July 21, 2018

Ed Warren Interview Part 3

Interview with the Demonologist:  Ed Warren
PART 3 By Tony Spera

Q: Ed, I know you and Lorraine just returned from England and Scotland. How was your trip?

A: It was terrific Tony. We went all over the place, Borley, York, Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye. It was a great trip. We brought two of our students with us, John Arel and Bea Loyd.

Q: Did you run into anything unusual? Any haunting phenomena?

A: Oh God yes. Every time we go we see, feel or hear something strange. It was also a pleasure trip ya know. It’s good to get away once in a while. Life is slower over there.

Q: Can you tell me about anything strange that happened over there?

A: Well one night just after Lorraine and I went to bed, I heard this voice beckoning me. It kept saying” You need food. You are hungry! Ed laughed heartily.

Q: Are you serious? Did a voice really say that?

A: Yeah. It was my stomach growling at me! Ha, Ha. Ed began slapping his knee.

Q: Could we be serious for a moment Ed? Did you really see or hear anything strange?

A: Ok, seriously, one night I did have something strange happen. I was really tired this one night. We were staying at a very old Bed & Breakfast place. I got into bed. Lorraine was already in bed. I was just starting to drift off, when I felt someone tucking the covers in. I remember thinking to myself, ” How nice of Lorraine to tuck me in, ya know, like a little kid or something. I said “Thanks honey”. but she didn’t answer. I looked over and she was sound asleep! That was a weird feeling. Having a ghost tuck me in.

Q: Ed did you go to Loch Ness ?

A: Yep.

Q: Do you believe there is a monster in the Loch?

A: Well let’s put it this way Tony. There could be something in that Lake. Maybe it’s a monster. Maybe it’s a Tolpa.

Q: A Tolpa? What’s that?

A: A Tolpa is a physical manifestation of the mind. It’s something created by the mind.

Q: You mean we create the monster in our own mind?

A: No, not you. But someone with great powers. High spiritual Yogis, people like that. They have been known to manifest lions, tigers, you name it.

Q: Have you ever seen the monster or know anyone who might have?

A: Yes. I know a very credible person who has seen the monster three times. Father Gregory Brucie from the monastery on the hill nearby. We’ve spoken to him. Let me tell you, when he says he’s seen the Loch Ness monster, you believe him!

Q: Besides the fact that you love Great Britain so much because of its mysticism, is there some other reason why you like it so much?

A: Yeah. I was drawn there ever since I was in the Navy during World War II. One time when I was on watch I kind of drifted off, daydreamed I guess. I had this vision of myself high on a cliff, looking down on the water. I envisioned myself as a fisherman. Then I pictured this shoreline. This was back when I was 17 years old mind you. Today I recognize the place I envisioned as Scarborough . I believe I knew Lorraine in a different life, and we lived together in England, perhaps Scarborough, or someplace close to there.

Q: Yeah, that’s a beautiful place. Anything else draw you there?

A: Well the scenery is magnificent. I especially love the Highlands of Scotland. That’s God’s country. The people are very friendly in Scotland.

Q: I know you aren’t too impressed with the food, are you?

A: Well let me tell you something. The food is good, you just have to get used to it. I really enjoy Haggis. That’s good stuff man.

Q: Too bad you’re not a drinker Ed. They have terrific Single Malt Scotch over there. I know because I’ve tried most of it.

A: My father told me when I was a young boy. Ed, don’t drink or smoke, I never did. Even in the Navy. I think I got drunk one time while on Liberty.

Q: Why do you think there is so much haunting phenomena over in the British Isles? I mean why would it be more so over there than here in the States for instance?

A: Think about it Tony. How old is the United States? 220 years or so? What’s the oldest structure we have? Let’s just say for argument sake we have buildings that are 250-300 years old at the most. That’s NEW construction over in England and Scotland! They have stuff built around the time of Christ, and before. The older a place is the more chance that tragedies occurred there. And we know that tragedies create the ghost syndrome. The older a place is, the greater the chance for phenomena. It’s that simple.

Q: Makes sense. Ed what can you tell me about the place you call “The Hill of the Angels”?

A: I can tell you that miracles happen there. It’s a little church and cemetery up in Scotland. It’s on a hillside. Many miracles have occurred there. It’s been said that if you go into the church by yourself, kneel down and meditate for a while, you’ll have a revelation. It’s a very spiritual and beautiful place. In fact we’ve brought snapshots of people who were very ill, placed them in the church, and had the people became well again!

Q: You believe deeply in the power of prayer don’t you Ed?

A: Absolutely. Lorraine and I both do. Prayer can heal. Prayer can make miracles happen. We’ve seen it so many times before in our work. We KNOW it works! In fact, studies have been done that show when people pray for someone; it has a positive effect on their cells. The molecular structure of the cells changes for the better.

Q: Really? What study was this?

A: It’s been on the news. Scientists actually did experiments. Control groups, the whole bit. They found that people who prayed for someone, even if the people were unaware that people were praying for them, were positively affected by the prayers. But we don’t need experiments. We know it already from our work.

Q: Kind of like the power of positive thinking, huh?

A: Absolutely. It’s like the article you wrote in the thoughts section of our web page. If you think positively, positive things begin to happen. But prayer goes deeper than that. Because you are praying to the Creator, to God…He’s always listening.

Q: Did you go to Whitby Abbey this time Ed? That’s a spooky place.

A: Oh yeah. Spooky and cold! But beautiful too.

Q: Ok. Good. Anything else you would like to add at this time Ed?

A: Yes. We’re looking forward to our annual Halloween Party. Stay tuned because we’ll be having information posted on our calendar of events section of the web. It’s gonna be a real fun time!

Q: Thank you Ed. I’m sure we’ll be talking again soon.

A: You bet. And thanks again to everyone who’s visited us on the website!

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