July 21, 2018

Ghosts of England Pt 1


By Tony Spera

borley ed lorraine Ghosts of England Pt 1Where does one go to fish for trout?  A trout brook, of course.  Want to photograph Lions, Wildebeests, and Giraffes?  Perhaps the African plains would be a good choice.  So where would one go to find and photograph ghosts?  Why- the mystical haunted British Isles, of course!

My first sojourn to England and Scotland occurred back in May of 1981.  My wife and I had accompanied Ed & Lorraine on what promised to be a ghost filled excursion.  Neither Judy (my wife) or I had any idea on what to expect from the trip, except that Ed had mentioned to me that the food wasn’t very good.  He said it was a lot of fish & chips, mushy peas, cucumber sandwiches and warm beer!  I hadn’t held out much hope of getting a home cooked spaghetti and meatball dinner!  But what the heck, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, I thought.

On arrival at Heathrow airport, we received an immediate  pleasant  surprise.  We were walking down one of the terminal ramps when all of a sudden Lorraine yelled out  Jane! It’s me, Lorraine!  I quickly turned to look, and low and behold it was Jane Seymour!  (Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman).  I remember standing there in awe for a moment, and putting my hand out to shake her hand.  I’ll never forget Lorraine saying,  And this is my daughter Judy and her fiancée Tony.   Here I was, sloppy and stupid from the long flight, hair unkempt, clothes wrinkled, about to shake hands with this famous beautiful movie star!  And although Miss Seymour had just flown in from the States herself, she looked as fresh as a daisy.  She shook my hand and said,  Pleasure to meet you.  I mumbled something unintelligible, something resembling  me too  and stood there like a big dumb jerk.  It was a moment frozen in time for me, a moment I’ll never forget, – a moment Miss Seymour probably doesn’t even remember!  I was extremely impressed by her down to earth manner. (While I was floating on cloud 9).  This is a good start, I thought to myself. Not 5 minutes into London and I’ve already met an international movie star.  After renting a car from Swan National we headed to our first destination, a little town called Sudbury, about 2 hours out of London.  Basically about all I remember about the drive was that Ed was driving on the M1 motorway at speeds Mario Andretti would’ve found scary, and I think I mumbled Jane Seymour’s name several times while drifting in and out of a jet -lag induced sleep.

Sudbury is a typical small English town, very quaint, very old.  We stayed at a nice little B & B (Bed & Breakfast) readying & rejuvenating ourselves for the first (and one of the most) Haunted locations, the infamous  Borley .  One thing about the English Breakfasts; they are good!  A typical breakfast consists of cereal, eggs; sausage (also known as bangers) fried tomato, a rasher of bacon, toast, juice, and coffee.  Some places even serve-baked beans on the side.  (Ed Warren had previously told me that the breakfasts were indeed GOOD)  Borley Church is perhaps one of the most haunted locations in all of England.  Actually the most haunted location was the Borley Rectory, which was constructed in 1863 by the Reverend Bull.  It is said that 2 entities regularly haunted this location, the Borley Nun and the Borley Monk.  In 1939 the Rectory burned down, but the haunting phenomena just seemed to transfer to the Borley Church, which was constructed in the 14th century.  Needless to say, we were all quite anxious to get there and set up for the night.

We arrived at the church at around 10:30 P.M. (Lorraine had earlier received permission and an entrance key prior to our arrival.) The first thing that struck me was the crypt just inside the front entrance.  (Known as the Wallgrave Crypt).  My wife (then my fiancée) Judy immediately began to feel nauseous and light headed.  This is a rather common occurrence for someone who is psychic, which Judy is to a degree.  (Remember her mom, Lorraine Warren, is a renowned psychic whose abilities have been tested and documented by researchers at UCLA).  It was curious to me that Lorraine did not sense anything out of the ordinary, nor did she feel nauseous. (At this time.)  I took several photographs of the crypt, then moved toward the altar section of the church.  Ed Warren was setting up a cassette tape recorder.  Lorraine and my wife were seated quietly in one of the small wooden pews.  There is something here. I can hear someone breathing. Lorraine’s exclamation startled me.Where is it Lorraine?  Ed said as calmly as if he were ordering Chinese take out.  Over there, behind Tony.  I still remember how I felt at that moment, kind of like the feeling you might get when you think you’re going to crash into something with your car.  (Panic, shock, and adrenaline rush all come to mind).  I stood motionless, not knowing what I should do.  Don’t move!  Ed yelled at me. (He was preaching to the choir at that point, for I was frozen solid in space and time).  It’s a woman. She’s wearing a black robe, like a nun’s habit…yes, I think she is a nun!  Lorraine had offered this information slowly, methodically, in a low even voice.  It was the first time I had witnessed her speaking in trance.  She’s asking what we are doing here.  Lorraine continued slowly.  Ask her who she is Lorraine, Ed quipped, this time sounding like he was ordering a pizza.  I remained frozen in place; the only sound was that of MY breathing!  It’s the Borley Nun!  Lorraine said, her eyes closed tightly.  She’s fading now, but I definitely get the sensation that she’s curious about our being here.

Tony, you can move now.  Ed was smiling over at me. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.  Well kid, you just experienced a ghost!  How do you feel?  Ed patted me on the back.

