July 16, 2018

Mark the Earthbound Spirit

Ed and Lorraine were sitting in the living room when the phone rang. Lorraine answered; the case was about the death of a loved one. The young woman asked if the Warrens could help her. She felt the spirit of her deceased fiancé, Mark, was present in her home. The presence of the spirit scared her daughter, Tina, who did not want to stay in the house. Lorraine agreed to accept the case and within a few days Ed and Lorraine Warren took an investigative team to Trudy’s house.

mark earthbound spirit med Mark the Earthbound SpiritEd and Lorraine gathered background information about the case while the remaining investigators took photographs of the house and the surrounding area. Mark was a very private person, a loner. He had an adventurous spirit and liked water sports, kayaking and rafting. He often suffered from depression so he used rafting and kayaking as a means of escape. He had been feeling ill over the last month and had gone to the doctor, who diagnosed with a problem with his liver enzymes. The hepatitis he had earlier in his life damaged his liver. Otherwise, he was healthy and active.

Mark and Trudy had been in their relationship for eight years and it was a good, healthy one. Trudy and Tina were away on a business trip in January. Mark stayed at their home to take care of the dogs while they were away. Three days after leaving, Trudy spoke with Mark on the phone and all was good but when they returned home on Sunday, two days after their phone conversation, they found Mark deceased on the living room floor. The coroner’s report stated the cause of death was a heart attack. Mark was 41 years old.

Since Mark’s death, Trudy and Tina have had strange occurrences in the house. The security alarm has gone off in the middle of the night showing a circuit open in the back room. In the morning however, everything was locked up tight with no signs of forced entry. Neither the police nor the alarm technician could not find anything wrong with the system. Just before Mark’s memorial service, Trudy was letting the dogs out and noticed the trunk to her car was open. She had not been in the trunk at all the day before or that night. So it should not have been open. Trudy called the police and they found nothing out of the ordinary. On another occasion Trudy came downstairs and found the stereo playing Mark’s most listen compact disc, “Counting Crows”. The stereo has three power buttons that need to be turned on. Trudy thought, at first, the dogs accidentally turned it on but she realized that was not possible.

Lorraine decided it would be best to try to communicate with Mark, attempt to talk him into crossing over. While everyone sat around the dining room table, Lorraine felt Mark’s presence very strongly, both Lorraine and the investigators all felt very cold. Trudy asked if Mark was there and if he wanted to communicate with us. Lorraine had a vision of Mark standing in a storage unit putting something up on a rafter. (At this time an investigator felt something touch her hand and quickly move away.) Lorraine asked Mark if there was something at the storage unit he wanted to Trudy to know about. Lorraine felt he did not know that his family had cleaned out the unit and given many of his personal items to Trudy and Tina.

mark earthbound spirit med 2 Mark the Earthbound SpiritLorraine asked Mark to relate what had happened the day he died. He told Lorraine he went for a ride up to Shopway’s. (Trudy confirmed that this was a store he shopped at often). He was feeling sick to his stomach, but hungry. He then said he “missed them” refers to Trudy and Tina. He got something to eat and was beginning to feel a bet better. He sat down and spoke with Trudy on the phone. He didn’t want to tell her he wasn’t feeling well. He said he was sorry for the mess he left. Lorraine asked Mark why all the lights were on in the house when Trudy and Tina found him. He said he went from room to room (in spirit) and the lights lit. Lorraine asked Mark to go into the light. Trudy told him he needs to go to check things out for her, for when it’s her time. Lorraine then asked if there was anything left unsaid that he needs to express. Lorraine felt Mark was concerned about Trudy and Tina’s finances.

Lorraine:   Are you comfortable here? Why do you want to stay?


Lorraine:   You’ll find peace at the end of the light. Can you go to the light?

Mark:   LIVE

Lorraine:   You can live in peace on the other side. You can be very happy. Would you like to go there?


Trudy:   Do you need help to pass on correctly?

Mark:   NO

Lorraine:   Do you want to stay to help Trudy?

Mark:   GO HOME

Lorraine:   Do you want us to go home now, Mark?

Mark:   YES

Trudy:   Are you at peace here Mark? I want you to be happy. We’ll be together again.


Lorraine:   Do you want to tell us why you want to stay, why you can’t pass over?

Mark:   GOD

Trudy:   Mark, I am not mad at you. No one is mad at you.

Mark:   HELP ME

Lorraine:   Are you afraid of the light?

Mark:   YES, HOME

Lorraine:   Tina wants you to go to the light to be at peace. Can you hear her?

Mark:   YES

Lorraine:   Mark please go for Tina. Can you do that for her?

Mark:   GOD

Lorraine:   God wants you to come. He wants everyone to come. God loves you.

Mark:   SLEEP

Lorraine: You can come back after you go into the light. It’s not a final thing. Do you have anymore messages Mark?

Mark:   GO HOME

Lorraine: Are you staying because you’re at peace here?

Mark:   YES STAY

Lorraine:   Have you gone to see the light?

Mark:   YES

Lorraine:   It’s beautiful isn’t it? Will you be at the light when its Trudys, turn?  Will you meet her?

Lorraine:   Then asked if there was anything left unsaid that he needed to express?

Mark wanted to stay to help them. Trudy and Tina both felt relieved that Mark is there because he wants to stay to help them and are glad he is at peace there with them and he is welcome to stay. Two investigators had pictures showing numerous globules around the outside of the house.

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