July 17, 2018

Deliver Us From Evil Paperback

dufe paperback2 300x149 Deliver Us From Evil PaperbackDeliver Us From Evil, a book by J.F. Sawyer is truly not for the faint of heart. Taken from the files of Ed Warren, a demonologist, and Lorraine Warren, a Medium, Deliver Us From Evil defines its mission as to introduce the public to a wide range of phenomena that could be readily classified as supernatural evil.  This is the first book featuring Ed and Lorraine Warren and the introduction of ghost hunting to the mainstream world. Deliver Us From Evil was written to let the world know this type of phenomena exist and how this phenomena can gradually encroach and eventually overwhelm human consciousness.

Read how the Warrens have tenaciously pursued these phenomena for so many years.   They have interviewed thousand and thousand of people tragically affected by apparitions, ghost whisperings, brutal and unexplained explosions, strange footsteps in the night, actual, uninvited incursions into the privacy of their bedrooms, including various physical attacks on their person.

Ed Warren died three years ago, in 2006, but his wife is still quite active in media, continually making guest appearances in the well-known TV series, “A Haunting” and “Paranormal State.”  Their original TV show, “Seekers of the Supernatural,” is available at Amzaon.com on DVD and On Demand Video download.

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