July 17, 2018

Mysteries of Religious Phenomena

Reports of weeping and bleeding religious items have always fascinated and puzzled people throughout the ages. There are hundreds of these on record around the world anywhere there is a devout catholic community the phenomenon seems likely to happen at any time, though italy, and the United States are the places where a high proportion of the cases have occurred. Statues or paintings of the virgin Mary and Christ are the usual focus for this phenomenon, but any saint could be the focus and even non-saints .the catholic church is very loth, to endorse this type of phenomena and the miracles and cures which often follow and like cardinl sin attmpts to dissuade believers from taking an interest in such events. So these happenings are outside the control of the official church and the believers who flock to the places and are not doing so with church approval. They may seem indeed to be disregarding church instructions even transferring their allegiance from the official church to the religious figures they see. The most important thing the church has to do is to see if whether or not any external objective intelligence has a hand in this kind of experience or whether the encounters or whatever is solely personal or self-induced. It takes a long time for this to be forthcomeing by the catholic church.

blood oozing from christ eyes Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaWeeping images can result in outbreaks of religious fervour as occurred in syracuse in sicily in 1953. In August of that year Antonietta Januso was pregnant and bedridden after suffering seizures blindness and fanting spells. On aug.29 she had a series of fits and following that noticed that a plaster statue of the Madonna was weeping. News of the miracle spread rapidly and crowds gathered samples of the tears were analysed and found to be indistinguishable from human tears. The church officially recognized the miracle and a shrine was erected where the statue is still venerated by pilgrims. Disbeliever has of course found ways of denying the strangeness of the phenomenon. It has been suggested that plaster statues are coated with plastic and if this is punctured at the eyes the water naturally held in the plaster will seep out producing tears. An enterprising scientist in america shawn carlson has devised six ways to make an image weep. In one experiment he used salt crystals to make a copy of the Mona Lisa cry. There is no mention of his having made any images cry tears indistinguishable in composition from human tears. The syracuse Madonna wept real tears. And in other cases where analysis of the liquid has been performed they were pronounced to be real human tears. As if weeping real tears were not strange enough, in one instance the tears vanished when they reached the bottom of the frame in which the weeping portrait of the virgin was mounted. A priest confirmed that this was happening in island park New York, in March 1960. Of course hoaxes do occur. In Lomello near Pavia, Italy in Aug. 1980 a plaster Virgin was seen to be weeping coloured tears, and it was rumoured that the owner had been seen squirting pink water on to the statue from his son’s water pistol. Bleeding images are perhaps harder to fake particularly when the blood is analysed and found to be human. Take the case in January 1971 in Maropati (Italy), a lawyer woke and found that a painting of the Madonna hanging over his bed was dripping blood. First he found blood spots on their pillowcases, but neither he nor his wife had cut themselves.

bleeding jesus and hosts appear Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaThe blood spots appeared a few more times, he realized they was dripping from under the glass of the painting? The liquid was coming from the Madonna’s eyes like tears, and from her heart, hands, and feet. It was also dripping from the hands and feet of the two saints kneeling beside her. Some of the liquid began to form crosses on the white wall below the painting. The bleeding occurred daily for a while, later it became more intermittent. Police searched for signs of hoaxing, but found none, they took the painting and placed it in a locked box at police headquarters. The next morning they found blood on the painting again, analysis proved it to be human blood.

In 1975, in Pennsylvania, samples of blood taken from a Christ statue were analysed and found to be human blood but in an advanced state of decomposition. the red cell count being very low. Miracle cures have followed some bleedings, as in Baguio City (Phillipines) where in 1983 the exposed heart on the breast of a 10-foot statue of the Virgin was bleeding, the blood soaking a white sheet placed below the statue. The sculptor of the statue, one of the many cured, recovered from cancer. But there are also fakes, as in Ste-Marthe-sur-le-lac in Quebec, in December 1985 and January 1986, when a statue of the Virgin began to weep and sweat blood. A TV crew scraped some of the blood from the face and had it analysed and found it to be composed of pork drippings, beef fat and vegetable oil. Later someone admitted that he regularly applied the mixture to the statue.

Sometimes the substance which is secreted is neither tears nor blood, but oil of some kind. A statue of St Charbal (Lebanese saint canonized in 1977) oozed oil in Concord, Sydney, New South Wales (Australia), beginning on March 15, 1985 and continued for a week. A plastic statue of the Virgin Mary in Ramallh (Jordan) oozed olive oil in October 1987, whenever ten-year-old Samaher Hnout touched it. Many times she climbed on a table at her home to reach the statue which stood on a wall unit, touched the statue, then rubbed her oily fingers on the hands of the pilgrims who gathered to see the miracle. The liquid found from a statue of the Virgin Mary at Rmaich (Lebanon) in November and December 1983 was said to be a mixture of blood and olive oil. In Montreal, (Canada)an icon of the “Mother of God” which came from Mount Athos in Greece began to stream with fragrant myrrh in November 1982.

warren miracle holy water chaged to oil then blood Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaAn e-mail came from a Julie, about close friends of hers, who over the past 15 months have been having spiritual phenomenon occur at their home. The manifestations began during lent with a holy picture and a crucifix bleeding. A short time later the man in the home received the stigmata wounds of Christ. Over a period of time the faithful began visiting their home and leaving religious icons and pictures, which began bleeding and weeping a scented oil. These manifestations were occurring in the living room. The man also claims to receive apparitions from our lady. Over the past few months hosts the eucharist, have been appearing out of nowhere. These hosts are different shapes and sizes and in some cases you can tell that some are approximately 50 years old. Some of these hosts weep oil and some bleed. The holy water that is put out in this home turns to a scented oil also. Last evening I (Julie) witnessed holy water turn to oil and to blood. I am a Catholic and I believe in spiritual manifestations but I have never witnessed anything like this before. I have witnessed this man receive the stigmata and I have also seen him bleed from his eyes and at present time he has what appears to be large blisters on both sides of his wrists that are oozing oil.

virgin mary weeping oil Mysteries of Religious PhenomenaIt isn’t often that we get the opportunity to investigate something that could possibly be of a good and positive nature, the majority of the cases are on a negative level. So when the case came in to Ed and Lorraine Warren, they were preparing for their England trip. The Warren’s assigned the case to John Zaffis and Mike Roberge. Ed said to us, this is a golden opportunity for you two men, so set up the investigation.

We did, two days after that we were in the home setting up the equipment and taking photographs of the statues. It was very interesting to see the oil and blood on many things, we did witness oil oozing off of some of the objects, but it was already on the statues when we arrived. We had stayed at the home for 24 hours but unfortunately we did not witness any new blood or oil on the objects. Shortly after the Warrens returned home, they made arrangement to visit this home to see if they could witness something, but unfortunately they did not either. So, it is hard to say if this is something miraculous or is something else at work here, for now we are not sure but the investigation will continue.

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