hospital where my grandmother had passed away that very night. So what was it then that came in the guise of my mother? It was a guardian angel, a spirit guide sent to comfort my sister and me.

Q: How do you know, Ed, that it wasn’t just a bad dream?

A: It was too real. I was wide-awake. And besides, my sister experienced the exact same thing. I don’t think we were both having the same bad dream.

Q: Did you ever tell your mother and father about it?

A: Oh yes. But my father was a pretty stern man, but also a fair man. He never smoked or drank. He went to church every morning. He was a prizefighter too. Anyway my father said to me, ” Ed, there’s a logical reason for everything that happens in this house!” But he never came up with any logical reason. That’s what piqued my interest in the supernatural so much. I wanted to KNOW WHY these things were happening.

Q: So how did you actually start investigating haunted houses and ghosts?

A: Well after I got out of the Navy during World War II, I went to art school for awhile. I used to paint nautical scenes, country scenes, and my favorite, haunted houses. I used to take Lorraine, my 33 Chevy sedan, and go searching out haunted houses that I’d heard about. I had a pretty neat plan too. If I heard or read about a haunted house, I’d go there, make a quick pencil sketch of the house, then have Lorraine go up to the house. She’s really good at pouring on the charm ya know, with her Irish ways and all. Anyway, she’d go up to the house, and show the sketch to the people living there, saying that her husband really would like them to have the sketch. It worked like a charm; nine out of ten times the people would invite us in. So I’d get to be inside a real haunted house and speak to the people about any phenomena occurring there.

Q: Ed, I’d like to ask you, how DO you know if a house is haunted? Aren’t there a lot of crackpots out there who claim to have haunted houses who call you up?

A: Absolutely. I’d estimate that for every 10 calls we get from people, about seven of them will be from someone who is either mentally unstable or who have overactive imaginations or maybe they just got through watching the “Exorcist” and think they are possessed by demons. True possession by the way is extremely rare. As for knowing if a house is haunted, we look for outward manifestations, things like levitation’s, cold spots, foul odors that come and go quickly, spontaneous fires, poundings, rapping’s, movement of objects.

Q: Well how do you sift out the real ones? I mean how can you tell if these people are really experiencing anything supernatural?

A: In the phone interview I can tell within 10 minutes if I’m dealing with a real haunting or just some crackpot as you say. I know what questions to ask. If they answer them incorrectly I know I’ve got a nut or at the very least someone who is imagining these things.

Q: Can you give me an example of what you mean?

A: Sure. Let’s say I get a call from someone they say they woke up one night and saw a big green creature with blood red eyes, foaming at the mouth, big dinosaur teeth hovering over their bed. I might ask, “Oh yeah, well what did you do then?” They might say, “Oh, well I rolled over and went back to sleep”. Then I know I’m dealing with a crackpot. How many people do you know who would roll over and go back to sleep after seeing something like that? Nobody right? Would you?

Q: Of course not. I’d be up all night. I understand what you mean. You can tell by the responses they give to your specific questions.

A: Yep. You got it. It’s like a good fisherman. He can always tell when he’s got a real one on the line, or if it’s just a piece of “debris “.

Q: What do you think your biggest problem is when investigating a purported haunting?

A: Getting help for the people who really need it. It’s so hard to help some of these people.

Q: Why?

A: Well remember one thing. The devil likes to confuse. The devil can play tricks on the investigative team as well as the family. The devil likes nothing better than to pit us against one another. Divide and conquer is the devil’s best ploy.

Q: I don’t quite understand Ed. Explain what you mean.

A: Sure. The devil knows that united we stand . . . divided we fall. He loves to cause confusion, suspicion, uncertainty, jealousy, you name it. Especially among investigators of the case. He doesn’t want us to find help for these people. What’s the best way of interrupting our efforts? You guessed it. By having us pitted against each other. He’s attempted this many times with us let me tell you.

Q: Does the devil ever win?

A: Unfortunately yes. We’ve had many people who have worked with us, who we thought were our friends, suddenly turn against us. I’m talking about people we liked and trusted, on both a professional and a personal level. One minute they are with you 100 percent, the next they seem to become your worst enemy. It really hurts. It’s something Lorraine & I have learned to deal with and accept. Of course we have investigators who have always stuck by us no matter what. They have never wavered in their loyalty. Sometimes the devil has trouble reaching the really strong individuals.

Q: Here is your chance to name them if you’d like. Would you like to Ed?

A: Yes. We have a guy named Mike Roberge. He’s totally dedicated to fighting evil. He’s been with us through thick and thin. He’s also doing a terrific job on our web site I might add. Totally dedicated. Good man. There are others too; Rod, John, Rosemary, Muriel, Dave, and lots of others. They know who they are . . . darn good investigators every one of them. That’s the trouble with naming them, you always leave somebody out.