I think I’m still in shock.  I definitely felt something, but I don’t know what, exactly.  A feeling of dread or doom or something.  My knees are shaky!  Just then Lorraine and Judy came up to me. They both looked reasonably calm.  I felt like a jerk, being the only one who appeared frightened.  I looked at my watch; it was 11:15 P.M.  How long are we staying?  I said rather sheepishly.   Only until the Devil’s hour.  Ed answered, laughing.  The Devil’s hour?  When’s that?  I asked.  3:00 O’clock in the morning. Anything that comes in 3’s is an insult to the trinity . . .  3 knockings, rapping’s, pounding sounds.  That’s why it’s called the Devil’s hour.  Ed said matter of factly.  Does stuff like this always happen so quickly?  I mean, we were only here for about 45 minutes.  I looked at both Ed and Lorraine.  Judy was walking near the back of the church at this point.  Sometimes nothing happens for days and days.  Other times they happen very quickly, like tonight.  Lorraine explained.  Yeah. Ghosts come when they want to come, not when you want them to.  Ed added, At that point, I wasn’t sure I ever WANTED them to come again.

The remainder of the night was very quiet, with no further incidents, sounds, or impressions from Lorraine.  At 3:00 O’clock we prepared to leave.  I had  experienced  my first (of many to come) ghostly phenomena . . . The Borley Nun.  So how did you like your experience with the Borley Nun, kid?  Ed asked.  Oh it was alright I guess Ed.  But I gotta tell you . . . I’ll take Jane Seymour any day!  Wait till tomorrow kid, just wait till tomorrow!  Ed said grinning.  I walked out of the church, passing several ancient tombstones on the way to the rental car.  Judy was already in the car, beckoning to me.  I glanced up at the sky and watched the full moon’s glow caress the stone church.  I thought of what tomorrow might bring . . . and that a warm beer sounded pretty darn good right about then.

Ghosts of England Haunted England & Scotland Part 2

By Tony Spera
Visit # 1

whitby abbey 3 Ghosts of England Haunted England & Scotland Part 2The drive to Whitby was one that held much excitement for me, as it was the location chosen by Bram Stoker for his Vampire novel, Dracula.  I had taken over driving tasks from Ed, since up to this point Ed had been doing all of the driving and had appeared to be getting a little weary.  I must admit it took awhile to get used to driving on the left side of the road while sitting behind a wheel that was on the right side of the vehicle.  The real trick however was maneuvering through  roundabouts – rotaries that connected multiple roadways and re-routed traffic to various other roads and highways.  By the second roundabout I secretly wished I’d taken Skip Barber’s advanced racing course.  I remember coming over this rise, the winding road replete with hairpin turns and drop-offs which kept my concentration at a peak, when out of nowhere, looming in the distance, I could see the ruins of Whitby Abbey!  It’s hard to describe the feeling one gets upon first witnessing something so ominous, so old, and so beautiful.  The Abbey had actually been founded in approximately 657 AD on land given by Oswy King of Northumbria in thanks for his victory over King Penda of Mercia.  It had been a double monastery, having housed both men and women.  It was destroyed by the Danes, but rebuilt by the Normans after the Conquest in the thirteenth century.

I felt a shiver travel up the back of my neck as we came closer to the wondrous towering ruins.  My stomach was doing flip-flops as I put the car in park and shut off the engine.  (I think it was a combination of nervous anticipation and the greasy fish & chips lunch I had just consumed.)  Judy was busy loading film into her camera.  Lorraine was rummaging through her handbag for some digestives ( cookies).  Ed was fiddling with his tape recorder, (he seemed to always be fiddling with his recorder).  As for me, I just stood there, awestruck by the sight of the massive Abbey ruins.  I wondered about the traditions that had been born there, about the people who died there, and of the many stories that are now lost to history.  My thoughts were interrupted by Ed Warren who was yelling that he had to visit the men room.  I think I yelled something back like “Now THAT’S more information than I needed to know” and began walking closer still to the ruins.  Judy approached me and began snapping pictures.  Lorraine also came up to me and said something about the magnificence of it all.  Ed returned from the men room and explained to me that a lot of spirit phenomena had been witnessed at Whitby Abbey, by himself and by many others.  We stayed for about an hour when suddenly Ed said, Ok, let’s go!  Go ?  I thought. We just got here!   We’re leaving now !  Ed proclaimed.  We’ll come back tonight, after the witching hour!  Witching hour ?  I asked feebly.  Yeah.

After 12:00 midnight.  That’s the best time to witness and photograph ghostly phenomena!  We all jumped back into the rental car, and headed down the road towards Robin Hood’s bay.

My first visit to Whitby Abbey was an uneventful one.  Little did I know what I would be in store for later that night !

