July 21, 2018

The Dangers of Ghost Hunting

ed lorraine warren with their pet dog The Dangers of Ghost HuntingInsights from Ed, Lorraine and Gizmo Warren

One of the main reasons for ghosthunting is to have encounters with ghosts. Sometimes however, the hunter can become the hunted.  Graveyards are notorious for harboring ghosts.  Are they the spirits of the dead that are buried there? Some spirits will remain in close proximity to their earthly remains in the hope they can re-enter that physical body and use it in the same way they did in life. Unfortunately, they cannot do this unless they are what we refer to as the “undead”, the “sorcerer”, the “Black Magician”.  The man who hunts tigers at times has found that the tiger backtracks and is now hunting the hunter.  The same is true with spirits.  Graveyards are spawning places for evil spirits. Most of these spirits are inhuman (diabolical).  They are drawn to areas where human suffering has occurred.  These areas are full of vibrations of the tormented people who have lost their loved ones, and the unfortunate human spirits that are earthbound hover close to their remains.

ed warren The Dangers of Ghost HuntingEvil spirits revel in the deterioration of human bodies; those bodies which God created.  They are the dangers in the exploration of evidence that we, the living, must encounter. We must be extremely careful of not becoming the hunted.  How do we accomplish this?  By using the knowledge that the enlightened ghosthunter must know.  The enlightened ghosthunter envisions himself in a bright white glowing “Christ light” of protection before he or she ever enters any known haunted area or house.  He or she asks for the protection of God and all that is angelic.  But remember that these protective measures are only as effective and as powerful as the ghosthunter’s belief in them.  New truths, new discoveries, can sometimes only be found through dangerous encounters.

We as hunters of ghosts are visible. We are tangible. We are vulnerable.  The ghost has the upper hand for it can see what we do not, it can hear what we cannot. It can perform feats we cannot.  The ghost can come to us any time it wants. It strikes when the time is most opportune for it to do so (usually the psychic hours of the night between 9:00 P.M. and 6 A.M.).  So, if you want to hunt ghosts you must know your opponent.  You must respect its powers.

The person who makes statement’s such as “I’m not afraid of ghosts”, had better think twice about encountering one.  Knowledge is a weapon but remember- fools rush in where wise men fear to tread. Don’t be a fool.  Be a survivor and an intelligent researcher.  Help those who are in the spirit world (earth bound spirits).  Help the living reach a better understanding of that supernatural world we will all enter some day.  I have been in this work of exploration for more years than I care to remember.  I am happy to say I still am.  It has been exciting, frightening, and even funny at times but it has never been boring.  So I continue to explore, to delve, to research.  I am happy in the knowledge that I have found the secret of life.  It is that we survive what many believe to be the end, when in reality it is just the beginning.

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  1. Jacqui Alexander says:

    I’m somewhat clairvoyant and have had dealings with the paranormal all my life. I can assure anyone that the demonic is real, what they say here is legitimate. My major concern is that so many programs on television, especially ones like “Ghost Adventures” on Travel Channel which attract a young audience aren’t talking about the actual problems that can come with ghost hunting as is mentioned above. These young guys go out, taunt ghosts, and think it’s funny to be slapped, knocked off a bench, scratched, etc. especially if they have taunted the ghosts to get a reaction. They go to especially well known haunting like Bobby Mckay’s in Kentucky which has two demonic evil spirits known to haunt the place. There is NOTHING remotely funny about being possessed by an evil spirit or demon.

    They go in there without any kind of protection–they seem to have no faith, and only their fancy ghost hunting gadgets which won’t help them if they become possessed. They put themselves in dangerous places by being “locked in” all night so they can prove the paranormal. They aren’t interested in helping people. They are interested in promoting their own ghost hunting superhuman abilities they think they have to make money and fame. It’s dangerous, and they’ve even been told so by an Exorcist and other paranormal investigators but laughed it off. I am appalled that Travel Channel would pick these guys to promote paranormal investigations. They may be cute, say “bro” alot, cuss up a storm or whatever but they are extremely unprofessional, deliberately want to be scared. They walk in without any protection of any kind and the show isn’t even mentioning the dangers of doing this. My biggest fears is that a bunch of teenagers are going to emulate them and end up in some real trouble.

    Please, if you have a problem with this kind of behavior please contact Travel Channel and tell them what you think. I don’t think the show should be pulled off the air but they need to rethink it. If they don’t want to show religious stuff or whatever in their investigations at least mention that it can be dangerous and not to emulate these guys without professional training, being aware of the dangers, etc. You may be more than just scared, you may be seriously hurt or even killed by a demonic or evil spirit. The spirits are going to get energy from their electromagnetic waves alone. Most definitely the “ghost hunters” need to mention not to go out by themselves to investigate any alleged paranormal happenings. Alot of the Hollywood movies may have beefed up the super to the supernatural to sell movies but many of them are based on facts of things that did happen in real like, i.e. The Exorcist, Poltergeist, Demon Murders, etc.

