July 20, 2018

How do I take psychic photos?

By Ed Warren

Note:  This article was removed because it’s really out-dated due to advance digital cameras.  By popular demand we are putting it back.

1. Ideally, use an auto focus or fixed-focus camera with an automatic flash, the more powerful the flash the better. You may use a manual focus camera, but your photos may be out of focus because (obviously) you may not be able to focus it in the dark.

2. Use ordinary color print film. Some photographers prefer black and white, which may provide better contrast, especially if the photos are to be reproduced. Most auto focus and fixed-focus cameras use 35mm film. 400 ASA works just fine. You may also use ASA 200 film, but any slower speed film may make your photos too dark. You may also want to experiment by taking photos without a flash, using high speed film, such as ASA 1000 in low light (not black) conditions.

3. Load your camera after you get to the site. Lorraine Warren believes that this gives recognition to the spirits and gives them maximum opportunity to imprint on the film.

4. Make a record of the type of camera, film type and speed, site, date, time, and weather conditions. This serves several purposes: assuming you are successful in taking psychic photos, you want to be able to rule out clouds, the moon, and so forth as the origin of your “psychic” photos; in addition, once you’ve taken a few rolls of film, every cemetery begins to look the same! Avoid rainy or snowy conditions, as these could complicate your interpretation of the images.

5. Shoot the entire roll of film at the site if possible. Aim the camera so that you include something as a point of reference, such as a tombstone, person, fence, or object.

6. Use a photo-finisher who will print all photos. Your local photo shop, where the employees are actually reviewing the photos as they are printed, may be the best bet. Many members of the New England Society for Psychic Research, Inc. have found that developing a rapport with the local photo finisher can help. Unfortunately, some of the mail-away finishers will “select” the photos to print if they think you’ve taken poor photos that do not have enough light. Because they are usually cheaper, however, you may want to include a letter asking them to print all photos. Be sure and order a proof sheet of all photos when you send to a mail-away photo finisher, as finding psychic phenomena on negatives is difficult.

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