July 20, 2018

How Do I Get Rid of a Ghost?

How do I get rid of a ghost?  General Ghost Advice

Getting rid of a ghost (or any psychic phenomena) can be tricky business. We’re often asked what to do if a house is haunted, and we’ve developed a set of general guidelines. Without coming to your home, we can’t make an accurate “diagnosis” of the situation, and so the information below may or may not alleviate your haunting symptoms, but in the interest of helping people who may live far from the New England Society for Psychic Research’s geographic area, we thought that publishing some general guidelines may be of help to some people. If you would like members of the New England Society for Psychic Research (and in some cases the Warrens themselves!) to come and do an investigation, the investigation itself is free of cost. We only ask that you pay for any incidental expenses, such as travel, hotel, rental car, gasoline, and so forth. As you can tell from reading the materials on the web site, the Warrens have strong religious beliefs. It is on this foundation of faith that they (and their fellow investigators) find the courage and fortitude to carry out this work. Keep in mind that our suggestions on how to rid your home of psychic phenomena is based strongly on this faith. If you feel that you may have a haunting, and would like to try and rid the premises of the “ghost”, we suggest the following:

1.   Make certain that each member of the household has been baptized (or its equivalent in your religion). If someone in the household has not been baptized, please arrange for this to take place as soon as possible.

2.  The NESPR does not condone the use of Ouija boards, Tarot cards, mediums, seances, psychics, spiritualists, magic, or witchcraft–or anything of that ilk. We believe that such methods can be extremely dangerous and must be stopped immediately if they are being used in your household, or by any of your household members. Because such methods actively invite spirits into our human world, we believe that this “open door” which you create by using these methods may also invite the demonic and other unwanted spirits. If you are having psychic phenomena occur after engaging in any of these activities, your “haunting” may well be more serious than can be dealt with in this article. The Warrens estimate that 90% of their worst cases begin with an Ouija board. Enough said.

3.  Make certain that each room of your house has a religious icon from the religion practiced in your household in it. To give you a good example of what we mean, last year NESPR did a preliminary inquiry into a situation in which a house with 3 roommates was haunted. One roommate was Jewish, another Catholic, and another Protestant. Each brought religious icons from his faith into the home, and soon the haunting phenomena disappeared. What religion you practice is less important than the fact that you have faith!

4.  Have your priest (or the appropriate official from your faith) come to your home and have it blessed. Be certain that each room is blessed. Open all closet doors, the dryer door, refrigerator doors, and even large containers and boxes (i.e. any closed-in space) prior to the blessing, so that the “spirit” will not have anyplace to hide. You may close the doors and containers after the blessing of the home is completed.

5.  If you are confronted with or witness the phenomena, you may command it to leave. In your bravest, most commanding voice, shout “In the name of Jesus Christ (or the appropriate deity for your faith) I command you to leave this place and go back to where you came from!” You need to say this emphatically, so that you are taken seriously. Take control of your own home. Do not let the “spirit” take it over. The more fear you show to it, the more power it has. 6. Giving the “spirit” recognition can also give it power. Avoid talking about it in your home, and perhaps avoid talking about it altogether. We hope that you find these suggestions helpful. If you follow them, and are still having problems, please contact us. We’re happy to help and give more personalized advice if we can. We’ll need a detailed description of what’s going on, and a telephone number where you can be contacted. The Warrens cannot respond personally to every inquiry; however, we will do our best to help when we can.

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