    Be careful. I’ve come in contact with spirits, demons and angels. I am very faith-based so I wasn’t as fearful perhaps as others, even then I didn’t think I could outwit the supernatural as so many humans do. Humans have nothing on the supernatural.

  2. Jacqui Alexander says:

    There is one more thing I forgot to say, that is that many of the earthbound spirits have suffered enormously in human life. They become spirits because they want to be remembered or have a story to tell or something important to say or they are still suffering from the heinous something that happened to them, etc. We need to respect them, period. Going to a place of human tragedy to get a rise out of a spirit who suffered enough already isn’t respectful. A sensitive approach should be applied to them if you want to “hear them speak” on tape recorders etc. not something stupid like “so you hanged yourself because you were unjustly accused” or “Red Feathers, so the Indians didn’t want you and the white community didn’t want you so you killed yourself” etc. These spirits know they’re dead more often than not, they don’t need to be reminded of what happened to them. We should show them the same amount of courtesy we would hopefully show to a human.

    If they are demonic or out to hurt us then obviously that’s different. They may not deliberately be trying to hurt somebody, they may just not know how to act. If they still feel that it’s their house and you are now living in it against their will then perhaps a more judicious approach can be done. Remember, whatever energy you put out is going to be picked up. If you put out negative energy you’ll get it back as well as leave it residually. Perhaps always begin with kindness and compassion, and move on from there accordingly. If they still show cruelty or danger then you can do whatever. I still say one should never ever ever deliberately taunt any spirit, human or inhuman.

  3. Pam Dimitrio says:

    Dear Jacqui, thank you so much for your input on “ghost hunting.” I have commented to my roommates on the exact same program, Ghost Adventures and the insane and insensitive way they go about goading spirits. Unfortunately, they or their family members are going to suffer for their actions. I don’t think they understand that an entity can follow or attach themselves to an object which they would bring home with them. People and children need to be educated about these matters. They also need to show respect, this is not a game and emotions don’t die with the body. Again thankyou for your insightful input.

  4. Pattie Anne says:

    Funny how one is lead (even over the net), without knowing it..
    I agree with what has been written here. People in general now seem to have no faith or belief in God, therefore no fear or concern for evil. There is little if any respect for the living, nevermind the dead..
    No, I am not here to rant, lol, but it is true. With exception to one A&E show 😉 there seems little to no guidance when it comes to protecting one’s self while “ghost hunting” or dealing with the supernatural in anyway. It’s all about, excitement, adrenalin, gadgets and ratings. Exactly what young people flock to. What isn’t offered is the knowledge of the downsides to “hunting”, such as what has been mentioned by Ed Warren and others. People don’t understand that Ouiga boards, white noise, dabbling in darkness or even ghost hunting can be a long lasting (and sometimes dangerous) mistake. Yes, you can hangout in a haunted house with really cool gadgets that light up, aggravate the unseen residences there, have a few laughs with your friends and leave. The problem? There is a good chance you will not leave alone and for certain-not with someone you would have actually picked to go home with you. Not saying that all paranormal encounters are of the demonic type. For instance, as I have explained to my own, over enthusiastic ghost hunting children… If you do make contact with an “intelligent” spirit, that means not only can you hear/understand them but they too, can hear/understand you and they KNOW it. So now we have a spirit whom has for whatever reason, remained earthbound and now they know YOU and most likely you alone, can hear them. So what does that say to the spirit? Well, maybe you could hold an answer they are looking for (why else would only YOU be able to hear them?) or you could pass on their message, you could finish what they left undone, you can be a light in their loneliness or you could be their tie to a world they no longer can occupy. Regardless of reason, there is a good chance they will attach themselves to you and then what?
    There is where my problem lies..
    Then what? Can’t seem to find a TV show with that answer..

  5. I agree! Trying to rid yourselfof a spirit or inhuman entity is in no way easy. As a paranormal investigator, I fully agree that it is not a laughing matter, nor a carnival attraction. When you enter any haunted domain without any protection you leave yourself open and subject to posession and or attachment. An intellegent entity does infact know when it is seen or heard, hence intellegence. People do not understand the ramifacations of such so called thrill seeking. It could be inhuman, and if you think for one second that a inhuman entity is not intellegent then you have made a grave error. I strongly suggest doing research on the particular location or subject before going in guns blazing so to speak. The object of an investigation is to provide not only evidence but support to the individual that has requested help or information. I also fully agree that emotion is not something that dies with the body. When going into a investigation be respectful, remember that provocation is not something to be taken lightly. It can result in physical harm to your person or the indivduals around you. If a spirit has remained in this etherial plain than it is hear for a reason. That reason could be a loved one or due to the fact it has choosen to hold on to some semblance of a former life, for instance object attachment. Which by the way is extremly real! When you take something from a location you have a strong chance that something is attached. Extreme caution should be exercised, you could be bringing home a unwanted companion.