Q: Well I think they’ll forgive the oversight. Ed, can you tell the readers what you believe makes a good investigator?

A: Yes. Well besides training with us and learning all they can about the supernatural they have to have great faith in what they are doing. They have to have great compassion for others. They need to be brave. They need common sense. Not just any “average Joe” can take a few classes from us and automatically become a good psychic investigator. It takes a lot more than that.

Q: How many cases do you think you’ve investigated in your fifty plus years?

A: More than I can count. Thousands literally. If I had to guess I’d say at least 7000 cases.

Q: Wow Ed. That’s a lot of cases. Any particular ones stick out in your mind?

A: Amityville for certain. That’s perhaps our most famous. Then there was the “Devil in Connecticut”case . . . that one also made headlines. Let’s see . . . the Smurl case in West Pittston, Pennsylvania was another one . . . the Donovan case in West Hartford. Connecticut. There were so many good ones I can’t even count them.

Q: What do you mean when you say “good ones” Ed?

A: I mean HORRIFIC ones. Cases where you felt the evil permeate the house. These were cases where people were victimized for days, weeks, months in some cases. Imagine something entering your home . . . invisible, intangible, it’s only goal is to frighten and terrorize you. You CAN’T imagine that . . .unless you lived through it. I mean you can’t imagine something crawling into bed with you, beating you, raping you, sodomizing you for hours! And you are helpless to defend against it. It’s HORRIBLE!

Q: Well Ed is there anything else you’d like to add at this time?

A: Hmmm. Let me see. Well I’d like to add that Lorraine and I have been doing this work for over 50 years. People ask us if we are ever going to retire. I’m here to announce to everyone that NO we will never retire. I mean, how can we even think of retiring when so many people need our help and counseling? What am I gonna do when the phone rings at 3:00 in the morning and someone on the other end needs our help . . . tell them, hey look, I’m retired? Of course not. We’ve got to keep going . . . for as long as God allows us to. I mean who else can they call? No one really. So I hope Lorraine and I can go on for a few more years at least. In the meantime, if you think your house is haunted, WHO YA GONNA CALL?

Q: Thank you very much Ed for this interview. I know you are quite busy with many cases as we speak. Oh by the way, just one more question if I could. I hear there is going to be a movie made on your lives. When will it be out?

A: Yeah. Lorraine and I are very excited about it. It’s tentatively being called ” The Demonologists, but we’re not sure if that’s going to be the actual title or not. As to when it will be out, that is up to Hollywood. It should be VERY INTERESTING!

Q: Well thanks again, Ed. I’m sure we will be speaking again soon. Thanks Tony. And God Bless Everyone!

Ed Warren Interview Part 2

Interview with the Demonologist:  Ed Warren
PART 2 By Tony Spera

Note: This interview was conducted the evening prior to Ed & Lorraine Warren’s departure to England & Scotland on a three week excursion in search of ghosts.  Ed was extremely excited during this interview.  May 17, 1998

Q:  Ed, the last time we spoke we talked a lot about how you became involved in this type of work and problems you’ve encountered with investigations.  Anything you’d like to add before we continue?

A:  Yes.  I’d like to say that to be a good investigator you MUST have a sense of humor.  You know how police officers like to joke around and blow off steam when they are together? Well it’s the same in this type of work.  You can’t take it too seriously all of the time, because you’ll end up wacky.  Humor is kind of like a release valve.  You know Tony, you were a cop, so you know what I’m talking about.

Q:  Right.  Humor can work wonders to help you keep your sanity . . .  and to keep your perspective on track.  Do you have any other advice regarding how to be a good investigator?

A:  Yeah.  To be a really good investigator you have to have an instinct, an innate sense regarding a person’s truthfulness.  You have to be able to read body language.  The person could verbally be saying YES, while their body is saying NO.  Hey!  Too bad you can’t come to England & Scotland with us kid.  We’re gonna see some fantastic sights!  Remember that time you came with us and you were walking up that hill in Scotland, walking through the Heather, and you told us to go on without you . . . that you weren’t going back? You loved it over there.

Q:  Yes I remember it quite well.  I wish I were going with you.  To get back to the question Ed, what are the fundamentals to being a good investigator?

A:  Knowledge.  Knowledge is the key.  You can’t be involved in this type of work for a short time and know all there is to know about the supernatural.  Hey Lorraine and I have been involved for over 50 years and we don’t know everything!  We’re still learning.

Q:  I’d like to ask you about demonic possession.  We’ve all seen the movie “The Exorcist” and it scared the daylights out of many of us.  Just how prevalent is demonic possession?