Visit # 2 ( After Midnight, May 1981 )

We had found a little pub to eat in near Robin Hood’s bay.  Judy ordered Fish & chips.  Ed ordered steak & kidney pie.  Lorraine ordered a scone with tea.  I ordered Lasagna.  ( It didn’t resemble any Lasagna I had ever seen . . . it tasted like nothing I had ever tasted.  I washed it down with a warm bitter beer.  Then it was off to Whitby Abbey again – this time my stomach was doing double flip-flops.  We arrived at approximately 12:30 A.M., and I must tell you it looked even more magnificent, more ominous than it had in the daylight.  No one was there.  No caretakers, no tourists, (except for the four of us)- no police.  The only sound was the whipping wind that blew in from the North Sea.  I was excited, anxious, apprehensive.  I was . . . well . . . cold!  I began by setting up my 35mm camera on a tripod, while Judy and Lorraine walked around to the east side of the ruins.  Ed Warren was fiddling with a tape recorder.  What happened to me next is beyond comprehension.  I remember feeling this great sense of doom or dread (much like the feeling I had at Borley Church, only much more intense.)  I had a distinct sense that something was right behind me.  I turned suddenly and there was this thing . . . I can only describe it as a cyclone of wind blacker than black.  It was pulsating and spinning but made no sound.  I knew it was evil itself!

Immediately I began to feel weak in the knees.  It sounds totally incredible I know, but I swear this thing was trying to get me!  I was able to issue a sound, more like a high pitched squeal than a sentence.  I was trying to say to it . . . Get back, get outta here!  I don’t know how Ed heard me because he can’t hear very well (from his World War II Navy gunner days) but he came running towards me and this thing.  He was yelling “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave and go back to where you came from”!  He was throwing some kind of liquid at it.  (I found out later that it was holy water).  He kept commanding it to leave.  At first it just backed off a little bit.  But then it faded away into nothing.  I was down on both knees at this point.  Ed grabbed me and pulled me up a little bit.  Are you alright, kid?  He said, genuinely concerned.  I don’t remember much after that.  My head was spinning and I felt like I’d pass out at any moment.  I know that I sat in the car for a long time, shivering.  Judy and Lorraine came up to me, both expressing concern.  I really felt helpless let me tell you.

It’s one thing to go up against another human being.  I used to have to do it all the time. (I was a police officer).  It was quite another thing however to go up against something preternatural.  Something so totally evil in nature!  After tangling with this thing, wrestling some drunk in a bar would seem like a day at the beach!  That night, after returning to our B& B (Bread & Breakfast hotel ) I stayed awake a very long time contemplating what had happened to me.  I wondered why it was happening to ME and to no one else at the time.  I was the strong one, (or so I thought).  But then it struck me that this thing, (evil) came to me on purpose.  To show me that no one is strong next to it.  That no one can challenge evil and win without God’s help, which Ed had called upon.  Ed had told me many times since this incident never to underestimate the power of Evil to confuse!  I said the rosary that night, with more intensity and conviction than I had ever done before.  And suddenly I realized that with God’s love and guidance I‘d be able to face whatever might be in store for me tomorrow . . . even warm beer and bad Lasagna!

Annabelle the Raggedy Ann Possessed Demonic Doll

This is a terrifying case of a raggedy Ann doll named Annabelle. The case is from the 1970’s and is highlighted in the book The Demonologist. This is one of the Warrens most asked about cases. The referral came from an Episcopal priest. A somber toned clergyman told Ed Warren of two young nurses who had communicated with what they thought to be a human spirit. One of the girls’ friends had been attacked physically, and the activity was still in progress, so Ed accepted the case. With that the priest gave Ed the phone number of the girls. Ed immediately called the number and upon reaching one of the girls, Ed verified the existence of the problem and told the young women that he and Lorraine were on their way.

Ed and Lorraine arrived at the apartment and the case begins. Ok girls, I’d like to hear the whole story, Who here can tell me? I can said Donna. All right, Lou, Angie, please add any details she leaves out, Ed directed. There are two stories, Donna said.  One that began earlier in the week with Lou. The other one’s about Annabelle. But I suppose they’re both about Annabelle. Who’s Annabelle? Ed promptly asked. She belongs to Donna, she moves, she acts alive, but no, I don’t think she’s alive. She’s in the living room said Angie, pointing across the table. There, sitting on the sofa. Lorraine looked to her left, into the living room. Are you talking about the doll? That’s right, Angie replied, the big raggedy Ann doll. That’s Annabelle, she moves! Ed got up and walked into the living room to inspect the doll. It was big and heavy, the size of a four-year-old child, sitting with its legs stretched out on the sofa. The black pupil-less eyes stared back at him, while the painted-on smile gave the doll an expression of grim irony.

Looking it over without touching the thing, Ed then returned to the kitchen. Where did the doll come from? Ed asked Donna. It was a gift Donna replied, My mother gave it to me on my last birthday. Is there some reason why she bought you a doll? Ed wanted to know. No. It was just something novel-a decoration the young nurse answered. Okay. Ed went on. When did you first start noticing activity occur? About a year ago, replied Donna. The doll started to move around the apartment by itself. I don’t mean it got up and walked around, or any such thing. I mean when we’d come home from work it would never be quite where we left it. Explain that part to me a little more Ed requested. After I got the doll for my birthday, Donna explained, I put it on my bed each morning after the bed was made. The arms would be off to its sides and its legs would be straight out-just like it’s sitting there now. But when we’d come home at night, the arms and legs would be positioned in different gestures. For instance, its legs would be crossed at the ankles, or its arms would be folded in its lap. After a week or so, this made us suspicious. So to test it, I purposely crossed its arms and legs in the morning to see if it really was moving. And sure enough, every night when we’d come back home, the arms and legs would be uncrossed and the thing would be sitting there in any of a dozen different postures. Yeah, but it did more than that, Angie added. The doll also changed rooms by itself. We came home one night and the Annabelle doll was sitting in a chair by the front door. It was kneeling! The funny thing about it was, when we tried to make the doll kneel, it’d just fall over. It couldn’t kneel. Other times we’d find it sitting on the sofa, although when we left the apartment in the morning it’d be in Donna’s room with the door closed! Anything else? Lorraine asked. Yes, said Donna. It would leave us little notes and messages. The handwriting looked to be that of a small child. What’d the note say? questioned Ed. It would say things that meant nothing to us, Donna answered. Things would be written like HELP US or HELP LOU, but Lou wasn’t in any kind of jeopardy at the time. And who us was-we didn’t know. Still, the thing that was weird was that the notes would be written in pencil, but when we tried to find one, there was not one pencil in the apartment! And the paper it wrote on was parchment. I tore the apartment apart, looking for parchment paper, but again neither of us had any such thing.’’  It sounds like someone had a key to your apartment and was playing a sick joke on you, Ed stated flatly. That’s exactly what we thought, said Donna. So we did little things like put marks on the windows and doors or arrange the rugs so that anyone who came in here would leave a trace that we could see. But never once did it turn out that there was a real outside intruder.

