July 21, 2018

Ed and Lorraine Warren Bio

Ed Warren, born September 7, 1926, was born and raised in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut on the tough east side.  That part of the city was known as the “Bloody Bucket” because it was a frequent hang-out for hoodlums and gangsters.  While Ed was a boy, he lived in a haunted house from the age of 5 until age 12.  His father, then a police officer would explain to young Ed that the strange occurrences witnessed in the home had a logical explanation…but of course his dad never did come up with a logical explanation.

There were times when Ed would be out playing, and if he returned to the house and no-one was home, he would not enter the house…sometimes staying outside for hours in the freezing cold weather.  Ed would see ghosts, hear footsteps, pounding sounds, and rapping on walls frequently in the house.  This frightened him, but also made him want to learn more about the types of phenomena he had encountered.  When Ed turned 17, on September 7, 1943, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served with the armed guard aboard a Merchant Marine ship.  He was decorated for heroism after saving a fellow sailor from icy waters after their ship caught fire.

Lorraine Warren, born January 31, 1927, was born Lorraine Rita Moran in Bridgeport, Ct.  She attended prestigious Laurelton Hall private school in Trumbull, Ct.  She worked at various jobs during the war to help the war effort.  Ed and Lorraine Warren were married on May 22, 1945 in Bridgeport, Ct.  They have one daughter, Judy, who is married and lives in New Milford, Ct.  After his World War II service, Ed attended Art school.  He painted nautical scenes, country landscapes, and his real passion-“Haunted Houses”.  He began touring the New England states with Lorraine seeking out haunted houses to paint.  One now famous house that he found was the “Ocean Born Mary House” in Henniker, New Hampshire.

Ed likes to relate the story as such: “I was with Lorraine and another couple that we used to socialize with.  We were probably about 19 or 20 years old at the time.  We were traveling around New England trying to sell some of our paintings, which I did sell for tremendous prices, 3 or 4 dollars each! You have to remember though that back then gas was 12 cents a gallon, and hot dogs were a dime.  A movie was a quarter.  So the 3 or 4 dollars we made on each painting wasn’t so bad after all.  Anyway, we were driving through New Hampshire and I see this sign that says “Henniker”… I looked back at my friend Jerry who was in the back seat and said that I had heard of a haunted house…the “Ocean Born Mary” house and that it was in Henniker.  Jerry looked at me and said, “Oh , come on Ed, there must be a hundred Hennikers”.  Just then we rounded a corner and there was a sign that said, “This is the only Henniker on EARTH!”.  So I guess that solved THAT argument.”

“Anyway, we asked some college kids where the house was, and they gave us directions to it.  We pulled up front, and man, I gotta tell you, it sure did look haunted from the outside.  I said to Jerry, who was a real skeptic up to this time, “Hey Jerry, why don’t you go up to the door and see if they’ll let us in?”  His response was “Are you crazy? There’s no way I’m going up there!” “So I did the logical thing.  I threw Lorraine out of the car and locked the doors!  I knew if anybody could get us in, it would be Lorraine with her Irish charm and all.  We watched as she knocked on the door.  We saw this light in a window high above, then the light reached the lower level and finally the door opened.  We could barely make it out, but soon we saw Lorraine motioning for us to come on up.  To make a long story short we all got into the house and spoke with a Mr. Roy, the caretaker.  This was the first time Lorraine had ever had a psychic experience…she astrally projected out of her body and hovered above us!”  Since that time, Lorraine Warren’s psychic abilities have steadily increased.  She has been tested at UCLA under the watchful eye of Dr. Thelma Moss.  Her abilities are well documented.  Lorraine can best be described as a clairvoyant and light trance medium.  This means that she can hear, feel, and sense things through her sensitivity or “sixth” sense, rather than the normal five senses.  She can also see a persons “Aura”.

Lorraine describes it like this; “A persons Aura is the supernatural glow that emanates from every living thing.  It is the energy that surrounds us, it evens surrounds our pets.  I can tell quite a lot about a person from this glow.  You see the aura produces different colors, blue hues, green, red, yellow and various other shades.  They have different intensities to them, some are bright, some are dull, sometimes they spike out like fireworks.  From the condition of the aura I can tell a lot about a person.  I can tell if they are religious or not, if they have emotional troubles, or even if they have a violent temper”.

The Warrens have been the nation’s top psychic researchers for over 3 decades, and have lectured extensively at colleges and universities through out the country.  They were 2 of only a handful of investigators ever allowed into the infamous “Amityville Horror” home and have the only pictures ever taken inside the house.  The Warrens have had 2 movies made of their cases, one “The Haunted” from their book, and the other “The Demon Murder Case” also from their book “The Devil in Connecticut.” The Warrens have been featured in ten books.

They are:

Deliver Us From Evil

The Demonologist

The Devil In Connecticut

The Haunted


Satan’s Harvest

Ghost Hunters

In A Dark Place


Ghost Tracks

About Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed & Lorraine Warren have over 55 years experience in the paranormal.   No other psychic researchers that we know of have investigated over 4000 cases, or have been on almost every radio and television talk show in the country (not to mention Great Britain, Japan, Australia) and others.

The Warrens investigated both West Point Military Academy AND Amityville.  They have lectured aboard the Queen Elizabeth II, have had several movies made from their books.  Before Ed’s passing he and Lorraine gave hundreds of lectures throughout the country.  Lorraine Warren continues to give lectures throughout the country.  The Warren’s have knowledge and experience gleaned through many decades of investigating and documenting all types of supernatural and preternatural phenomena. As Ed Warren has said many times, “If you want to be a turkey, then fly with the turkeys. If you want to be an eagle, then fly with the eagles.” So fly with us, be an EAGLE!