July 17, 2018

About Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed & Lorraine Warren have over 55 years experience in the paranormal.   No other psychic researchers that we know of have investigated over 4000 cases, or have been on almost every radio and television talk show in the country (not to mention Great Britain, Japan, Australia) and others.

The Warrens investigated both West Point Military Academy AND Amityville.  They have lectured aboard the Queen Elizabeth II, have had several movies made from their books.  Before Ed’s passing he and Lorraine gave hundreds of lectures throughout the country.  Lorraine Warren continues to give lectures throughout the country.  The Warren’s have knowledge and experience gleaned through many decades of investigating and documenting all types of supernatural and preternatural phenomena. As Ed Warren has said many times, “If you want to be a turkey, then fly with the turkeys. If you want to be an eagle, then fly with the eagles.” So fly with us, be an EAGLE!

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