While the doll was moving around, and we’d become suspicious of burglars, when something else screwy happened. Angie added next. The Annabelle doll was sitting on Donna’s bed, as was usual. When we came home one night, there was blood on the back of its hand, and there were three drops of blood on its chest! God, that really scared us, Donna said frankly. Did you notice any other kind of phenomena occur in the apartment? Ed asked them. One time around Christmas, we found a little chocolate boot on the stereo that none of us had bought. Presumably it came from Annabelle, said Angie.  When did you come to determine there was a spirit associated with the doll? Lorraine questioned. We knew something unusual was going on, Donna answered. The doll did change rooms by itself. It did pose in different gestures, we all saw it, but wanted to know why? Was there maybe some plausible reason why the doll was moving? So Angie and I got in touch with a woman who’s a medium. That was about a month, or maybe six weeks after all this stuff started to happen. We learned that a little girl died on this property, Donna told the Warrens. She was seven years old and her name was Annabelle Higgins. The Annabelle spirit said she played in the fields long ago before these apartments were built. They were happy times for her. She told us. Because everyone around here was grown-up, and only concerned with their jobs, there was no one she could relate to, except us. Annabelle felt that we would be able to understand her. That’s why she began moving the rag doll. All Annabelle wanted was to be loved, and so she asked if she could stay with us and move into the doll. What could we do? So we said yes. Wait a minute here, Ed interjected. What do you mean it wanted to move into the doll? Do you mean it proposed to possess it? Right, that was the understanding, Donna replied. It seemed harmless enough. We’re nurses, you know, we see suffering every day. We had compassion. Anyway, we called the doll Annabelle from that time on. Did you do anything different with the doll after you learned it was supposedly possessed by a little girl spirit named Annabelle? asked Lorraine. Not really, said Donna. But of course it wasn’t just a doll any more. It was Annabelle. We couldn’t ignore that fact.

All right, before you go any further, let’s back up a minute, Ed requested. First you got the doll for you birthday. After a while the doll began to move – or at least change places enough for you to notice it. This made you curious, so you decided to have a séance, and a spirit came across that called itself Annabelle Higgins. This supposed little girl was seven years old and asked if it could come live with you by possessing the toy doll. You said yes, out of compassion. Then you renamed the doll Annabelle. Right? Right, said Donna and Angie. Have you seen the ghost of a little girl at any time in this apartment? Ed asked. No, both the girls answered. You also said a chocolate item showed up here once, said Ed. Has anything else strange ever happened that you couldn’t explain? One time a statue lifted up across the room, Donna recalled, then it tumbled in the air and fell on the floor. None of us were near the statue-it was on the other side of the room. That incident frightened us totally. Let me ask you something else. Ed went on. Didn’t you think that maybe you shouldn’t have given the doll so much recognition? It wasn’t a doll! Donna corrected him. It was the spirit of Annabelle we cared about! That’s right, said Angie. Ed added I mean, before you knew anything about Annabelle? How were we to know anything? Donna asked. But looking back on it now, maybe we shouldn’t have given the doll so much credence. But really, we saw the thing as being no more than a harmless mascot. I t never hurt anything…at least until the other day. Do you still think what’s moving the doll is the spirit of a little girl? Lorraine queried. What else could it be? Angie said in reply. It’s a damn voodoo doll, that’s what it is, Lou blurted out. I told them about that thing a long time ago. The doll was just taking advantage of them…

