July 17, 2018


Ed and Lorraine Warren have investigated over five thousand cases a few of which have been poltergeist. With this type of case, the activity can be very dangerous. Objects may fly through the air, furniture waltzes around the room, crockery is smashed, bangs and crashes keep everyone awake, stones fly through windows, deafening hammering noises, spontaneous fires, and yes even a water poltergeist. The disturbances begin quietly, and intensify with time. Poltergeists do things that could kill a person or cause severe harm or damage to people, pets or belongings. I have had the opportunity to work on seven Poltergeists cases for the Warrens, and they do get very intense. A lot of time is put into these investigations. Witnessing a poltergeist case is one of the most incredible and fascinating experiences a person can encounter.

It was Feb 1998 when the case came in to Ed and Lorraine, the family lives in New Hampshire. The weather forecast predicted a bad snowstorm for that day but Ed and Lorraine knew they had to get to the family because they needed help. Thank God the storm held off, and Ed and Lorraine made it to the case.

First I would like to give you some family history. The family consisted of a married couple, John and Mary, both in their mid forties. They have a son, Chris, age 12, and this case centers around him. Prior to living in New Hampshire, the family lived with Chris’s grandmother. What cased the family to live with the grandmother was the fact that John, as a carpenter, had a serious fall. Following the fall, he had an operation and remained in the hospital for a long period of time. This was the start of the family’s financial problems, which seemed to get worse as time passed. The grandmother had a large house and life was pleasant for the family during their seven year stay. Chris went to a catholic school, he wore a uniform to school and enjoyed the structured environment. Chris’s grandmother played the organ, she was very talented. Chris found that listening to her play often eased his senses and relaxed him. However, the big house, the structured life, and the happiness were soon to come to and end.

The grandmother eventually sold her house and this forced the father to seek employment elsewhere. His new job took him to New Hampshire. Regrettably, the new employment did not pay a great deal and the family felt increasing financial pressures. However, there were other problems. The new home was a small townhouse. Initially, nothing bothered Chris in the new location, however, as time went by, stress for the young boy seemed to become greater and greater. Stress seemed to come from many sources. The mother and father were arguing all the time. There were bill collectors calling and the parents were always making excuses to them. The house seemed like an apartment to Chris. He so missed his grandmother’s large house. Further, the new school was a public school and adjustment to the new setting was difficult for the young boy. Chris’ happiness began to fade and in time, sadness entered. When Chris was living with his grandmother and attending a catholic school, he experienced a strong religious setting. However, in the new location, the church was a great distance from where the family lived. The family was falling away from religion.

poltergeist hole in chris bedroom PoltergeistWhen the Warrens arrived on the scene, they interviewed all the family members. First they interviewed Chris, then they met with the parents. Talking with Chris, Lorraine listened to the boy’s frustrations. Moving from a large house and happy setting into a small house, and in time, an unhappy setting. Chris confided in Lorraine that none of his friends wanted to come to his house because the house scared them. Lorraine asked Chris if he was mad about something. Chris reflected for a moment and replied that he was not mad, but sad. He missed his old home and school. However, as the happenings continued at the house, Chris felt his sadness was turning to anger. The Warrens then met with the parents. Lorraine asked John if he had any idea what was causing the phenomena. John said, “some kind of energy which has intelligence.” He felt it was an outside entity. John said that he blamed his son for a fire that had taken place in Chris’ room. The fire did not cause any major damage to the house. A plastic wastebasket, that was place very close to a baseboard heater, had melted and the curtain in Chris room was burned

A recommendation was made by the Warrens to separate the young boy from the house. Chris always wanted to visit his relatives in California. He had uncles, aunts, and cousins there. However, the family’s finances would not provide for such an extensive trip. Further, John and Mary really did not want Chris to leave home. As an alternative, Mary arranged to go with Chris to North Carolina. It is interesting to note that while they were gone, no paranormal activity occurred in the house. After two weeks, Mary and Chris returned to the house.

December 10,1997, the problems worsened. Chris was sleeping and his parents were in their bedroom preparing for sleep. They then heard a large bang. John felt it was from their neighbor’s house. And the neighbor heard it and came over to see what was going on. John and his neighbor investigated further and found a large hole in the wall of one of the second floor rooms. John did not know what to say. He blamed Chris for the poundings. A second unexplained fire, however, was a major occurred. John referred to it as 20 times worse than the first one. The curtains, woodwork and walls around the window, the carpeting, and many of Chris’ things all burnt. During the second fire, Chris had an asthma attack and he was sent to the hospital via an ambulance.

poltergeist aftermath of the second poltergeist fire PoltergeistMary reflected on the overall happening and comments that it was the night before the fire that she had a big fight with her sister. She wondered if this had any influence on the situation. John than mentioned that there was nothing structurally wrong with the house. He, being a carpenter, knew what to look for and everything was sound. Outside experts from the police, fire department, the Gas Company, an electrical firm, and other experts investigated the house but offered no solution to the problem.

Chris’ father described the phenomena, “When you lean against the wall, it pushes you away. You can hear the energy build up current in the wall. Then there is a big bang.” As happenings increased in the second story of the home, additional pressures were placed on Chris. He could not get the work in the neighborhood that he once enjoyed. The other boys were being given the jobs. Chris was finding that he was being rejected in the neighborhood as well as in school. For a boy 12 years old and entering puberty, this only increased the frustration that surrounded him. Chris was an unhappy boy.

The Warrens describe what they found when they entered the house. “The walls were burned and littered with holes sizing from 2 inches in diameter to 4 feet. Every level of the house was at an all time high. The energy was in the house very intense. But, there was something more in the house…. the demonic was there”.

Testing the Phenomena. You can hear the energy force building up in the walls. You can feel the wall vibrating. When Chris is on one side of the wall and not being watched, and someone else is on the other side, the wall expands. It comes right out and hits you. Then there is a banging sound. Lorraine Warren did this test with Chris and several times the phenomena repeated itself.

one of many holes by poltergeist in second floor walls med PoltergeistTHE CHURCH IS CONTACTED A priest from the local Catholic Church was asked to help the family. The priest blessed the house and said a mass in the house. This seemed to have some effect on the situations as for about two weeks everything was quiet in the house. However, then problems started again. A couple months after the Warrens visit to John and Mary’s home, they contacted the Warrens again. They asked the Warrens to return and instruct the priest in what he should say and do in this type of case. The priest readily admitted he was not knowledgeable in this area of poltergeist activity. At this time the Warrens arranged for two more investigators, Mike Roberge and an associate, to travel to New Hampshire and stay the weekend. They encountered the same type of activity during their stay, in full view of both investigators, video cameras capturing the entire event of tape. Shortly after the visit from Mike and John, the family again began to attend church services on a regular basis, in hopes of regaining the sanity and peace of a normal family atmosphere. Lorraine Warren felt that the case would have a positive end.

Ed and Lorraine commented,” A poltergeist case is not easy to work with as you have to work with the emotional minds of all the individuals to help the situation.” The family is attempting to modify their way of life. They are eager to bring happiness to the home again.

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