A:  It’s pretty rare.  Let’s put it this way.  You probably have more of a chance of being struck by lightning than you do of becoming possessed by a devil or demon.  I’m not saying that it isn’t possible because it is.  I’ll put it in perspective for you.  I’ve been involved in this work for over 50 years ok? I’ve investigated perhaps seven thousand cases of various kinds.  Of all those cases- I’ve been involved in about 70 to 80 actual exorcisms, where people were possessed by a devil or demon.  So what is the percentage of that?

Q:  Not much, less than one percent I’d say.

A:  Yeah, and that’s from a dedicated population of people who think (or their families think) they might be possessed.  So out of the entire population I’d say the probability is extremely low.  Less than one percent for sure.

Q:  How then Ed, do you tell if someone is actually possessed?  I mean just because they tell you doesn’t mean it’s true, right?

A:  Hey, that’s it kid.  You said it.  Nobody who is REALLY possessed is going to tell you.  You know why?  Because they don’t know it!  A possessed person wouldn’t know they are possessed.  Anybody who tells you they are possessed- ISN”T!  What we actually look for are outward manifestations.

Q:  What do you mean?

A:  Oh, levitation’s, facial changes, foul, disgusting odors, superhuman strength.  If you have a 90 lb. girl throwing off six 250 lb. football players then that would give you a clue that you are not dealing with an ordinary situation.  If the girl levitates off the chair and sits there …a foot from the chair then you are either watching David Copperfield’s magic show or you’ve got a major problem there.  You get the idea.  Hey, we’re going to the Isle of Skye too.  You remember that place don’t you?  (Ed was visibly excited)

Q:  Oh I remember it very well Ed.  I seem to remember an incident in Portree where I went into the men’s room and you started banging on what you thought was my stall.  Turned out you were banging and yelling at the wrong guy, huh?

A:  That was pretty funny.  The guy in the stall didn’t think so though.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  The thing about possession is that it can be very deceptive.  People aren’t “possessed 100 percent of the time you know.  They vacillate between being perfectly normal, to maybe obsession, depression, to possession.  Back and forth, ya know.  It can be mistaken for a lot of other things too.  That’s why it’s important to go through ALL of the proper channels first.  They need to be checked out medically, and mentally, first.  We have to rule out those conditions first.  Conditions such as bi-polar disorder, manic depression, drug or alcohol use, those types of things.  When they are given a clean bill of health with regard to their physical and mental condition then that’s when we look towards the preternatural.

Q:  So Ed, let’s say that a person is actually possessed by a devil or demon.  How do you help them?

A:  Through the rite of Exorcism….the casting out of evil spirits.

Q:  How many people have you personally exorcised?

A:  None.

Q:  None? I thought you said……

A:  Yeah.  I said I was personally involved in 70 or 80 exorcisms.  But I never performed one.  That’s left to an exorcist.  An extremely holy and pious individual, usually a priest, minister, or rabbi.  I’ve been present at these exorcisms, watched the rite being performed by these holy men.  And it’s only as effective as the priest or minister’s or rabbi’s faith.  They MUST be true to their faith.  They MUST be holy and pious…or they won’t be successful.

Q:  So then are you saying not all priests are capable of performing a successful exorcism?

A:  Right.  There are good priests and bad priests.  Just like anything else.  There are good doctors and there are bad doctors.  Good cops and bad cops… it’s like that in every profession….some are better than others.

Q:  I understand… Ed I’d like to ask you what the most horrifying experience was that you’ve ever had.  Can you tell me about that?

A:  The MOST horrifying experience I don’t even talk about.  It happened to Lorraine and me when we were up in a remote area of Canada.  I never discuss it because just by thinking about it, and giving it recognition it could start up again, or it could come to you.  The only thing I will say was that it was an attack on us- in our car- it was brutal and lasted for over five hours.  That’s all I’ll say about it.

Q:  Ok we’ll drop that.  What can you tell me about the Ouija board?  Is the Ouija board ok to use?

A:  The Ouija board is probably responsible for 7 out of 10 of our cases.  It’s one of the first things I ask in an investigation…has any member of the family ever played with a Ouija board? Seven out of ten times the answer is yes!

Q:  Yeah but Ed, why would an Ouija board be connected to haunting phenomena?  It’s just a harmless game, right?

A:  Oh no, no…it’s far from harmless kid.  Yeah, the board itself is just a compressed piece of material, made out of fiberboard or some other material.  Then there’s a plastic planchette that is used to spell out words.  It’s not the board that is dangerous per se, it’s what you are asking FROM the board.  The person using it is doing what?  Asking to speak to spirits.  The board is like a conduit for spirits to pass through.  It’s a means for them to communicate with the physical realm.  The person has absolutely no control over what comes over the board.  You could be thinking you are speaking to your deceased loved one when in reality you might be speaking to something that has never walked the earth in human form.