Okay, Lou, I think it’s time you told your side of things, tell them about the dreams, coaxed Angie. Well, Lou picked up, The thing gives me bad dreams. Recurrent ones. But yet what I’m going to tell you is not a dream as far as I’m concerned, because I somehow saw this happen to me. The last time it happened I fell asleep at home, a really deep sleep. While I was lying there, I saw myself wake up. Something seemed wrong to me. I looked around the room, but nothing was out of place. But then when I looked down toward my feet, I saw the rag doll, Annabelle. It was slowly gliding up my body. It moved over my chest and stopped. Than it put its arms out. One arm touched one side of my neck, the other touched the other side like it was making an electrical connection. Then I saw myself being strangled. I might as well have been pushing on a wall, because it wouldn’t move. It was literally strangling me to death, I couldn’t help myself, no matter how hard I tried. Yes, but the priest I spoke with said you’d been attacked? Ed pressed him. No, Lou asserted, That happened here in this apartment when Angie and I were alone together. It was about ten or eleven o’clock at night, and we were reading over maps because I was going off on a trip the next day. Everything was quiet at the time. Suddenly, we both heard sounds in Donna’s room that made us think that someone had broken into the apartment. I quietly got up and tip-toed to the bedroom door, which was closed. I waited until the noises stopped, then I carefully opened the door and reached in and switched on the light. Nobody was in there! Except, the Annabelle doll was tossed on the floor in a corner. I went in alone and walked over to the thing to see if anything unusual had happened. But as I got close to the doll, I got the distinct impression that somebody was behind me. I swung around instantly and, well….

He won’t talk about that part, Angie said. When Lou turned around there wasn’t anybody there, but he suddenly yelled and grabbed for his chest. He was doubled over, cut and bleeding when I got to him. Blood was all over his shirt. Lou was shaking and scared and we went back out into the living room. We then opened his shirt and there on his chest was what looked to be sort a of claw mark!

Can I see the mark? Ed asked. It’s gone now, the young man told him. I saw the cuts on his chest, too, Donna spoke up in support. How many were there? Ed asked. Seven, said Angie. Three were vertical, four were horizontal. Did the cuts have any sensation? Ed queried All the cuts were hot, like they were burns, Lou told him. Did you ever have cuts or wounds in the same area of your chest before this incident happened? questioned Ed. No, the young man replied. Did you lose consciousness before or after the attack took place? No, again he replied. How long did it take the wounds to heal? Lorraine questioned. They healed up almost immediately, said Lou. They were half-gone the next day, and fully gone the day after. Has anything else happened since that time? asked Ed. No, came the joint reply. Who did you first contact after the incident occurred? I contacted an Episcopal priest named Father Hegan. Donna told Ed and Lorraine. Why did you call him instead of a doctor? Lorraine asked. Do you think someone off the street would have believed where that claw mark on Lou’s chest came from? Donna asked rhetorically. Besides, we agreed the cuts weren’t half as important as how Lou got them. We wanted to know if this was going to happen again. Our problem was who to ask. Was there some reason why you specifically called on Father Hegan? Lorraine questioned. Yes. We trust him, said Donna. He teaches nearby here, at a junior college, plus Angie and I both know him. What did you tell the priest? asked Ed. The whole story-about Annabelle and how it moved on its own, and especially about Lou’s cuts, Donna replied. At first we were afraid he might not believe us, but that was no problem, he believed us all right. He said he’d never heard of such a thing happening these days. At the time we were all scared out of our wits, and I asked him what he thought had happened to us. He said he didn’t want to speculate, but he did feel it was a spiritual matter, possibly an important one, and that he was going to contact someone higher up in the Church, a Father Cooke. That’s what he did, Ed told her. Did the name Annabelle, or Annabelle Higgins mean anything to you in real life before this incident occurred? No, they replied. Although we never saw anything in here, Lou said he felt a presence in the room before he got hurt… there is something in here, Angie stated firmly. In fact, I can’t stand to be here. We have decided to get a new apartment. We’re moving out! I’m afraid that’s not going to help very much, Ed said dryly. What do you mean? Donna asked, astonished. To put it in a nutshell, you inadvertently brought a spirit into this apartment-and into your lives. You’re not going to be able to walk away from it that easily.

After a long minute, Ed spoke again. We’re going to help you, beginning right now. Today. First thing I’d like to do is call Father Cooke and have him come over here. Ed had no trouble getting hold of the Episcopal priest who had been waiting for his call. All right, Ed said when Father Cooke comes here, he’s going to have to perform a sort of blessing, an … exorcism of the premises. I knew it! Lou proclaimed. I knew it would lead to this. Yes, I think you did, Ed told him but I’m not sure any of you know the reason why. To begin with, there is no Annabelle! There never was. You were duped. However, we are dealing with a spirit here. The teleportation of the doll while you were out of the apartment, the appearance of notes written on parchment, the manifestation of three symbolic drops of blood, plus the gestures the doll made are all meaningful. They tell me there was intent, which means there was an intelligence behind the activity. But ghosts, human spirits, plain and simply can’t bring on phenomena of this nature and intensity. They don’t have the power. Instead, what has happened is something inhuman has taken over here. Demonic. Ed told them. Ordinarily people aren’t bothered by inhuman demonic spirits, unless they do something to bring the force into their lives. Your first mistake was to give the doll recognition, that is the reason why the spirit moved into the doll to, draw attention to itself. Once it had your attention, it exploited you, it simply brought you fear and even injury. Inhuman spirits, enjoy inflicting pain, it’s negative. Your next mistake was calling in a medium, Ed went on. The demonic has to somehow get your permission to interfere in your life. Unfortunately, through your own free will, you gave it that permission.

Then the doll is possessed? questioned Donna. No, the doll is not possessed. Spirits don’t possess things, spirits possess people, Ed informed her. Instead, the spirits simply moved the doll around and gave it the illusion of being alive. Now, what happened to Lou earlier this week Ed proceeded, was bound to occur sooner or later. In fact, you all were in jeopardy of coming under possession by this spirit, this is what the thing was really after. But Lou didn’t believe in the charade, so he was an ongoing threat to the entity. There was bound to be a showdown. Had the spirit been given another week or two, you might have been killed. Ed calmly concluded. There is only one entity involved, but its behavior is completely unpredictable. said Lorraine.

