July 21, 2018

Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides

By Tony Spera

There has been a lot of discussion recently regarding angels and spirit guides. Every human being has a guardian angel or “Spirit Guide” if you will.  All one needs to do to be in touch with ones guardian angel is to ask for their assistance in time of need.   There is a difference however between an “angel” and a “spirit guide”. An angel is not human, but a creation of God.   They have never walked the earth in human form.   A spirit guide could be an angel or it could be a human who has passed on but is now watching over you to “guide” you along.  They could perhaps be a relative of yours, a friend, or just someone who by the laws of attraction has become attracted to you.  Everyone has had a feeling or “intuition” with regard to a dangerous situation, perhaps rounding a curve and sensing there might be a stalled vehicle up ahead or some other impending danger.  Some might call it intuition or a sixth sense, but more likely it was your guardian angel or spirit guide warning you.  In times of great difficulty or distress, call on your guardian angel or spirit guide for assistance.   They will be there for you.   You need not know who your guardian angel is by name.   You need only say, “I’m calling on my guardian angel for help in my time of need.   They will be there for you, try it, it works!

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  1. patti hill@big y says:

    thats really great inspiration!

  2. Miss Shahnaz Khan says:

    Dear Lorraine,

    Hi.How are you? I hope that you are well.

    I am very sorry to hear of dear Ed’s passing away. It is a big loss for everyone.

    As a Psychologist and writer, I am hoping to make my first ever movie-in Bollywood, INDIA.

    I am planning to visit America next year and would love very much please, to meet up with you if possible Lorraine.

    My British address is; Miss SHAHNAZ KHAN
    159, Kenmore Avenue. Kenton. Harrow. London. HA3 8PB Tel: (00 44) 0208 907 2309 ENGLAND

    Kind wishes,

  3. vicky lindsay says:

    Dear Lorraine;My deepest condolences on your recent loss… I just lost my father a year ago to cancer… I have gone through alot,during my marriage and after the divorce, I believe my ex has a degree of possesion although I don’t have contact with him at all. Lately at work I have been experiencing a very difficult time with my supervisor, she’s a literal atheist, I think she practices witchcraft. and doesn’t fear God in anyway. She has put me in a lot of trouble and made false accusations, it seems everthing goes her way, everyone in the department we work in fears her and her vindictiveness. I have been unjustly punished and I don’t know if I will loose my job. I don’t know if it is best I leave to live overseas my mom is Peruvian or move away to another state… and start my life over again. I have had nothing but suffering in every angle of my life… Good is supposed to be predominant in the churches teachings and I don’t know if I can believe that right now, it seems evil is having its success… My faith is dwindiling and I feel my life has no more hope at times…please if you could be so kind to reply and give me some insight of advise. Thank you Sincerely, V.Lindsay My e-mail is vickylindsay1@yahoo.com

  4. phil brown says:

    Lorraine: Please let me know if I can ask you a question on a recent experience I encountered.Phil Brown

  5. Dawn Marie says:

    Dear Lorraine,

    My sincere sorrow for your loss. The earth is truly blessed have had Ed to help us along as well as you. Your peace, inner strength and light attract many people. God bless you and much love to you.

    In Love and Light always,
    Dawn Marie

  6. Amber Gustafson says:

    Mrs. Warren,
    I have many questions I would love to ask you as I have a great interest in the paranormal, but I need to talk about an incident that is happening where I work. I work at a facility where there are children who have severe emotional and behavioral problems. I am one of the staff who is attempting to help them. At times, I wonder if there might be something using these children. I am speaking of something evil. Last night, I was outside in the back of the building with a co-worker. We experienced something strange.
    A few months ago, we began noticing an area where light doesn’t penetrate around the back of the cottage. At first, I thought it was just bad lighting at night, but it comes and goes. I would notice it more on especially “bad” nights where the kids would be violent or struggling emotionally. I thought I was just crazy until my coworker asked me about it because she noticed it too. One night, the “light sucking black thing” moved to around the corner where we were. We began talking about it and how we are wondering if it is a demon. I read that demons feed on fear so I told my coworker not to be afraid and the more we talked, the lighter it became and the more the darkness recessed. It wasn’t just our eyes adjusting to the darkness either. Then, the darkness was absent for a few weeks. Well, last night, we were out back and it was there. I was lighting my cigarette when my coworker jumped and I felt something touch my arm and the presence of something “else”. We retreated around the corner of the building where the light penetrated and my coworker said, “It got in my face!”. I asked her if she prayed and she said she did. So, we went around the corner into the darkness and began reciting the Lord’s Prayer. As we did, the darkness retreated and then we noticed a shadow figure by a tree at the corner of the property that borders some woods. It seemed to be testing us. I became dizzy and felt like it was fighting me. I can’t really describe how I felt or how I know it was fighting us, but that’s what it seemed like. My coworker and I decided to do this because I refuse to allow ANYTHING to hurt the kids I am there to help and protect. I told whatever it was to go back to where it came and that it was not welcome here and that it may not enter or hurt anyone and that it has to leave my kids alone. I believe that this is some sort of non-human entity that is trying to affect the kids and feed off of their emotions and suffering they have gone through. I don’t know for sure though. I am interested in the paranormal, but do not even come close to being an expert. I just want to know what I can do to keep the kids safe. I cannot tell my boss for fear of sounding crazy. I have other coworkers that believe me, along with one that has experienced it with me. Is it possible for us to bless the property in some way or will that just piss it off? I would really like your professional advice in this matter. Please help.
    Amber Gustafson

  7. i need to ask lorraine about possession of my 27 year old son.terrible childhood,not to many friends growing up.none now.drugs ,homeless,distrubed sleep.talking,fighting,being threatened by, clawed at, and influenced by entities only he can see.this has been going on for about 12 years.he’s been in jail,a psych hospitol,sober living houses.all have kicked him out,either by behavior,or there is no need for him to be there. these entities are very intellengent.i am afraid for my son’s soul.

    can you help?
    God Bless you, lisa

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