Q:  So you are saying that you don’t always get who you think you are getting?

A:  Right, right.  Remember that evil and demonic forces just love to confuse, to torment humans.  Why?  Because you are created in the image of God….that’s a hated image to the demonic.

Q:  So people should not use the Ouija board?

A:  My answer would be absolutely no.  You see it’s like crossing a busy highway.  You may cross it a thousand times and nothing happens.  But all it takes is that one time to get hit by that car or truck and wham…it’s all over.  You may cross and make it ok.  Somebody else may not be so lucky.  And remember too that just because nothing bad came to you at first, it could come later.

Q:  What do you mean, exactly?

A:  I mean you could play with the board and nothing bad comes over it.  But it could be playing a waiting game.  Spirits don’t necessarily come when you want them to.  Once you invite them in, they come when THEY want to.  Could be 3:00 O’clock in the morning when you’re all alone.  Imagine lying in bed all alone and suddenly feeling something crawl into bed with you…invisible, intangible, hating you because you are made in the image of God.  We’ve had many such cases.  People being attacked by an incubus or a succubus, evil spirits that attack you physically and sexually!

Q:  Wow Ed.  It sounds pretty scary.  Any advice to those who’ve used an Ouija board?

A:  Yeah.  Stop using it.  Stop it NOW.  Now I don’t want to alarm all those people who’ve used the board.  Chances are nothing bad will ever happen to them.  Odds are that they will be ok.  But I’m saying why keep pushing your luck? It’s like smoking.  You may not have lung cancer now, but if you keep smoking you increase your chances tremendously.  If you stop, the odds start to go in your favor.

Q:  You mentioned Incubus and Succubus.  What exactly are they?

A:  They are inhuman spirits.  Demonic spirits that attack humans.  If they target a woman we call them Incubus.  If they target a man we call them Succubus.  Because you see they have no gender themselves.  They are neither male or female.

Q:  Anything else people should avoid?

A:  Oh yes.  They shouldn’t go to psychic readers, or play with Tarot cards, or anything where they are asking for information from the spirit world.  When they ask,”Will I ever get married?” or “Will I get a good job?” who do you think they are asking?  The spirit world, of course.  My advice is that if someone wants to communicate with spirits, they should go to church.

Q:  That brings up a point Ed.  Aren’t people communicating with spirits anyway when they go to church?

A:  That’s called praying Tony.  Big difference.  When you pray, you are praying to God and the saints.  You are not trying to communicate with the unknown.  Remember faith in God is your protection.  Prayers to God never go unanswered.  Never.  When you speak to God, he listens.

Q:  Well Ed, it’s been a very enlightening interview.  I know you are excited about your trip to England and Scotland.

A:  Yeah.  Lorraine and I love it over there.  We’re bringing some students with us.  We’re going to travel about 3,000 miles throughout England and Scotland.  We start in the south of England and go all the way up to Land’s End, John O’Groats, in Scotland.  Too bad you can’t come with us kid.  I know how much you love it over there.  Don’t worry, we’ll bring you back some souvenirs.

Q:  Hey, tell me some of the spots you’re going to hit over there.

A:  Oh Borley Church of course.  We’ll probably spend our anniversary there.  May 22nd Lorraine and I will be married 53 years on May 22nd.  Then we’ll be going to York, Whitby Abbey, Scarborough, Loch Ness, Edinburgh, all over.  It’s gonna be great!

Q:  Anything else you’d like to add before we end this interview?

A:  Yep.  I’d like to thank Alan and Neal.  Two students of ours.  They’re doing one heck of a job on our Newsletter.  Very professional.  I wish you were coming with us kid.  I found this great place for steak, covers the whole plate.  Just great.

Q:  You’re kidding! The last time I was over there we couldn’t find any good meat.  Remember that place in Dundee where they said they had real beef stew?

A:  Is that the place where I asked the guy if they used REAL meat?

Q:  Yeah…

A:  ( Ed laughing heartily).  Oh yeah.  It turned out to be about an ounce and a half of shredded beef….a couple a carrots and a potato.

Q:  Well Ed.  Thanks again for this interview and have a great trip!

A:  Ok Tony.  Thanks to everyone for browsing our web site.  We’ll talk again.  Note: At this point Ed stood up and patted me on the back.  He told me that he really couldn’t wait to get over there, (UK) but that he hated the plane ride.  He turned to walk away and I noticed the back of his sweatshirt.  On it was written: World War II ….U.S. NAVY…ARMED GUARD…..and I suddenly realized that this man wasn’t always a ghostbuster and that some memories never die.