  6. Pattie Anne says:

    Hi Stacy and thank you for your comments. I agree with all you said. This is an area of concern that doesn’t seem to have a platform. I am considering opening up some conversation about this and maybe linking this page to it. Though I know Ed has go before us, (R.I.P) I can’t help but think there was a reason this was left open and maybe sharing Ed’s concerns along with our, might help more people actually take the risks more seriously?

  7. Greg Louis says:

    Hi everyone, I read what all you guys have said and I agree on alot of it. My fiance and I are both very spiritual hope to be paranormal investigators someday and hope to have our own society to help people who are being haunted. We both believe that we are empathic and she can see and feel spiritual energy but I can only feel it. I agree that walking into a haunted house or area with no experience and being cocky will get you nothing but trouble. I have seen ghost adventures and other dumb ones where they provoke the spirit to get some activity out of it. I think it was on ghost adventures or it could have been a different show, they were provoking a demonic spirit to get some answers from it and it possessed on of the crew memebers for a few seconds. Thats foolish dont you think? My favourite show is Paranormal State with Ryan Buell and chip coffee and chad and sergey etc. They did a couple of pretty serious cases where someone was severely possessed and had to do deliverance. But they dont get cocky and mouth off spirits or demonic entities in someones house or theyd be asking for it! I am researching paranormal investigating and reading books on it and watching stuff online to get a better understanding on it. Hopefully I can be a good and respectful investigator of the dead.

    Oh and while Im here, I would like to share a dark secret of mine because maybe you guys can help me with it maybe? Or have some advice? Anyways, 9 years ago I did something stupid and foolish and now I have 1 or two negative energies that follow me around everyday and it feels like they pretty much own me. Ive been partially possessed two or 3 times and have acted very violently and I need some help because I dont want it to destroy my relationship! My email is gregwestwick@yahoo.ca


  8. Loren Ajack says:

    Gotta love Chip Coffey !! We enjoy his “Paranormal Kids” series.

    I have to agree with Jacqui on “Ghost Hunters” or “Ghost Adventurers” where these bunch of foolish
    kids lock themselves in a prison or some other haunted establishment, then use profane language to mock and antagonize spirits. Never heard any of THEM say the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. Such fools!! … We watched 1 or 2 episodes then decided it was foolishness!

    By the way, how many of you have read the James VanPraagh series of books? I’ve read them
    all several times, and one I enjoyed the most was ‘Ghosts Among Us.’ Not trying to purposely advertise his books…..but just a suggestion. The web master can feel free to delete this last
    paragraph if he/she so desires. Thank you !!

  9. Sorry people, there’s no such thing as ghosts or demons or an afterlife. I used to believe that crap too, in fact years ago I actually believed everything Ed and Lorraine Warren said, but I have matured as a person and you need to do the same.

    If the things the Warrens and everyone else say happend actually literally happened, that would be absolute irrefutable hard PROOF of the paranormal and life after death and science would be forced to accept it as fact. But that hasn’t happened, has it! All the decades of ghost/demon hunting, where’s the proof? Where’s the video footage of levitations, dematerializations, possessed people performing impossible super human feats, speaking in languages they’ve never spoken, using telepathy, exhibiting super human strength, etc. Doesn’t happen folks, sorry

    And for those of you who insist, I’ll remind you of the James Randi foundation million dollar challenge

  10. @Jim – I understand your perspective, my husband is an athiest; but telling people to “grow up” is not a very grown up, or respectful, thing to say. If you’re grown up, you should respect other people’s views and opinions.

    @everyone else – Agree, “Ghost Adventures” on The Travel Channel is truly an ignorant, and dangerous, show. They need to disclaimer the show or at least discuss the religious implications to what they’re doing. I do wish the TTC would cut them off.

    “Ghost Hunters” on SyFy is a better show; they try to explain some of the dangers. I actually prefer Barry FitzGerald from the International show. If you haven’t seen him, you should. He has the highest level of respect for the dead of anyone else associated with the show. He’s tried explaining to the other hunters that if you’re not respectful, the entity with either leave, or get quite upset with you. Either way, the objective of trying to help said entity will not be met.

    “Paranormal State” on A&E is probably my fav of all. I really enjoy their approach to interacting with anyone on the other side, and do not hide the religious beliefs that many feel are needed to combat the evil entities.

    For me, personally, I’m not religious; but, I have a great deal of respect for the spirit world. I know that may sound contradictory, but that’s just me. As much as I would love to try ghost hunting, myself; I would not do it because of my lack of beliefs in organized religion. I have a very strong personality and high set of morals, but have no interest in upseting anyone on the other side!

