July 16, 2018

The Human Aura – Psychic Ability

By Lorraine Warren

The human aura is the supernatural glow, which emanates from every living thing.  Humans have an aura.  So do animals.  Your pet dog or cat emanates an aura.  Although most people can’t see the aura, it exists nonetheless.  Have you ever seen a religious photograph, which showed a glow surrounding the figure? This is what the human aura looks like, only there are a variety of colors (blues, reds, greens, yellows, etc.) generated from the aura, unlike the golden only aura usually shown around Jesus Christ for instance.

As a psychic, clairvoyant, and light trance medium I have been endowed with special gifts, among them the ability to “see” a person’s aura.  Each aura is unique to that particular person, much like a fingerprint.  The aura also changes quite frequently, depending on the person.  For instance, if a person is excited or depressed, or sick or angry, etc., the aura changes.  The colors may change either slightly or greatly, and the intensity may increase or decrease.  What I mean by intensity is the way the colors spike out from the body, sort of like fireworks.  Some may spike out just a little, while others may shoot out very high.  To the trained psychic’s eye this can be used to interpret certain emotional factors about the person.  For instance I know (generally speaking) that a high intensity red hue may indicate a person is highly excited or even angry, whereas an even (non spiking) blue hue may indicate serenity and calmness.

As a psychic I am able to factor in what I see from one’s aura as kind of an aid to the psychic impressions I receive from an individual.  (Example: My first psychic impression of an individual may be that they are highly excitable or angry in nature; the condition of their aura would be an added confirmation).  People often ask me to explain my psychic ability.  They will ask things like, ” How do you discern things about people?” or ” Can I do it?” or ” Am I psychic?” or ” How do you know if a house is haunted?”  Perhaps my favorite question is: ” Do you REALLY believe there is such a thing as ghosts?” That one really insults me let me tell you.

I wouldn’t have been in this type of work for over fifty years if I hadn’t believed in ghosts! But to respond to the original questions, I really DON’T KNOW HOW I discern certain things.  It’s a part of myself that I can’t explain.  It’s almost as if that part of me (the psychic part) is an entirely different person.  ” Can I do it?” Well I don’t know if everyone can do it but I do know that we all possess a certain innate amount of psychic ability.  It’s like that saying, ” Use it or lose it “.  If you don’t have reason to use that psychic ability or are just not in tune with it, it probably won’t develop very much.  Remember I’ve been in literally thousands of haunted homes and locations.

What psychic ability I had just seemed to develop naturally, almost through osmosis I guess you could say.  By being around it so much.  I guess it’s the same as someone who goes to a foreign country for a long period of time.  They pick up the language just by being around it so much.  It just seems to come naturally.  How does a person know if he or she has a greater than normal psychic ability? I guess the best analogy I can use is this; when you are in love with someone, you know it, no one has to tell you, right? Well it’s the same with psychic ability.  If you have it, you just know it.  No one has to tell you.

I hope this little article on human ” Auras” and ” psychic” ability was enlightening for you.  (No pun intended).  From time to time I will be offering more insights into this and other areas of the supernatural and preternatural world.  Until then, happy ghost hunting!

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