When Father Cooke arrived, the interview session ended in the kitchen, Ed was eager to have the house blessed, remove the doll, and return home. Once the preliminary greetings were out of the way, Ed told the priest, that in his judgment, the spirit responsible for the malicious activity was inhuman, and still in the apartment, and the only way it could be made to leave was through the power of the words written in the exorcism-blessing. I’m not totally familiar with demonology, admitted Father Cooke. how do you know such a spirit is behind the disturbance? Well, in this case, it wasn’t all that difficult to determine. Ed said frankly. These spirits work in characteristic ways. What’s going on here is essentially the infestation stage of the phenomenon. A spirit, in this case an inhuman demonic spirit, began moving the doll around the apartment through teleportation and other means. Once it aroused the girls’ curiosity which was the spirit’s purpose in moving the doll-they made the predictable mistake of bringing a medium in here, who took matters a step further. She told them, in the trance state, that a little girl spirit named Annabelle was moving the doll. Communicating through the medium, the entity preyed on the girls’ emotional vulnerabilities, and during the séance managed to extract permission from them to go about its business. Insofar as demonic is a negative spirit, it then set about causing patently negative phenomena to occur; it aroused fear through the weird movements of that doll, it brought about the materialization of disturbing handwritten notes, it left a residue of blood on the doll, and ultimately it even struck the young man, Lou, on the chest leaving a bloody claw mark. Beyond the activity, Lorraine has also discerned that this inhuman spirit is with us now. Lorraine’s an excellent clairvoyant, and she’s never been wrong about the nature of a spirit that’s present. However, if you want to go a step further, we can challenge the entity right now with religious provocation?

In this case, the recitation of the exorcism-blessing took the priest about five minutes to perform. The Episcopal blessing of the home is a wordy, seven page document that is distinctly positive in nature. Rather than specifically expelling evil entities from the dwelling, the emphasis is instead directed toward filling the home with the power of the positive and of God. There was no trouble or mishap during the procedure. When he was finished, the priest the blessed the individuals who were present, and after doing so, declared all was well. Lorraine also confirmed that the apartment and people were free from the spirit entity. Ed and Lorraine’s work was done, they then took their leave and started for home. At Donna’s request, and as a further precaution against the phenomena ever occurring in the home again, the Warrens took the big rag doll along with them. Placing Annabelle in the back seat of the car, Ed decided it was safer to avoid traveling on the interstate, in case the entity had not been separated from the rag doll. His hunch was correct. In no time at all, Ed and Lorraine felt themselves the object of vicious hatred. Then, at each dangerous curve in the road, their new car began to stall, causing the power steering and breaks to fail. Repeatedly the car verged on collision. Of course, it would have been easy to stop and throw the doll into the woods. But if the item didn’t simply teleport back to the girls’ apartment, at the least it would place anyone who found it in jeopardy.

The third time the car stalled along the road, Ed reached into his black bag, took out a vial, and threw a sprinkling of holy water on the rag doll, making the sign of the cross over it. The disturbance in the car stopped immediately, allowing the Warrens to reach home safely.

For the next few days, Ed sat the doll in a chair next to his desk. The doll levitated a number of times in the beginning, then it seemed to fall inert. During the ensuing weeks, however, it began showing up in various rooms of the house. When the Warrens were away and had the doll locked up in the outer office building, they would often return to find it sitting comfortably upstairs in Ed’s easy chair when they opened the main front door.

It also turned out that Annabelle came with a friend, a black cat, who would occasionally materialize beside the doll. The cat would stalk once around the floor, taking particular notice of books and other objects in Ed’s office; then return to the doll’s side, and dematerialize from the head down. It also became apparent that Annabelle hated clergymen. During the follow-up process of the case, it was necessary for the Warrens to consult the Episcopal priests associated with the incident in the young nurses’ apartment. Returning home alone one evening, Lorraine was terrified by loud, rolling growls that reverberated throughout the house. Later, when she was listening to the playback of the telephone answering machine, they were back to back calls from Father Hagen. Between his two calls was heard the incredible growling noises she’d heard earlier in the house. One day Father Jason Branford, Catholic exorcist, had been working with Ed and asked about the new addition to the office-Annabelle. Ed told Father Jason about the case and gave him the paperwork for his review. After hearing Ed’s account of want had happened, the priest picked up the rag doll and said You’re just a rag doll, Annabelle. You can’t hurt anything. The priest then tossed the stuffed figure back on the chair. That’s one thing you better not say again, Ed warned him with a laugh. Yet when Father Jason stopped to say goodbye to Lorraine an hour later, she pleaded that he be especially careful driving, and insisted that he call her just as soon as he arrived at the rectory. I discerned tragedy for that young priest, says Lorraine, but he had to go his way. A few hours later the telephone rang. Lorraine said Father Jason, why did you tell me to be careful driving? Because, she told him, I felt your car would go out of control, you would have an accident. Well, you were right, he stated flatly. The brake system failed. I was almost killed in a traffic accident. My car is a wreck.

