July 17, 2018

Tony Spera on Dreams

By Tony Spera

Sometimes we have to sit back and take a moment to reflect on our lives, our dreams, our reasons for being.  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  These are questions we’ve all asked ourselves at various times throughout our lives.  We’ve all had our own private dreams – fantasies perhaps . . . maybe you’ve dreamt of being a famous singer or actor.  Or maybe you wished you could run faster than any other human being on earth, or could set a world record in some type of sport.  Dreams are what keep us hopeful.  They refresh us . . . they are good for our souls.

Sometimes when I’m sitting at the computer, staring at the monitor, I go into a kind of trance state.  Some would say I’m daydreaming, others would say I’m lost in thought.  Which brings me to this question.  What is thought anyway?  Can you see it or touch it?  No.   Can you recall the thought exactly as you had moments ago?  Doubtful.   But thought IS real, wouldn’t you agree?  Thought HAS SUBSTANCE !  You are what you think you are.

Have you ever seen an Olympic weightlifter concentrating just before he lifts the bar ?  Do you know what he is doing?  He is VISUALIZING himself actually grabbing the weight, pulling it to his chest, and then exploding it into the air over his head! He actually lifts the weight in his mind.  At the same time he is telling himself, ” I can lift this weight! This weight is nothing for me! ” So thought can be a powerful force…an effective tool ( or weapon ) in one’s life.  If you constantly think of yourself as a winner, chances are you will win.  If you constantly think of yourself as a loser, chances are equally good that you will lose.  ( Sort of like the battle of good vs. evil, huh? )  Negative thoughts manifest negative events, no doubt about it. Positive thoughts manifest positive events.  That’s why in our work, i.e. fighting evil forces, we always approach a case with positive thoughts.

We never approach a situation with the attitude that we cannot conquer whatever it is we are dealing with.  We are the good guys, and we know it. Our thoughts are always of God, and Godliness.  We know God can and does protect us in our battle against evil.  So Where DID we come from?  Why are we HERE?  Only God knows our true reason for being.  But I bet you I can come awfully close to what it is.  We are here to learn the lessons of life.  CHARITY, WISDOM , BENEVOLENCE, TOLERANCE, HUMILITY.  And perhaps the greatest reason of all . . . we are here to learn to LOVE ! . . . It’s harder than you think.  To LOVE everyone . . . your neighbor…a stranger…an enemy…..without condition. We’ve sure got a lot of learning to do! We should all learn to smile more . . . to enjoy the beauty of life that surrounds us.  An old Indian proverb says ” The smile you give out, returns to you ” We should all practice that.

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