July 17, 2018

Life After Death

By Ed Warren

A lot of people have asked Lorraine and I about life after death of the physical body. They ask us if we believe there to be life after death. Does the spirit live on? The short answer to this question is POSITIVELY YES! In fact, no one who is alive today will ever die. No one who has ever lived has ever died! Yes, of course the physical body will become old (or diseased), withered and die. But the essence of YOU, the SOUL or the SPIRIT or the CONSCIOUSNESS – call it what you will, will NEVER DIE!

Perhaps this analogy will help. You are driving in a car; the car is old and not running very well. Finally the car (the body) stops running (it dies). You however, do not die with the car, instead you (the soul, or spirit) get OUT of the car and continue on your journey. This is a simplified idea of what happens to you when you die. One thing Lorraine and I have learned through our many years of psychic research and investigation is that we do in fact survive death of the physical body. To me, it’s a sad state of affairs to think that there are people who actually believe there to be only six feet of earth waiting for them when they pass on. This was not ever God’s intention. He has a master plan for each and every one of us. We may not know exactly what it is, but I assure you it is not like the end of a movie scene where everything fades to black. We’ve seen too much evidence to the contrary. We’ve dealt with literally hundreds and hundreds of spirits.

We KNOW ghosts exist. What is a ghost but the spirit of a once living human being; or of course a ghost COULD be something that has never walked the earth in human form. (But we’ll save that for another article). One should never fear death. (Of the physical body). For it is just a process of life. It is a necessary step towards our ultimate journey to another plane of existence. You WILL see your loved ones who have passed on. You will be re-united with friends and YES even with pets that have passed on before you. (Any animal that had been loved by a human WILL survive the grave.) After all, what would heaven be like without our pets? In fact I can tell you exactly what is going to happen to you at the moment of death. I hope you are in your 90’s or even older. You will be lying there, family members all around you. They will be crying. (Because you left them out of the will) -only joking there folks… Seriously, you take that last breath, and then suddenly you will see a glowing bright light (God’s light)- now this is the important part. GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! And then you will be on the most incredible, most beautiful journey you have ever experienced.

Words cannot describe the beauty and the joy you will feel! You are on your way! Now some of you might be saying to yourselves, ” Hey, wait a minute. If it’s so great then how come there are earthbound spirits? Why do they wander the earth if heaven is so beautiful and great? I will tell you why. They didn’t know to GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! Perhaps they were confused. Perhaps they were scared, yes, scared that they were being tricked. They could have done some pretty horrible things in life, and knowing this, thought the light was a ploy- a ploy by the devil to get them into hell! But I am here to tell you that the light is no ploy, no attempt at trickery or deceit. The light IS GOD’S LIGHT. Go to it. Let it comfort and guide you. There are also earthbound spirits who believe they have some unfinished business to attend to here on the earth plane. Perhaps they were murdered, and the murder had gone unsolved. They wanted to see justice done. Or perhaps they were so attached to their earthly possessions that they didn’t want to leave them. I remember a case in Waterbury, Connecticut. The spirit of an old Italian gentlemen kept haunting the house. Above his mantle he had inscribed ” Mine always mine “…. And he wasn’t kidding! He didn’t want to leave his earthly possessions behind. There are many reasons why spirits remain earthbound. But now that you know about the light, there is no reason for YOU to remain earthbound. In fact when you pass on, I know exactly what you are going to say. You are going to say, ” Darned if that Ed Warren wasn’t right!”

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