Later in the year, at a large social gathering at the Warrens’ home, Lorraine and Father Jason went into the den to chat for a few moments. By a strange coincidence, Annabelle had moved into that room the day before. While speaking with Lorraine, the priest saw an ornamental wall decoration make a quick movement. Suddenly, the twenty-four inch long Boar’s tooth necklace above them exploded with percussive force. Hearing this stunning noise, the other guests immediately converged on the room, at which time someone in the crowd had the foresight to snap a photograph. When developed, the print appeared normal, except above the doll were two beacons of bright light, both pointing in the direction of Father Jason Bradford.

On another occasion, Ed recounts, I was in my office, working with a police detective on a case that concerned a witchcraft related murder in the area. As a cop he’s seen every kind of crime, he’s definitely not the sort of man who gets scared. While we were talking, Lorraine called me upstairs to take a long distance call. I told the detective he was free to look around my office, but to be careful and not touch any of the objects, because they’d come from cases where the demonic had been invoked. Well, I wasn’t away for five minutes when upstairs came this detective stark white. When I asked him what had happened, he refused to tell me, Ed remembers, breaking into a grin. He just kept mumbling ‘The doll, the rag doll is real….’ He was talking about Annabelle of course. That little doll made a believer out of him! In fact, as I think back on it, any meetings I’ve had with the detective from that day on have always been in his office.

Profane objects like the Annabelle doll have their own aura. When you touch them, your human aura mingles with theirs. This change attracts spirits, it’s almost like setting off a fire alarm. Therefore, for protection, I bless myself with holy water then ‘bless’ the rag doll with holy water in the sign of the cross. Like I say when we’re doing field work I’ve never met an atheist in a haunted house.

It’s difficult for people to accept the existence of something they’ve been conditioned not to believe in. Still, lack of knowledge allowed this negative spirit to wrangle it way into the lives of these three unwary young people. Many, nevertheless, contend that the notion of spirits is irrational or unfounded. They say the phenomenon is an illusion, or a hallucination, or it doesn’t exist at all. At best, the activity can be explained away by science. Or can it?

The Story of Rainbow Bridge

By Lorraine Warren

The story of Rainbow Bridge is one of my favorite pieces. I truly believe that we will all one day be reunited with our beloved pets throughout eternity.  Lorraine Warren’s “Rainbow Bridge” Author Unknown

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and play together.  There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.  All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor.  Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.  The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.  They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance.   His bright eyes are intent.  His eager body begins to quiver.  Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.  You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.  The happy kisses rain upon your face. Your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.  Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Note: This letter was received by Mrs. Pelkey following the loss of her beloved cat Agatha.  This is in response to an older article in the journal concerning animals having spirits.

During the week of June 8th, Tony Spera (Ed and Lorraine’s son-in-law) went on a desperate search to find a copy of “The Rainbow Bridge” for me.  Tony explained that he and his wife Judy had a copy of it posted on their refrigerator, and that it was a favorite of Lorraine’s. He was confident that I would enjoy reading it.  Well, his search paid off and he gave me a copy of the endearing poem on Thursday, June 11th.  What Tony was really doing (though he didn’t know it at the time) was preparing us for the loss of our beloved cat of 20 years, Agatha. Sunday morning, we woke up to find that she had quietly passed away in her sleep.  We were both devastated, and our dog, Samantha, was lost without her little companion.

That same evening, after we had taken her to the vet to be cremated, both my husband, Peter, and I heard her meowing from our upstairs bedroom.  All was quiet for the week, except for Samantha moping around the house.  When her remains came home, the dog seemed a bit easier, knowing her little friend was home once again.  Early one morning, I “felt” Agatha pull herself up onto our feather bed.  I could hear the soft “crunch” of the feathers as she made her way to me.  It was her ritual to rub her little nose on my hand to try to wake me up.  That moment, I felt her nose and felt her rub her face on my hand.  I lay there very quietly to see what would happen next.  She then made her way up to the top of the bed, and lay down on the extra pillows.  That morning when we woke up, I told Peter what had happened.  He said he felt as if she were still with us, and even heard her meowing in the early morning hours.  I had heard it as well, but had not mentioned it to Peter.  We both knew she was there.

We still hear her every now and then.  One day, I went to dust the shelf off where her ashes are kept, and I told her that “Mommy” was going to move her to clean.  As I reached for her ashes, I felt a cold breeze run up my right arm. Despite the heat of the day, the air around her was cold.  This gave me comfort knowing she heard me and was there. I have a collection of decorative Nutcrackers near the love seat in the living room.  Agatha used to go past them (usually knocking them over in the process) to go behind the love seat to take a nap.  One day, I heard something fall in the living room and went out to investigate what had happened. Sure enough, they were knocked down.  There was absolutely no way the dog could have been near them as there isn’t enough room for a 70 pound dog to squeeze her way into where they are.  Most people would find these events disturbing, but we are both comforted knowing that we had given Agatha a wonderful life with us during her 20 year stay on earth, and realize that she just isn’t ready to leave us yet.  So thank you, Tony, Judy, Ed and Lorraine for “The Rainbow Bridge” and this tribute to Agatha.

Sincerely, Wendy and Peter Pelkey, and Samantha too!