  11. To all those stupid ghost hunter shows who lock them selves in haunted places & try to taunt ghosts,”Be careful what you wish for”!And to Greg louis”Get straight to Church for an exorcisim”!

  12. angel85 says:

    As a “born again” believer, I fully agree that the spiritual world is real. If you believe there is a God then how can you NOT believe that evil is out there also. All you really need to do is step outside your door (actually you can stay inside and just turn on the TV or radio). Any one who messes with things that they do not totally understand are only asking for trouble. Knowledge is power and the Warrens have helped educate people on things that a lot of people do not understand and should. May God Bless the Warrens !! For all that they have done and continue to do for people in need of help.

  13. I have viewed this viewing both sides of the spectrum. Im a practicing christian, and have a very strong belief in salvation and protection. I have been very interested in ghost hunting with the thought of an exciting and fun hobby BUT also with the very serious thought that this can also be a strong form of being able to help someone be heard who could not be heard before. The simple fact of being possessed or putting your family indanger is more than enough to scare more than most away from helping these bound souls. Im leaning more to still helping since im strong in my faith and prayer but still feel fear of bringing something home to my family. As far as the shows i totally agree my personal favorite that i have not heard mentioned is Destination Truth, Josh Gates expressions and questions clearly state his concern and compassion for the dead. More importantly instead of taunting or bad things happeneing, when it seems like communication is not being made only ill will he quickly ends the case and dosent push the luck of him or his crew.

  14. Sue Shultz says:

    I’d like some advice from Lorainne or anyone who thinks they can help. I think there’s either something in me or after me. It’s bothered me all my life. When I was a baby I became ill. An unknown woman visited my mother & told her a wreath was being formed of black feathers inside my bed pillow. She had to cut it open & destroy it before it was completed or I’d die. She cut open the pillow & was horrified to find that it was there, 3/4 formed. She destroyed it. I recovered. As I grew I had MANY odd & frightening experiences in that house. I was able to hear,see & feel an entity there. I also had dreams & visions of things before they happened. I couldn’t control it. I learned a shoemaker had passed in this large brick house which was 200+ years old then. I do not believe it was him, or even human. I know them as “Legion” & “Discord”. They like to speak on their knowledge of death & pain to me. My mother tried to get me help. A preacher prayed for me. He gave my mother holy water which she threw on me. I thought she was crazy. She took me to a therapist. It didn’t help. My mother resorted to violence to deal w/ her fear of me. Our family fought constantly & finally fell apart. I was glad, but alone at age 12. Well, sort of. It came along. After several years of dealing w/ a sad lifestyle plagued by violence from others I became pregnant. I was 15 when my daughter was born. My mother took her from me & had me locked up in a mental health institution some call the green monster. Here, I learned that pills & medications controlled it somewhat, but I was really accepting a new more powerful demon; addiction. It progressed & I was truely lost. I became addicted to opiates. I got into a methadone program which controlled my addiction 9 years ago. In between I had 2 more children during periods of abstinence. I am raising all 3 now. I’m almost finished w/ my treatment & as my dose decreases “it” grows stronger. My daughters have seen & heard it. I just want a chance to really live before I die. The past few years have been stable & happy, but I must finish my treatment & I want it gone before I do. Can anyone help? Also I’ve had hands laid on me & had OBE’s. It likes reflective objects if that means anything. I do not like Ryan Buelle.

  15. jennifer barrand says:

    I came across this board because i am trying to find out “real” info on ghosts and such. I have, so it seems, a ghost attatched to me. A little background- my daughter died nov 16th 2007. Needles to say, i pretty much lived at the grave yard for a month until 1 night. I’ll just be honest, i felt like a evil presence was there. I never even thought that something like that would happen. All i had on my mind was my daughter. It was so scarry. I never did go back at night and to be honest, seldom during the day because of that one night. Well, since then, i have had things happening-things i’d rather not say but since researching and reading about ghosts (because of the things happening, i do believe thats whats going on), i need to know what i can do to first find out if my thinking is correct then, what i can do to rid myself of it. It is becoming so much that i cant sleep at night and its constantly on my mind day and night because of how “present” it is making itself. I am starting to fear for my life and my kids. lately they have been subjected to “stuff”. If anyone can advise me, it would be very much appreciated. Btw, i do pray but that seems to make things worse. I just need advise as to who should i go to that wont think i’m nuts? I already feel that way now and know i’m not. I fear if i wait much longer… well, i just cant.

  16. There seems to be a running theme amongst these comments, and I find it typical of human behavior. While I agree that Ghost Adventures uses no finesse by taunting spirits (and they all seem to hate Zak), they have admitted openly about having spirits mess with their lives, even so far as to break up a marriage. They made an entire episode of the mess they got into when they returned to Bob Mackey’s place in Kentucky. I guess I’m the only one in this crowd who pays close attention.

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