July 21, 2018

True Haunting: Spirit Re-Infestation

It has returned

This is a case that Ed and Lorraine Warren had investigated over twelve years ago.   We will refer to this as the White Rose case set in the hills of northern Connecticut. The original case consists of a wife, husband and four sons who had moved into this home on October 31st things began to happen from there.   They would hear footsteps up and down the hallway; they would experience the sound of a moaning person.   They would smell horrible odors through out the home.   They could hear the sounds of a baby crying and see a dark form going up the staircase.   This lead them to contacting Ed and Lorraine Warren who began a full-scale investigation into White Rose.   This led to two investigators staying in the home and witnessing the occurrences, one of the researchers by the name of Chris, who is the Warrens grandson, was working with them at the time.

After weeks of gathering information, it was submitted to the Roman Catholic church.   After reviewing the information, a Roman Catholic priest performed a blessing of the home.   Within a short time, the activity started up again and two priests came back to do a mass in the home.   Within a few days, the activity started up again and increased.   At this time four priests had to come and perform a high mass.   All activity stopped.   Shortly after this all supernatural activity was over.   The family had moved out of the home and all four boys had moved on with their lives, settling down, buying homes, raising families and moving on with their careers. Until the fall of 1998 all was quiet.   The family was free of all supernatural happenings and had grown to 27 members.   Then the mother’s brother passed away and she started to experience things in her home.   Shortly after that, one of the sons started to experience things in his home; rappings, lights going on and off, and strange sounds coming out of the TV.   They contributed the occurences to the passing of the uncle, and at this point the mother and son decided to contact Ed and Lorraine Warren once again for their help.   Little did the Warrens know that this would consist of four homes that were being affected, one home in particular, the youngest sons.

Lorraine had discerned something bad was in this home, in the master bedroom.   The family had been to a point where they would get together and say the rosary in all four homes but began noticing that things would intensify afterwards in one home.   Ed and Lorraine sent in investigators Mike Roberge and an associatefor several days.   Witnessing bangs in the walls, having the bed vibrating and seeing black forms in the home. What you are about to read are the notes taken by the wife, in the sons home as things happened.

January 27, 1999 7:00 AM – Went to exit bathroom door but door was locked, unlocked door, could not pull door open.   It felt like someone was holding it from the other side.   After a few attempts to pull open, it released.   A few minutes later I walked into my bedroom and caught a glimpse of a straight charcoal colored shadow standing on the side of my bed.   It looked like the side of a person.

3:00 PM – I was sitting in the living room at the computer and felt a cold gust of wind. It made my hair blow around. No doors were open. January 28, 1999 11:45 AM – Husband saw shadow on hallway wall move back and forth.   The wall had the reflection of light on it from the bathroom window. No one was in the bathroom at the time. 4:50 PM – Someone called out mother two times. I asked what but no one called me. 7:30 PM – Family was eating dinner.   Mother saw a gliding movement near kitchen door that looked like a mist.

7:40 PM – Mother and I heard one bang on the back door.

7:43 PM – Two bangs on the back door.   Turned on spotlights and looked out but no one was there. Dog was lying on kitchen floor, did not bark.

8:30 PM – Husband heard psst in his left ear, thought his mother did it to wake him up, but she didn’t. 9:32 PM – Mother saw light mist shadow gliding over daughter on love seat while she was sleeping. 10:00 PM – Husband saw gliding shadow on living room ceiling. January 29, 1999 8:10 AM – Bathroom door locked again.   Son unlocked the door but couldn’t get out. He thought his sister was holding the door.   The daughter started screaming from the shower, then the door opened. 8:40 AM – Daughter asked “who walked down the hallway”.   She said she heard creaking walking sounds.

8:45 AM – Daughter heard the walking sounds again but she said both times were the same but this time it was on her ceiling.

12:40 PM – Daughter heard four slow banging sounds on kitchen ceiling. January 30,1999 5:55 AM – Wife and husband heard screaming from the basement. 6:00 AM – Mother saw a light silver streak in front of kitchen window.

9:50 to 10:55 AM – I was trying to talk on line with someone but we both kept getting kicked off. It happened seven times.

1:43 PM – I heard footsteps on kitchen ceiling.

2:20 PM – I heard electric wire sounding noise like a crackle two times.

2:25 to 2:45 PM – I heard continuous banging coming from the hallway.   When I went down it the sound was like back in the living room.   I went back there, then it sounded like it was coming from the girls room.   The sound took me back and forth from room to room for 20 minutes. 4:30 PM – Banging on living room wall near front door.

5:50 PM – I saw small white image walk behind me while standing at kitchen window.   I saw the reflection in the window. January 31, 1999 10:15 AM – Daughter heard someone walking down the hallway and shut the bathroom door. She opened the door to get a brush and no one was in there.

1:30 PM – I heard crackling and footsteps in corner on living room ceiling.

4:30 PM – Daughter and I heard noise on kitchen ceiling that sounded like a tin garbage can being rolled back and forth.

7:15 PM – Son saw two eyes in kitchen window.   The same time he saw them, the dog charged and jumped up on the window sill, barking and growling.

11:00 PM – A mist looking shadow glided across the television in the living room it was wide, round, and fast.

11:10 PM – Banging on living room wall. February 1, 1999 8:55 PM – Same egg smell in corner of living room. February 2, 1999 Slept over my husband’s brother’s home.   Felt a lot of pressure on my chest and neck and head, mostly in the kitchen hallway and bedroom.

10:15 PM – Books moving slightly on bookcase two times while Mike, husband and wife are sitting in the living room.  Husband jumped.

February 3, 1999 7:00 AM – I woke up with a bruise on the right side of my forehead. It looked like rug burn.

10:00 AM – I opened the door to my bedroom and it looked like the whole room was filled with smoke, called husband down to see it.

6:49 PM – My husband’s brother, saw a ball glide not roll across kitchen floor about 6 feet.   When it stopped it shook and rang. February 4, 1999 8:00 AM – A package of cough drops slid across the coffee table in front of my husband and I.

8:50 AM – After talking with investigators and Lorraine on the phone, the front door handle turned and the door swung open. All notes are true and documented, witnessed by Ed and Lorraine Warren, Mike Roberge, and another Warren investigator.

During the February timeframe, all four homes were scheduled to have a Roman Catholic mass said within each but unfortunately this did not work. Within days, all of the families are experiencing things in their homes, Mike and myself spent several nights in one of the homes.   We heard drums, rappings in the walls and several times the books vibrated on the shelves and literally scared the family when sitting in the room.   When laying on the bed you can feel something sit on the bed and then another presence walk across it.   All family members were getting ill and not all of the illnesses could be diagnosed.

All types of strange occurrences were taking place, and when things like this occur it is very difficult for the family members to be able to understand and deal with these things.   This is where it is important for the researchers to be able to stay and help the families out.   Within several days an exorcism was performed in all of the homes, but this was not successful either.   Within a week a third exorcism was performed and all of the happenings stopped the homes are quiet to this day.   Hopefully it will remain that way for all the people involved in this case.

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