Mark the Earthbound Spirit

Ed and Lorraine were sitting in the living room when the phone rang. Lorraine answered; the case was about the death of a loved one. The young woman asked if the Warrens could help her. She felt the spirit of her deceased fiancé, Mark, was present in her home. The presence of the spirit scared her daughter, Tina, who did not want to stay in the house. Lorraine agreed to accept the case and within a few days Ed and Lorraine Warren took an investigative team to Trudy’s house.

mark earthbound spirit med Mark the Earthbound SpiritEd and Lorraine gathered background information about the case while the remaining investigators took photographs of the house and the surrounding area. Mark was a very private person, a loner. He had an adventurous spirit and liked water sports, kayaking and rafting. He often suffered from depression so he used rafting and kayaking as a means of escape. He had been feeling ill over the last month and had gone to the doctor, who diagnosed with a problem with his liver enzymes. The hepatitis he had earlier in his life damaged his liver. Otherwise, he was healthy and active.

Mark and Trudy had been in their relationship for eight years and it was a good, healthy one. Trudy and Tina were away on a business trip in January. Mark stayed at their home to take care of the dogs while they were away. Three days after leaving, Trudy spoke with Mark on the phone and all was good but when they returned home on Sunday, two days after their phone conversation, they found Mark deceased on the living room floor. The coroner’s report stated the cause of death was a heart attack. Mark was 41 years old.

Since Mark’s death, Trudy and Tina have had strange occurrences in the house. The security alarm has gone off in the middle of the night showing a circuit open in the back room. In the morning however, everything was locked up tight with no signs of forced entry. Neither the police nor the alarm technician could not find anything wrong with the system. Just before Mark’s memorial service, Trudy was letting the dogs out and noticed the trunk to her car was open. She had not been in the trunk at all the day before or that night. So it should not have been open. Trudy called the police and they found nothing out of the ordinary. On another occasion Trudy came downstairs and found the stereo playing Mark’s most listen compact disc, “Counting Crows”. The stereo has three power buttons that need to be turned on. Trudy thought, at first, the dogs accidentally turned it on but she realized that was not possible.

Lorraine decided it would be best to try to communicate with Mark, attempt to talk him into crossing over. While everyone sat around the dining room table, Lorraine felt Mark’s presence very strongly, both Lorraine and the investigators all felt very cold. Trudy asked if Mark was there and if he wanted to communicate with us. Lorraine had a vision of Mark standing in a storage unit putting something up on a rafter. (At this time an investigator felt something touch her hand and quickly move away.) Lorraine asked Mark if there was something at the storage unit he wanted to Trudy to know about. Lorraine felt he did not know that his family had cleaned out the unit and given many of his personal items to Trudy and Tina.

mark earthbound spirit med 2 Mark the Earthbound SpiritLorraine asked Mark to relate what had happened the day he died. He told Lorraine he went for a ride up to Shopway’s. (Trudy confirmed that this was a store he shopped at often). He was feeling sick to his stomach, but hungry. He then said he “missed them” refers to Trudy and Tina. He got something to eat and was beginning to feel a bet better. He sat down and spoke with Trudy on the phone. He didn’t want to tell her he wasn’t feeling well. He said he was sorry for the mess he left. Lorraine asked Mark why all the lights were on in the house when Trudy and Tina found him. He said he went from room to room (in spirit) and the lights lit. Lorraine asked Mark to go into the light. Trudy told him he needs to go to check things out for her, for when it’s her time. Lorraine then asked if there was anything left unsaid that he needs to express. Lorraine felt Mark was concerned about Trudy and Tina’s finances.

Lorraine:   Are you comfortable here? Why do you want to stay?


Lorraine:   You’ll find peace at the end of the light. Can you go to the light?

Mark:   LIVE

Lorraine:   You can live in peace on the other side. You can be very happy. Would you like to go there?


Trudy:   Do you need help to pass on correctly?

Mark:   NO

Lorraine:   Do you want to stay to help Trudy?

Mark:   GO HOME

Lorraine:   Do you want us to go home now, Mark?

Mark:   YES

Trudy:   Are you at peace here Mark? I want you to be happy. We’ll be together again.


Lorraine:   Do you want to tell us why you want to stay, why you can’t pass over?

Mark:   GOD

Trudy:   Mark, I am not mad at you. No one is mad at you.

Mark:   HELP ME

Lorraine:   Are you afraid of the light?

Mark:   YES, HOME

Lorraine:   Tina wants you to go to the light to be at peace. Can you hear her?

Mark:   YES

Lorraine:   Mark please go for Tina. Can you do that for her?

Mark:   GOD

Lorraine:   God wants you to come. He wants everyone to come. God loves you.

Mark:   SLEEP

Lorraine: You can come back after you go into the light. It’s not a final thing. Do you have anymore messages Mark?

Mark:   GO HOME

Lorraine: Are you staying because you’re at peace here?

Mark:   YES STAY

Lorraine:   Have you gone to see the light?

Mark:   YES

Lorraine:   It’s beautiful isn’t it? Will you be at the light when its Trudys, turn?  Will you meet her?

Lorraine:   Then asked if there was anything left unsaid that he needed to express?

Mark wanted to stay to help them. Trudy and Tina both felt relieved that Mark is there because he wants to stay to help them and are glad he is at peace there with them and he is welcome to stay. Two investigators had pictures showing numerous globules around the outside of the house.