July 17, 2018

Guide to Dudleytown Ghost Town

Ed and Lorraine Warren have taken students to Dudleytown Ghost Town in Cornwall Bridge Connecticut many many times over the years.  The trips have always been for training purposes only.  Below are directions provided by Ed and Lorraine. Before you go, or attempt to go to Dudleytown you should be warn that may be arrested for trespassing and/or parking. The fines expensive and may cost you more than its worth. Get a map of Connecticut and find the village of Cornwall Bridge. It’s in the NW corner of the state, just west of Mohawk Mt. From Cornwall Bridge, go south on rt. 7 for 1-2 miles to the jct. of Route 45. Route 45 comes as a fork in the road with 45 going off to the left. After getting on 45, drive slow because the next turn is only about 1/2 mile further. It is a left hand turn and last I heard was a road called Bald Mountain Road. This road is narrow and a steady climb for about a mile till it dead ends at the top. Park at the top (but not in anyone’s yard) and walk in on the trail that begins at the end of the road. The initial part of this trail is usually very muddy. After a short walk, you will notice some stone walls on the right that I think are part of the old village. On your left and not as obvious are the remains of the old village. Very little structure (if any) remains of the buildings. All that does remain are holes representing the foundations of these buildings. These foundations, although within 20 feet of the trail are not all that obvious if you’re not really looking for them. Remember my previous message about being careful.

warrens dudleytown ghost village map1 Guide to Dudleytown Ghost Town

Warren’s guide to Dudleytown ghost village map 1.

warrens dudleytown ghost village map2 Guide to Dudleytown Ghost Town

Warren’s guide to Dudleytown ghost village map 2.

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  1. I plan on taking a trip there in the spring of 2015

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