July 17, 2018

Ed & Lorraine Warren Videos

SOTS WEB TV2 Ed & Lorraine Warren Videos

Seekers of the Supernatural was a weekly cable show by Ed and Lorraine with host Tony Spera (their son-in-law) that aired only in the Connecticut area between 1998 and 1999. You can now watch the show on your TV, computer or any other video supported device in the privacy of your home.

Ed Warren (Sept 7, 1926 – Aug 23, 2006) was a noted demonologist, exorcist, author, lecturer and artist. Lorraine Warren is a clairvoyant, artist, author, lecturer and animal lover. Together they were perhaps the earliest of the original ghost hunters, investigating well over 10,000 hauntings.  In each thirty minute episode the Warren’s share their experiences.  On several occasions they have special guess.

Special Note: Although presented in DVD format, the footage contained on this disc has been transferred from video tape. As such, the quality of the footage has reduced. I digitally restored the footage to all possible extents but noticeable quality issues may be noticed.

Shows available are:

Water Poltergeist
Meet The Warren’s
Spirits of the Woods
Haunted Funeral Home
Bill Ramsey the Werewolf
Cross Keys Hotel and Pub
Physic Photos and Miracles
Amityville Horror Part 1 and 2
What To Do If You See A Ghost
True Haunting of Diane Mercer
Pet’s Who Survive Physical Death
True Haunting of a Bed & Breakfast
Borley Rectory
Mysterious Places
The Occult Museum
Jack and Janet Smurl
Love Beyond the Grave
Brookfield Demon Murder
John White Discuss UFOs
Rod Vescey The White Lady
After Effects of Seeing a Ghost
True Haunting of Gail Martin
True Haunting of Joe & Jennifer
True Hauntings Two Active Cases
Bed & Breakfast Investigation

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